Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2274

Chapter 2274

“Boom!” The giant used its shield fiercely, creating a tempest in its wake . The sovereigns were blown flying while vomiting blood .

“So weak . ” Li Qiye mocked again while drinking tea and enjoyed a massage from Fan Miaozhen just like an emperor . He looked both carefree yet tyrannical .

“These are the pillars of your kingdom? C’mon now, do your best or you won’t have the chance soon . Get Eternals to come as reinforcements, let’s not make a mockery of your coup . ” He continued .

Such domineering and contemptuous words made it seem like he wasn’t afraid of anyone in Myriad Lineage . It certainly affected the crowd, causing them to hold their breath .

Normally, a junior making a comment like this would be quite annoying, especially if they had an attitude like Li Qiye . Alas, no one found it unreasonable or arrogance . His attitude seemed to be just right given the current circumstances .

“Boom!” The giant slammed its hammer and shield together, looking just like a fierce gladiator, ready to go wild at any given moment .

It pointed the hammer at the sovereigns . It didn’t speak but this posture told the tale - a complete contempt against its foes .

This showing enraged the sovereigns since they rarely experienced this type of humiliation before . Moreover, it came from a non-living puppet made of branches . Their chest was about to explode from indignation; blood was churning and almost reaching the throat .

“Formation, Silver Dragon Fusion!” The sovereigns shouted and raised their weapons .

Their vitality and true energy surged like a storm, assaulting the area .

“Boom!” Under their command, all members of Silver Dragon released their true energy while also pointing their weapons at the sky .

It didn’t take long before their power gathered together . In the blink of an eye, formations appeared beneath their feet and head . These formations then instantly joined together while the members circled around the sovereigns . The members’ armors then turned into tiny components .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” These parts came together with the thirty-six sovereigns’ armors at the center .

Finally, a massive being made out of metal emerged, not smaller than the wooden giant at all . In fact, it was one head taller . Clouds were down near its waist .

Its hull was as white as snow with a golden luster . It seemed to be made out of silver with a touch of gold .

More shockingly, the image of a silver dragon was coiling around it, almost taking physical shape .

“Rawr!” The metal being roared, almost sounding like a dragon .

“Silver Dragon Carapace!” Even an Ascender shouted in astonishment .

“Their final move!” Another ancestor gasped .

“Now that’s more interesting . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “So that epoch lord had reached this world too, leaving this supreme art behind . ”

No one really understood his comment, not even the ancestors of Everlasting . This armor was the ultimate move of the legion . Rumor has it that the creator of Everlasting had found an ancient trunk full of manuals . From that, he came up with a secret method to craft the armor for the members of Silver Dragon . When necessary, these armor pieces could join together . They were just part of this gigantic being .

Of course, even the creator of Everlasting didn’t know that this was an art from a lost epoch of the nine and tenth worlds . He only knew the bare minimum of this art . Nevertheless, the metal being created from it was still quite powerful .

“Kill!” The being instantly attacked . Its first step shattered the void .

“Ra!” The wooden giant also roared back and rushed forward to meet it head-on .

The real victim here was the space around them . Everything was crushed and the world became unstable . People started getting dizzy and nauseated .

The metal being smashed the shield, resulting in a loud impact that could rupture eardrums .

“Crack!” Countless cracked lines appeared on the wooden shield before a full collapse .

This caparace was clearly stronger than the thirty-six sovereigns alone earlier .

“Bam!” The wood giant retaliated with a hammer blow but the metal being didn’t try to dodge so its back was struck .

It prioritized offense instead, punching the wood giant’s chest with both hands . This dual punch could cross through the world .

The punches failed because the wood giant had created another wooden shield . This shield got penetrated as well but it had served its purpose .

The tree empowering the giant allowed it to re-create another shield in a short time .

“Rumble!” The two giants didn’t hold back . Their fight caused the world to turn dark with splinters and branches flying everywhere .

The carapace had a great advantage due to its tough hull . It crushed the shield several times and even struck the wood giant’s chest once . Alas, it was still useless .  A new shield could easily be molded and the damaged chest could close again . The wood giant was unkillable as long as the tree was fueling it with the power of life .

This frightened the supporters of Everlasting . Just Li Qiye alone was enough to suppress Silver Dragon Legion . Keep in mind that no ancestors from Longevity Valley have shown up yet .

In fact, to be truly accurate, Li Qiye hasn’t done anything at all . If he were to personally join in, wouldn’t he dominate this battle completely?

Thus, they felt regret about picking a side too early . This attempted coup from Everlasting wasn’t looking too favorable . They thought that Everlasting would be strong enough to defeat the valley, but this devilish First Brother was proving otherwise .

The representatives of the other systems watched quietly . This man from Insane Court was horrifying . He had so many strange and troublesome techniques . They were also disappointed because Li Qiye hasn’t done anything . This left them unable to gauge his true power .

The scariest thing for these systems was their inability to understand their enemy .