Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2259

Chapter 2259

Qingniu readied himself and stood proudly, still as confident as ever: “We’ll save someone from death, do you dare?”

All eyes were on Li Qiye now . Everyone was familiar with Qingniu’s medical abilities, capable of bringing people back from the brink of death . Few in the entire system could match him, let alone the young generation .

“Why not? You go first so that you can at least have the chance to do something . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“Brother Hu, you can do it, no one else can compare with you when it comes to medicine . ” Huang Quanwei showed his support .

The rest didn’t dare to show their attitude because they couldn’t represent their sects and didn’t know which side to pick .

Qingniu took out a frog and let his blade go to work . He cut off its limbs before adding more slashes, leaving it in eight pieces . Next, he chopped it completely on a wooden board .

“I’m starting . ” He used his unique medicinal powder on the minced meat .

At the same time, he channeled his true energy into the meat with lightning speed . The pieces started coming back together .

He then used a needle and pierced the wounds with precise movements, just like a master craftsman .

It didn’t take long before he stitched the frog back together . There were still visible wounds and the frog was naturally on the verge of death, it was put back together perfectly .

The next step was from a treasure bottle with a thick liquid . This liquid covered the frog completely while emitting a musky fragrance .

“Let’s go!” He grabbed the frog with both hands and strands of energies entered its body through the veins .

The visible wounds were closing now and the frog skin became as smooth as before .

“Ribbit!” The little guy was feeling as good as ever and instantly jumped around .

“I’m done . ” He took a deep breath and stared straight at Li Qiye . He might be inferior in other aspects, but medicine was something he believed to be the best at . It was his pride .

“Nice!” The crowd couldn’t help applauding . Regardless of their feelings about him, they must admit that he was an amazing doctor .

“Incredible . ” Even Pill King Feng Xiaochen was impressed .

Cultivators were able to create their own body after reaching a certain level as long as the true fate and dao foundation were still around . However, re-creating someone else or saving them from near-death? It required a heaven-defying method and a massive amount of resources - a much harder task .

Qingniu used his skills to save a frog that had been minced completely and restored it in full . It truly showed his matchless abilities .

“Your turn . ” Qingniu saw how the Pill King treated Li Qiye earlier, but he remained confident in his art and still looked down at Li Qiye in this regard .

“A bit capable . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“Then it’s time for you to show us your abilities . Of course, it’s not too late to accept defeat either, it won’t be shameful at all . ” Huang Quanwei laughed .

Li Qiye smirked and flashed into nothingness . In the next second, he appeared again in front of Quanwei and casually said: “Saving a frog is no big deal . Saving a man? That’s real abilities . ”

“What, what do you want?!” Quanwei became alarmed .

“Poof!” Before he could calm down, Li Qiye simply touched him . His eyes widened in fear but next, he exploded into a mist of blood .

“Buzz . ” His true fate appeared since Li Qiye didn’t destroy him completely .

The scared guy and his true fate tried to run but Li Qiye immediately grabbed it .

“Now, I’ll show you how to raise someone from the dead . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“Pop!” His true fate got crushed into articles that eventually scattered around .

Wu Xianyi who was next to him before turned pale and quickly got back .

In the next second, Li Qiye raised his palm . A massive life force appeared like the coming of a new world . It gathered the particles together, gestating it with life .

Before one knows it, a million years seemed to have passed as the particles came together to form Quanwei’s true faith again .

Li Qiye’s grasp shielded all divination and stole the creations of the heaven and earth . Everything was under his control .

“Buzz . ” After the true fate came back, his body was being molded again . It didn’t take long before it was entirely finished .

“Bam!” Huang Quanwei fell to the ground, paralyzed while shouting in horror: “You, what the hell did you do to me?!”

The crowd became frozen after watching this unbelievable scene . Even the Pill King was no exception .

“Just mastering life and death . ” Li Qiye glanced at the youth and said .

People took a deep breath after hearing this and accepted the gravity of this phrase since they have just witnessed it . Not only did he kill the guy, but he could also give him his life back .

“Young Noble, this exceeds the boundary of medicine, it pertains to the mysteries of life . Even at the very apex, the medicinal dao is only a tiny branch before the profundity of life . The only things greater would be eternal life and life creation . Nevertheless, what you have done so far is beyond our grasp regardless of our effort . ” The Pill King emotionally stated .

The crowd didn’t know what to say . If this was still considered a medicinal method, then it would be at the apex of this dao, exceeding everything else - the real form of bringing people back from the dead .

“How is it compared to yours?” Li Qiye chuckled .

Hu Qingniu was as white as paper with beads of sweat running all over . He had nothing to say because this was beyond his comprehension . Like the Pill King said, it was no longer in the category of medicine .

Even if he could cure all illness and save someone near death, what Li Qiye did just now was on a different level . Li Qiye had destroyed a life completely before bringing it back, showing his understanding of the mysteries of life .

“I’ve lost . ” He dropped butt-first to the ground, feeling his pride broken to pieces and unable to hold his head high .

“My life is yours . ” He said feebly . Li Qiye had broken his life-long confidence and possessed what he yearned to achieve yet will never be able to .

“Scram now . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said .

Qingniu took a long time before looking up, completely indifferent towards life now . He slowly got up and left .

Everyone watched his departing figure and they felt as if he had become much older . The lonely youth then disappeared before everyone .