Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2263

Chapter 2263: 2263

The echoes of allegiance and praises towards Everlasting permeated across the system, intending on legitimizing its ascension .

Even the loyalist factions wavered in the face of this .

“Fan Miaozhen is hiding on the main mountains, deep in the clouds but Miracle Young Noble is there to block off her path . The entrance is also sealed by ancestors from Everlasting, it’s only a matter of time before she is captured . ” New information came, increasing Everlasting’s momentum .

“I’m afraid the result is clear, Longevity Valley has truly declined . ” One pale elder murmured .

“Death to Longevity, long live Everlasting!” Another chant started by the rebels in order to boost morale .

“Only a bunch of ants . ” A leisure voice suddenly overwhelmed all the chants .

“I shall worship the ancestors by decapitating the traitors and stick their head on a pike around the main mountain . ” Everyone could clearly hear it .

This declaration was much fiercer compared to the chants and propaganda from Everlasting . The speaker didn’t give a damn about Everlasting at all, sounding as if he alone was invincible .

Alchemy Hut became quiet; the sects that were screaming the chants earlier immediately stopped due to the aggressive nature of the declaration .

“That’s Longevity Valley’s First Disciple . ” Someone recognized the voice .

“The sage’s student, hmm? Looks like Longevity Valley is finally speaking up . ” One ancestor murmured .

Though this guy wasn’t as famous as Miracle Young Noble or even Fan Miaozhen, his announcement just now should represent the valley’s stance due to his position there .

Though the valley seemed to be weak at the moment, it was still the orthodox branch, the true legacy of Alchemy Immortal . Due to its strong roots in the system, it couldn’t be shaken overnight .

“Traitors deserve death!” An old voice chimed in with bravado: “Longevity System is governed by Longevity Valley alone, all members have a responsibility to kill these traitors!”

“Pill King, Senior Feng!” Many experts were shaken to hear this voice .

“Hundred-pill is on the same side as Longevity Valley . ” People reacted with this realization .

A while ago, they were still skeptical after hearing about the Pill King showing his support and reverence towards the First Disciple of Longevity Valley .

“Longevity Valley is still ultimately the orthodox branch of our system . ” One ancestor didn’t find this surprising .

The pressure was now on the sects that chose Everlasting .  

When omitting Longevity Valley, if Everlasting was number one in terms of military might, then Hundred-Pill could be considered the second strongest .

So now, Longevity Valley’s camp held considerable power . Furthermore, the Pill King had many friends . Ancestors and Eternals from the great powers had deep ties with him . This made him quite influence and his opinion could sway many people .

The supporters of Longevity Valley felt much better after hearing the Pill King’s attitude .

“Brother Feng, the world ebbs and flows in an unpredictable manner, you should mind your words . ” A stalwart old man in battle armor retorted . His engulfing aura was horrifying and awe-inspiring .

“The ancestor of the Cai Clan, Grandwar Ancestor . ” Some spectators were surprised to see him .

“He’s here too? How peculiar . ” Even the experts from the last generation shuddered .

His name was Cai Dawei, an old ancestor of his clan . He was one of the two great ancestors of Longevity System alongside with the Pill King .

The Pill King was famous for his alchemy while Grandwar Ancestor focused on martial arts . This was a ninth-level True God, rumored to be an Eternal very soon .

Though some clans and sects also had Ascenders, ninth-level True Gods, and even Eternals, these beings weren’t from this generation . Even if they were alive, they would have went to Imperial Lineage already .

This wasn’t the case for Grandwar . He was still from this generation so he had plenty of vitality and lifespan left .

Because of this, the strong True Gods from the last generation coming out might not be his match due to a lack of vitality and youth . He was the only ninth-level one in the system right now, hence his fame alongside the Pill King .

Many held their breath after hearing him voice his opinion . There was no doubt he was on the side of Everlasting .

“Only a monkey wearing a crown, death is not enough to atone for an unjustified rebellion . ” The Pill King firmly replied .

It didn’t take long for the listeners to realize that a terrible storm was going to sweep over the entire system .

Grandwar didn’t respond so the entire Alchemy Hut fell into silence .

“Traitorous dregs conspiring with the heretics still daring to blabber . ” Everlasting Emperor finally spoke . His emotionless voice echoed across the area: “I shall destroy the traitors to revitalize the system…”

“What you need to do is kneel and wait for me to cut off your head tomorrow during the ceremony . Otherwise, I’ll destroy your kingdom too . ” Li Qiye interrupted the emperor in a domineering manner .

People glanced at each other, thinking that this First Disciple was no slouch, still so fierce before the military might of Everlasting .

“You’re dead tomorrow, traitor!” The emperor furiously responded .

This was the end of the verbal bout, instilling anxiety to all members, especially the ones who haven’t picked a side . Of course, some couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come a little earlier . They knew that this ceremony would determine the fate of the system and these two sects .

“Who will win?” Speculations arose .

“Maybe Everlasting . It has too many sects on its side right now so its power is no joke . Plus, it invited the representatives of the other systems . This shows the utmost confidence . ” One sect master believed in Everlasting’s victory .

Another ancestor chose Longevity Valley, stating: “The valley has ruled the system for so long . Though it kept a low profile to the point of being virtually forgotten, it still has eras of accumulation . Everlasting isn’t a match for that . ”

“How is that First Disciple? He seemed to have come out of thin air . Is there no one else in Longevity Valley who can preside over this situation?” People remained skeptical about Li Qiye .

“How are they going to convince the crowd with an unproven disciple? What makes him qualified to lead the ceremony and the system itself?”

Ultimately, Li Qiye had no prestige to speak of unlike Everlasting Emperor .