Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2246

Chapter 2246: 2246

The reception at various points worked perfectly by the valley’s disciples . Their First Sister’s presence only made everything flow smoother .

The reception alone wasn’t the problem but rather the actual ceremony and troubles looming ahead . This was why all three sisters came this time .

A war could break out so a good doctor like Yalan was crucial . At the same time, Shaoyao’s alchemy knowledge could prevent foul plays such as poison . With their help, Miaozhen was a tiger with added wings .

Li Qiye was also necessary since he was her mental support . As long as he was around, she didn’t need to worry about Everlasting causing trouble .

Of course, he didn’t concern himself with menial tasks since she took care of everything . He continued to cultivate alone, waiting for his moment at the actual ceremony .

Longevity Valley had a separate branch here at Alchemy Hut . Li Qiye didn’t leave this place for several days in order to meditate .

Today, he suddenly opened his eyes and smirked: “A bit interesting . ”

He finally left the room and the branch to start a leisure stroll . This place was beautiful with forests everywhere . Some had tree trunks just as big as the nearby hills . The place was full of life and an ancient aura .

One could still see the old style of architecture from the past . There were plenty of buildings outside of the historical spots belonging to Alchemy Immortal .

Though the hut belonged to everyone in the system, not just anyone can start something here . They required the consent of Longevity Valley before starting a branch .

Longevity Valley was laxed about it so one could see buildings everywhere, among the cliffs and pinnacles .

The biggest attraction was still the main mountain . Li Qiye was climbing towards there and got a great view of the floating mountains nearby . They consisted of various sizes and shapes, some more majestic than others . They were connected by a series of stone steps and bridges .

No one knew how tall the main mountain was since even the midsection was hidden in the clouds . Some waterfalls started from the top and hit several mountains before landing on the ground to be the source of rivers .

Li Qiye enjoyed this magnificent scene and commented: “Alchemy Immortal was a character indeed, spending so much effort on this system . This whole place is magical . ”

In terms of power, Alchemy Immortal wasn’t a match for someone at Insane Ancestor’s level . Nevertheless, Longevity Valley wasn’t inferior to any other system in Myriad Lineage . This was speaking in terms of resources and other aspects, not just sheer power .

Alchemy Immortal spent his whole life traveling across the three worlds in order to find treasure grounds and bringing them back to add them to his system .

Li Qiye was impressed with the main mountain: “The preciousness of this mountain is on the same level as the land of the fire source, but it is even more priceless in terms of significance for the system and Longevity Valley . ”

The land of the fire source was incredible, but it was more suitable for alchemists and firekins . On the other hand, this particular mountain had many secrets unbeknown to future descendants .

He continued his climb and the scenery only got better due to the high vantage point . However, the climb was difficult and reaching the main mountain was exceedingly prohibitive .

From the ground up, there were steps leading to the highest point . Alas, these steps were extremely hard due to a magical weight . This affinity increased along with the altitude .

Flying was impossible, even for True Emperors . Only progenitors could travel unprohibited here .

A supreme power was in charge of this place and enforced its laws on all climbers . In a sense, this was also a great examination location in the system .

No one knew where this power came from . Some believed that Alchemy Immortal didn’t want people to disturb him during pill-making sessions, so he added this restriction . Some said that this treasure ground was taken here from Immortal Lineage and this power was innate .

Along the way, Li Qiye saw many other climbers starting from the base . In order to reach the top, one needed cultivation, determination, and dao heart . Thus, some used this place to hone the latter two properties .

Li Qiye also took the first step on this particular route . Strangely enough, he wasn’t aiming to go higher .  

After finishing two mountains, he found a cave alongside a cliff . He sealed off space and meditated .

A faint glow covered his body as space was being affected with ripples . His body turned ethereal as if melting with space before disappearing completely like snow becoming water .

Days went on in this manner as more visitors arrived for the conference . The disciples from the various powers enjoyed this meeting . The old generation utilized this time to build relations while the young generation just wanted to make friends .

Many excellent prodigies were present . They commanded attention everywhere, and the two most popular ones were Zhang Yan and Hu Qingniu .

Qingniu was known as a miracle doctor with peerless skills . He once proudly declared that no illness or injuries exist that he couldn’t cure . Some believed that he wasn’t inferior to Yalan of Longevity Valley, perhaps even one level higher .

The two were different . She had a kind heart and people found it much easier to ask her for help .

It was different for Qingniu . Due to his arrogance, he rarely helped others or demanded a sky-high payment .

Despite his arrogance and lack of humanity, he was talented enough to be listed among the Three Talents .

This group consisted of Poison King from Everlasting, Sacred Doctor Hu Qingniu, and Young Pill King Zhang Yan . [1]

Zhang Yan was also good at Sourceboost Pill, not necessarily inferior to Miracle Young Noble . Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough comprehension for cultivation . His background was inferior as well .

This placed him into the Three Talents and not the Three Nobles .

He came from Hundred-Pill Gate, quite famous across Myriad Lineage . In terms of Sourceboost Pill alone, it might be on the same level as Longevity Valley .

Others called him Young Pill King but he was very afraid of this title . The reason was very simple . His ancestor, Feng Xiaochen, was the Pill King and he didn’t dare to compare himself to the ancestor . This was why he never called himself the Young Pill King .

Many youths were more than willing to befriend these two . Some said that if they were here, then it wouldn’t be long before the Poison King comes as well .

“So many geniuses are here, quite a spectacle . If Miracle Young Noble comes too, this conference will be even more amazing . ” One youth said with excitement .

“Not just them . Let me tell you something nice, the Three Ladies of Longevity Valley are here too . ” A well-informed cultivator revealed .

“Really?!” The youths got out of control after hearing this .

1 . Recap, we have three nobles, three ladies, and three talents now