Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2258

Chapter 2258: 2258

Pill King Feng Xiaochen smiled and actually got on his knees: “Your wondrous brilliance will illuminate all of us . ”

Li Qiye simply nodded and accepted the grand gesture .

“Fool . ” The old man then turned his attention towards Zhang Yan and yelled: “The grand matters of a sect can’t be treated so frivolously! We are part of Longevity System which stemmed from Longevity Valley . We shall not forget this grace and will listen to the valley!”

Zhang Yan shuddered with his head lowered, not daring to say a single word or even breathe loudly .

This was his sect’s top ancestor who had full control . Though he was the current young lord, Xiaochen could remove him from his post instantly .

“I am the master of Hundred-Pill, nice to meet you, First Brother . ” The sect master humbly referred to Li Qiye as a brother and kneeled: “Hundred-Pill is under Longevity Valley, this was true in the past, still is now, and will be so in the future . Our loyalty will never change and we shall obey all orders . Just say the words and all members of our sect will jump into the fire for you!”

His bravado and certainly showed both his sect’s stance and his towards Longevity Valley . The Pill King had made his decision and determined the direction of Hundred-Pill . They have decided to side with Longevity Valley .

The crowd shuddered, realizing that it was time to state their allegiance .

A while ago, many sects have chosen Everlasting . So now, Hundred-Pill was the first powerful sect to pick Longevity Valley .

This was indeed a valuable and timely act . Though Hundred-Pill wasn’t as strong as Everlasting, they were certainly among the mightiest in the system .

So now, this woke up numerous old masters . Recently, Everlasting had all the limelight, akin to the sun at noon while acting quite arrogant . Furthermore, many sects sided with them, increasing their momentum and morale .

On the contrary, Longevity Valley has been quiet, giving off a vibe of declination like the sunset in the evening . Everyone felt as if Longevity System will have a new leader .

Alas, Hundred-Pill had shown its stance and allegiance to Longevity Valley . The older experts remembered how it had controlled the system for so long in spite of its reclusive policies . No one had successfully taken over its position .

Perhaps the valley was not on a decline at all . This was only an illusion .

“It’s good being wise and insightful . Rise, your sect is pardoned . ” Li Qiye nodded .

The sect master of Hundred-Pill was in the same generation as Longevity Sage . It was unbelievable that her disciple would act like a superior before the sect master . Nevertheless, this sect master remained respectful despite the gap in seniority .

Even the Pill King was so respectful while the sect master was numerous generations below, he naturally needed to act in this manner .

“Little Cheng, he’s your disciple and will be your responsibility . Let him admit his mistakes, if Young Noble doesn’t wish to pardon him, then punishment is in order . ” The old man said .

The sect master felt a chill . Their ancestor was experienced with guests consisting of Ascenders and True Emperors . There was no doubt that if he were to cross Li Qiye, he would instantly lose his position as sect master .

“Yan’er, you are responsible for your own wrongdoings . It is a great crime to violate the rules of our sect . Go apologize to First Brother . If he and Longevity Valley forgive you, then we shall punish you once we get back . If they do not, then end yourself . ” The sect master said . [1]

He wanted to protect the boy that he taught himself; they were close like father and son . Alas, the boy had committed a huge mistake, one beyond his control .

This pertained to the future of Hundred-Pill . The direction of the sect wasn’t something he could decide on his own, so the young lord definitely couldn’t either .

However, Zhang Yan took the initiative to do so before everyone without consulting his own sect . This was betraying Longevity Valley and pushing Hundred-Pill down the abyss of no return .

Zhang Yan turned pale with his legs giving in . After their numerous feuds, Li Qiye would definitely not spare him . Once he accepted his mistake, Li Qiye would ask for his death .

There was no other choice . If he were to resist, his master would be the first to take him down since he would be implicated and dragged down as well, failing as a master .

He dropped to the ground and kneeled before Li Qiye, his voice trembled: “First, First Brother, I, I was ignorant and shouldn’t have offended Longevity Valley . I am willing, to, to accept the punishment . ”

He closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate . This was the only way to not involve his master who he viewed as a father .  

All eyes were on Li Qiye and the kneeling youth now . Everyone understood that this was the best time for Li Qiye to make an example out of the boy and intimidate the crowd while establishing his authority .

“Young and ignorant indeed . Out of consideration for Pill King, I shall spare your life . Go back and reflect on your errors in imprisonment . ” Li Qiye looked at him and nonchalantly said .

If he wanted the boy’s life, it would be as easy as crushing an ant . It didn’t matter whether the Pill King interceded or not .

Zhang Yan seemed to be struck by lightning; he couldn’t believe his own ears . He thought that Li Qiye would certainly take his life due to their history but the opposite happened!

“Thank you for your pardon, First Brother, I will sincerely aid Longevity Valley in the future, given the chance . ” He regained his wits and continued to kowtow .

He eventually went back behind the sect master and stood there respectfully .

“And you?” Li Qiye turned his attention towards Hu Qingniu .

Among the Three Talents, Qingniu had the biggest influence . Zhang Yan had backed down so people thought that it was time for Qingniu to concede too .

He took one step back with an uneasy expression . Nevertheless, he braced himself and walked proudly forward again .

“My stance does not represent my sect, and I shall not change it . Longevity Valley might represent the system, but the person who lights the first incense must be someone who is capable enough to do so . Our system is famous because of alchemy, pill-making, and medicine, so I shall challenge you as a doctor . If I lose, then do as you please . If you lose, you are not qualified to light the first incense . ” Though Qingniu cared about frivolous matters, he was still courageous enough to not back down at the last second .

“No need to trouble First Brother, I shall take you on!” Yalan coldly responded: “You think you are qualified to challenge Longevity Valley’s First Disciple?!”

Qingniu turned red from the provocation, unable to answer right away .

No one felt that she was being unreasonable . Her medicinal abilities were probably on the same level as him but her reputation was far superior . If people were to pick a side, they would gladly pick her .

“Yalan, let me . Medicine is only a minor path for me, more of a hobby so this can be fun . ” Li Qiye looked at Qingniu and leisurely said: “How do you wish to compete? Anything is fine . ”

1 . Commit seppuku would be the perfect translation here if it wasn’t out of place . Kill yourself/commit suicide doesn’t seem formal enough for the situation . End yourself sounds weird, but fits a bit better