Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2275

Chapter 2275: 2275

“Sigh, such stupidity from top to bottom, attempting a coup with such meager force and a clear lack of prudence . Only a group of ants trying to shake a tree, or the foundation of an entire system . ” Li Qiye watched and commented while the two giants were fighting .

He was now resting his head on Yalan’s lap while Miaozhen was peeling a type of grape resembling gems to feed him . Meanwhile . Shaoyao focused on brewing tea and making dessert .

A debaucherous ruler of the universe; what more could one ask for in life?

The spectators had no words to describe their emotions, especially the young ones who had a crush on the girls .

These were the Three Ladies of Longevity Valley; so many fell in love at first sight with them . But now, all three were waiting on Li Qiye - something that only existed in fantasies .

No one dared to retort . There was a prevalent belief that Longevity Valley had declined and became weaker than Everlasting . Now, this devilish First Disciple was doing whatever he wanted with Silver Dragon Legion .

“Rumble!” The two giants continued to punish the sky, causing the sun and moon to lose their radiance .

The wooden giant was broken in many places but its life force was still vigorous . The longer the fight, the fierce it became . On the other hand, the metal being with the upper hand was showing fatigue in true energy .

After all, the carapace was made up of the vitality of the soldiers . The true stones engraved on their armors were channeling their energy . After a while, they would become deplete unlike the wooden giant under the protection of the divine tree .

“Activate!” Silver Dragon Legion had to go all out . Their roar echoed across the mountains .

Back on a peak in a palace of Everlasting, a massive platform emerged . In the blink of an eye, boundless light accumulated, even brighter than the stars above . It resembled the most luminous diamond in the world, illuminating all of Longevity System .

It shot out a pulse crossing through the world, all the way from Everlasting to Alchemy Hut, and landed on the metal carapace .

A small portal appeared behind the carapace with a vortex within . It accepted the pulsing current .

The entire thing erupted with power that reverberated across the realms . Majestic halos started to pulse, initiating the changing of three thousand worlds . In short, this metal being had just become ten times stronger .

“What is that?” The spectators turned toward Everlasting, the source of the pulse .

The bright platform on that peak was too far away to see . True Gods needed to use their heavenly gaze and saw an altar engraved with numerous true stones .

It was massive in size and looked like a pot with true stones at the True God level and up; some were even at the Ascender and Eternal level .

The energy from them gathered at a single point before the formation condensed it into a pulsing current . This pulse traveled through the world to reach the carapace, empowering it with a new source .

“Amazing . ” One clan ancestor’s expression changed: “As long as Silver Dragon Legion is still in Longevity System, this pulse will be able to fuel it nonstop . No wonder why this legion is so strong . ”

“Such wealth and resources, far richer than many other sects . ” A True God blurted out after seeing the extravagant altar . Everlasting was indeed prosperous after many generations of selling alchemy goods .  

“Take it down!” The carapace roared and went into a frenzy as it tore a hand off the wood giant .

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The increase of power in this berserk state overwhelmed the wood giant .

Despite its incredible regeneration, the rate of destruction was even greater . A few parts were being continuously destroyed before they could come back together .

Finally, the carapace had earned its victory and finished off the wooden giant - an incredible spectacle . The space behind the giant collapsed as well . The tree disappeared as if it was only an illusion .

“Damn, so ferocious!” The supporters of Everlasting shouted, finally feeling relief at this development .

“Strong indeed . That’s why they can defeat so many other sects . ” Even the loyalist faction had to admit .

“Brat, crawl over here and accept your death!” The imperious carapace looked down at Li Qiye as if he was an ant .

All eyes were on Li Qiye to see how he would answer the taunt .

In fact, Everlasting felt so much better . They finally brought it back to even .

“Does he have anything else?” The loyalists became worried because this carapace was unreasonably strong in this berserk state .

“Hmph, Everlasting is unfathomable . This is only the warm-up, resistance is futile and suicidal . ” An expert on Everlasting’s side sneered .

His comment was to encourage himself while cheering on Everlasting . After all, they have chosen Everlasting and there was no coming back . All they could do now was pray for its victory . Otherwise, their fate would be quite grim in the future .

In case of defeat, not only would Everlasting be destroyed, traitors like them wouldn’t fare much better either .

“Oh? So arrogant now . ” Li Qiye didn’t care at all: “Like a wretched-looking tramp who finally came into some money, wanting to show off before everyone . Well, congratulation, I’m sure that round wasn’t easy for your kingdom . It’ll be a nice topic to brag about . ”

The carapace slowly descended before finally landing on the altar . It stood there with a grim expression, or at least it gave off that air on its emotionless, metallic face .

“It’s not too late to surrender now or you will suffer a fate worse than death . ” A Dragon Sovereign spoke from inside the carapace: “Today, Everlast will not only kill you but also trample Longevity Valley . ”

They no longer tried to hide their intention . In the beginning, there were justifications about exterminating the heretical faction . This was no longer the case .

“So brave, finally revealing your true intentions . ” Li Qiye clapped and said .

“Come out and die!” The carapace repeated .