Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2265

Chapter 2265: 2265

Everlasting Emperor was an excellent prodigy once - quite decisive and highly regarded, beloved by most .

After winning the throne, he certainly didn’t let people down . Everlasting continued to grow until it was the sun at noon .

Because of these favorable circumstances, his ambition grew, no longer content with ruling just Everlasting . His gaze spanned across the entire system, wishing to take over . Furthermore, he had the support of the entire kingdom in this effort to replace Longevity Valley .

Rumor has it that he was an Ascender at the first level . His power was worthy of his ambition .

He cupped his fist towards the guests and said: “The ceremony is much brighter with your presence, esteemed guests . Today, I represent Longevity System and Everlasting to welcome everyone . ”

The Untethered and the other representatives simply greeted him back in a polite manner, not wishing to speak too much and getting involved in this power struggle .

“The ceremony is meant to worship the ancestors and the sages of past . ” The emperor looked around and said slowly: “We are inferior compared to the glorious olden days, so I am here with everyone to remember the wondrous deeds and contributions of those before us . I offer this toast to everyone . ” He raised a cup of wine .

“Same to you, Your Majesty . ” His supporters quickly raised their cup in response . The neutral parties and the opposition did nothing in return .

“Allow me to start the ceremony . ” He began walking towards the highest throne meant for Longevity Sage .

“Excuse my rudeness, Your Majesty . ” A high elder shook his head and said: “You can’t sit there . The valley is still in charge of the system!”

“That’s right, the valley is still in charge!” Many cultivators repeated .

Everlasting had won many sects over . However, there were plenty more in the systems, some quite powerful . The valley had ruled for so long that people couldn’t forget about it . Furthermore, the Pill King and his sect’s support yesterday only empowered the determination of the loyalists .

The emperor’s expression turned cold after hearing the opposition . He became slightly awkward and had overestimated his kingdom’s influence .

They have already captured Longevity Valley’s disciples yet some people here still voiced their dissension .

“Longevity Sage isn’t on time so I shall take over . ” His eyes became murderous towards the high elder .

“Power and authority belong to the virtuous . ” A sect master on Everlasting’s side interjected: “His Majesty’s righteousness reaches the heaven, his dao spread across the eight plains . In terms of achievements, virtue, and prestige, he is eligible to handle the great responsibility of ruling . This is for the betterment of the system . ”

“That’s right, let the capable be in charge . His Majesty had plenty of contributions and merits, we wholeheartedly support him to become the ruler of Longevity!” The cultivators on his side voiced their support .

“It’s not hard to become the ruler of Longevity System . ” An ancestor uttered coldly: “This sovereignty belongs to the orthodox branch, the legacy sect of the progenitor, and that’s the valley alone! Anyone else is only a monkey wearing a crown!”

This powerful comment shut up the other side . The issue of legitimacy and the orthodox branch was very important . In terms of bloodline, only the valley was the real thing since it was Alchemy Immortal’s sect .

No one could touch or replace the valley on this point . This played a great part in why the valley has been in charge for so long despite the existence of more powerful sects .

Some sects were willing to support Everlasting, but they didn’t wish to talk about this issue . In order to deny the valley’s blood rights, they would need to deny their own progenitor .

By doing so, Longevity System would cease to be itself . This was beyond seizing power but akin to a changing of the system .

“Ridiculous, only disturbing the sanctity of the ceremony . ” Everlasting Emperor was ready to kill .

When all else failed, he was resorting to the most direct method - force .

“Rumble!” Silver Dragon Legion appeared before the crowd like a flood of steel, capable of crushing everything before its path .

“Those who dare to disturb the ceremony and insult the reputation of Longevity System, be ready to face execution!” The emperor coldly declared .

“Clank!” The dissenters stood up and unsheathed their weapons .

The atmosphere became tense as can be; a fight could break out at any moment .

The emperor actually didn’t mind for blood to ruin the ceremony . In fact, he preferred a massacre here to deter the rest of the system . This would be the first step for him to seize power .

“Tsk, tsk, tsk . Wanting to take over with such a pathetic method? You think too highly of yourself . ” A leisure voice broke the silence .

Everyone immediately looked over and saw an ordinary man strolling over with two beauties behind him . Furthermore, Pill King Feng Xiaochen and his men were right behind them .

“That’s the First Disciple of Longevity System . ” Someone recognized him right away .

No one called him by Li Qiye right now because his status as the First Disciple was more pertinent to the current situation .

Without the sage, he was the representative of Longevity Valley, garnering the support of the loyalists .

The Untethered and the other representatives stared straight at him, wishing to see what he could do .

“And here I thought one or two True Emperors and Eternals would come . All of this time and only a low-level Ascender is here . Just an ant pretending to be an elephant . ” Li Qiye gently shook his head and sneered .

“That’s a traitor conspiring with the heretical faction, an unforgivable sin . Capture him, kill if he resists!” Everlasting Emperor ordered right away upon seeing Li Qiye .

Though this was their first meeting, Li Qiye’s position as the First Disciple alone was enough for the emperor to push him towards his death .

“Clank!” Silver Dragon Legion turned their attention towards Li Qiye, surrounding his group completely . Their spear and treasures aimed straight at him .

“Scram!” The Pill King shouted and took out a cauldron the size of a fist .

“Boom!” It spewed out a flame that took the form of a gigantic cauldron .  

It started flying around and crushed the surrounding troops, causing their bones to break and blood to gush . One expert got blown flying after another .

The Pill King wasn’t only good at alchemy . His fighting ability was impressive enough since he was also an Ascender .