Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2271

Chapter 2271: 2271

This blackmailing tactic won the disdain and contempt of the crowd . Alas, it was working; the loyalists turned their eyes towards Li Qiye .

They needed him to make a decision during this crucial moment since he was the representative of Longevity Valley .

“If you don’t surrender now, I will have their head cut off and hang around these peaks, letting their descendants know the outcome of traitors, to be reviled for ages!” The emperor shouted .

The focus was on Li Qiye now . This act was disgraceful but also quite effective .

If he didn’t save these hostages, then regardless of whether he was a heretic or not, people would still condemn him for it later on .

Moreover, without trying, these loyalists might surrender to Everlasting . Nevertheless, conceding now would also be a defeat for Longevity Valley . Both options were terrible, leaving him in a tough spot .

Everyone wanted to see what he would do . It related to both his own life and the success of Longevity Valley .

“Looks like I must surrender then?” Li Qiye said with a smile .

“That’s right, and all of them too!” The emperor pointed at Fan Miaozhen: “And if anyone else dares to oppose us, we will kill them and all the hostages!”

“We can’t surrender . ” Yalan raised her voice at Li Qiye, afraid that he might surrender .

“Then I’ll kill all the hostages first and then the rest of your group!” The emperor aggressively asserted .

Li Qiye looked at the emperor and shook his head while laughing: “How old are you? Was there a problem with your brain while growing up? To use such a lowly threat without being embarrassed, your entire kingdom must be a bunch of useless fools . ”

“You!” The emperor went red again and shouted: “I will count to ten, if you don’t surrender, then I will give the order to kill all the traitors . ”

“One, two, three…” The emperor immediately counted, not giving him time to think .

The loyalists who had friends taken captive became increasingly alarmed; their heart was hanging on a thread .

“No need to count, I’ll give your idiotic scheme an answer right now . ” Li Qiye gently waved his hand and interrupted the emperor .

“Death to all!” With this declaration, a green glow exuded as if branches were growing from his body . He was brimming with the energy of life .

With rustling noises, old roots came out of nowhere from all the peaks, no different from iron rods or serpents and scorpions ready to deliver a fatal blow .

These roots were sharp and had unbelievable speed, capable of piercing through all armors .

“Ah!” Screams came about .  

These roots instantly pierced the throat of the soldiers who were apprehending the hostages . Their cries of anguish filled the mountains .

Drops of blood dripped down and painted the leaves red . The contrasting colors became even more dazzling and beautiful .

The roots acted like skewers and dragged the bodies by the neck up to the peaks . No one saw how Li Qiye did it but he managed to kill all the captors . The origin of the roots eluded them as well .

Li Qiye was still on his throne and casually said: “So weak, fighting against this level of enemies is so boring, no need for me to do anything and a massacre will still ensue . Try a bit harder now, play your real cards, or this coup is a complete joke . ”

The emperor was frightened and looked down at his own feet, afraid that the same thing might happen to him .

“Clank . ” All of the masters from the legion surrounded him for protection .

Li Qiye was putting his legs on the stone table and lazily leaned back on his throne: “If this is all your kingdom can muster, then get ready to die . ”

“Ooo-” The emperor blew his conch horn again .

“Rumble!” Large figures descended from the sky and lined up before the emperor like impassable mountains .

They were armors, three times the size of a normal man . If it wasn’t for the moving pair of eyes in the sockets of the helmet, people would actually think they were non-living iron men .

The symbol of the Silver Dragon Legion carved in front of their chest, but their armor had a golden glow . It seemed that their status was much higher .

Someone counted a total of thirty-six men .

“The thirty-six Dragon Sovereigns! The strongest force of Silver Dragon . ” A sect master took a deep breath .

“They can handle anything . ” Another clan ancestor became alarmed .

This was the true power of Silver Dragon; just this thirty-six statues alone were comparable to the rest of the legion .

They have been around since the foundation of the legion . Each was at least a True God, some were Ascenders as well .

Moreover, their armors were amazing treasures . Their combined effort could sweep through many sects and kingdoms in Longevity .

“These are the defensive pillars of Everlasting, all here now . ” One ancestor was surprised . It looked like Everlasting went all out for this usurping attempt .

“Rumble!” They stepped forward in an orderly manner, seemingly capable of crushing the altar . Each step was stomping on the heart of the spectators and robbing their breath .

“Brat, die now!” One of the Dragon Sovereigns declared emotionlessly with an old voice .

“Hmm, what to do now? I have too many techniques, not sure what to use to kill all of you . After all, I’m a stylish person, have to do it right . ”

With that, he tapped his throne in contemplation before giving an order: “Little girls, brew me a good pot of tea, I need to think about an elegant method to turn Everlasting to ashes . Killing millions demands so since it is an art . I have to do my best to appreciate it . ”

The three sisters immediately prepared a fire next to the throne to make some tea for him .  

People thought the guy was crazy, acting so leisurely in this key moment .

“Die!” One of the thirty-six sovereigns couldn’t stand this and rushed forward .