Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2266

Chapter 2266

“Ah!” Feng Xiaochen swept through the several thousand experts of Silver Dragon, not giving them a chance to start battle formations .

Blood stained the ground of the altar . Not as many corpses because the fallen combatants were blown off the pinnacle .

“Boom!” Finally, the gigantic cauldron aimed for Everlasting Emperor with an unstoppable momentum .

The emperor became serious, not daring to underestimate Xiaochen’s power .

In this split second, a huge palm sealed the area and successfully repelled the cauldron, leaving a palm print behind on the cauldron’s surface .

This person was mighty enough to show his superiority after one exchange .

An old man stood next to the emperor with a supreme divinity in his eyes . Even a True Emperor wouldn’t dare to be careless against him .

“Grandwar Ancestor!” The ancestors in the crowd shuddered all the same .

Cai Dawei, those who knew this name became startled . This was the other great ancestor in the system beside the Pill King .

He was much stronger in comparison - a ninth-level True God, very close to becoming an Eternal . Low-level True Gods were no match for this awesome being .

“Brother Feng, no need to be angry . Let’s not fight with a junior now . ” Grandwar stood there like an awe-inspiring, unreachable mountain .

The Pill King enjoyed his status and influence due to his Longevity Pills . In terms of cultivation, he was not a match for Grandwar .

“Cai Dawei, it is not wise for you to side with Everlasting . One wrong step will result in infamy . ” The Pill King still called out his real name despite being weaker .

“To each their own . ” Grandwar said: “Brother Feng, Longevity System has weakened for a long time now, we need an ambitious leader to stop this trend . ”

“You are definitely on something . The foundation of the valley is beyond your imagination . A heavy sword might not be sharp but still deadly nonetheless; a lack of action doesn’t imply weakness . As the ages went by, how many systems have disappeared while ours still remained standing strong . ”

“I’ve made up my mind . ” Grandwar said with a stern expression: “Out of consideration for our friendship, I advise you and your sect to stop siding with the villains . Certain powers are beyond your imagination as well, it is not too late to retreat now lest you want to die . ”

“That only makes it more interesting for me . I’ve been alive for so long, not fearing many . Let them come, my sect will always stand together with the valley . Our stance here will be a lesson for future generations of Longevity . ”

The crowd was shaken by his powerful and decisive rhetoric .

“There’s nothing I can do then, Brother Feng . We’ll decide this on the battlefield . ” Grandwar shook his head and sighed .

The Pill King laughed in response: “That’s perfectly fine . We have different opinions and lords . A fight to the death it is . ”

The breathless crowd couldn’t quite explain their feelings right now . These two great ancestors of their system had a good relationship once but shall be battling to the death today .

Most felt that the Pill King wasn’t a match for Grandwar . The former was definitely more influential since Eternals and True Gods have asked him for help before with Longevity Pills . However, Grandwar as a ninth-level True God was much stronger .  

“Buzz . ” Herb-Plucking Peaks suddenly resonated with something . The sound wasn’t loud but everyone could hear it clearly .

They looked up and saw strands of lights oozing from the peaks and pushing away the clouds .

A girl sitting on top of a boulder sticking out of a hill was revealed . On top was an old pine, the source of these green rays . The rays shone over her, making her look exceptional .

“It’s Senior Sister Miaozhen!” A disciple immediately recognized her .

“You finally show yourself!” Miracle Young Noble opened his eyes and unsheathed his sword . A slash descended like a river of stars . The endless sword energy cut straight for Miaozhen .

“Buzz . ” Her glow converged, replaced by fog and clouds as she disappeared . The slash made the clouds dispersed but she was nowhere to be found .

Miracle scowled and instantly locked on another location . Another meteoric slash shattered the void, revealing Miaozhen standing on a different rock .

He thrust forward, one crossing through space while aiming for her chest just like a rainbow over the horizon .

“Quite powerful, especially under the suppression of the peak . He’s probably at the pseudo-True Emperor level . ” Someone quietly assessed .

“Buzz . ” Miaozhen gathered the clouds and fogs, turning them into a shield to stop the meteoric slash .

“Boom!” The strike successfully broke the shield but she was nowhere to be found after the dust settled .

Just when the crowd thought she had disappeared again, Miracle had enough . Swords soared to the sky and turned into a massive prison, sweeping away all the clouds to reveal her location . She was now trapped in the prison of swords .

“How are you going to run now?! Surrender or die!” Miracle uttered coldly .

“Is that so?” A carefree voice answered instead of Miaozhen .

“Impossible!” The crowd couldn’t believe it . Both the two great ancestors felt the same way .

Li Qiye was actually standing at the top of Herb-plucking, even higher than Miracle . He looked calm as if he was there the entire time and no one noticed him .

People looked back at the altar and didn’t see Li Qiye, realizing that this wasn’t an illusion .

“What’s going on?!” So many powerful ancestors became startled because no one could fly up there or move so quickly, not even Eternals and True Emperors .

Some have tried before using all of their might . This ended with multiple explosions and detonations under the pressure of the peak . They eventually concluded that in order to truly withstand this pressure, one would need to be at the progenitor level .

But now, Li Qiye did it so silently and without any difficulty . This was a miracle of the ages; no one has been able to do so before . Alchemy Immortal would be the only other person capable of this task .