Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2277

Chapter 2277: 2277

The appearance of the Longevity Physique on Li Qiye left many ancestors trembling with fear because no one in the system has been able to do it outside of their progenitor . The sovereigns inside the carapace were shocked by this unexpected development as well .

Keep in mind that the system had produced many True Emperors afterward, same with Everlasting . But even these emperors failed to do so, let alone the other disciples .

“Hmm, this Longevity Physique is not bad, but it still has a way to go compared to our Eternal Physique . ” Li Qiye chuckled and said .

Everyone was speechless, just cultivating this physique was already heaven-defying enough yet Li Qiye was still putting it down?

Of course, they didn’t know that he was talking about the Eternal Physique of the nine worlds .

“Come . ” Li Qiye gestured at the carapace .

“Kill him!” The carapace had no other choice and started glowing even more . The pulsing current became dense to the limit .

“Boom!” More halos emanated from it for protection .

It unleashed a punch with all of its might . The celestial and dao crumbled before this power . Alchemy Hut turned dark while the spectators got scared out of their mind .

“Bam!” Everyone felt as if this punch had landed on them . Some were blown flying while vomiting blood .

When they calmed down, they saw this annihilative punch being stopped by Li Qiye’s palm as if it was completely trivial .

“I’ll show you the true power of Longevity System now . ” Li Qiye twisted and a crack resounded . The gigantic hand of the carapace broke apart .

“Boom!” He then unleashed another punch straight for the giant’s chest and penetrated it completely, forcing it to drop to the ground .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He unleashed a barrage of punches on the falling giant . Even its tough shell was no match .

This scene left the crowd speechless . Everyone felt their head devoid of thoughts .

“Ah!” The giant was forcefully torn apart . The thirty-six sovereigns and members of Silver Dragon wanted to run but this was impossible while inside . Their flesh was being flattened by his fists pushing in on the metal shell, turning them into mincemeat inside .

The powerful Silver Dragon was gone just like that, annihilated by this deity-like being .

It was impossible to resist since the power of this physique came from the system . One kingdom alone was no match for it .

“Boom!” Not a single member was left alive in the legion, including the thirty-six sovereigns .

The world became quiet despite mouths being wide open . In the beginning, everyone felt that he was only exaggerating about taking it down in one move .

But now, not only did he topple it with a single punch, he used his bare hands to tear it apart and smashed the members into meat paste .  

This scene might be the most brutal thing they have ever witnessed in their life . It would leave behind some lasting psychological damage .

Even the Untethered had an austere expression . Li Qiye was unfathomable and cruel . Once he started, he would leave no chance for the enemies to run .

The stench of blood assaulted the tip of the nose . The more timid spectators felt their legs trembling; some even soiled their pants .

“It’s over…” The supporters of Everlasting turned pale . Some dropped to the ground as if they could see their own sects being destroyed by Li Qiye .

The ancestors fared much better in terms of keeping up appearances, but their heart was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety .

The three sisters were caught off guard as well since this man was ferocious . This ferocity changed into charisma and charm, making the girls fall for him!

“So weak . ” Li Qiye stood up, as nonchalant as crushing an ant .

“Buzz . ” He raised his hand and began to absorb the pulsing current from Everlasting .

His hand released the strongest absorbing force as it devoured the power of the faraway altar .

The ancestors there couldn’t sever this channel because Li Qiye had seized complete control .

“Pop!” Eventually, all the currents were taken . The true stones lost their energy and turned into waste, crumbling into specks of dust .

Next, he spread out his palm and released all of the power he had just consumed so far from the pulsing current .

A thick beam shot through the world . Everyone in the system could see it heading straight for Everlasting Kingdom in the shape of a rainbow .

The kingdom trembled; one divine peak and pavilion fell after another within the radius of a thousand miles . The imperial palace was in chaos .

“Clang!” The warning gong resounded . Defensive barriers immediately came online to stop the beam .

The beam pierced through one layer after another . It had to be said that these barriers were quite mighty . Alas, the beam was the accumulation of power for multiple generations using an altar made out of numerous true stones .

Their ancestors once calculated that their pulsing current could empower the caparace for a century of straight fighting .

Alas, Li Qiye had turned it against them, using their spear again to assault their shield . [1]

They suffered heavy losses, never expecting for their tool to be turned against them . This was truly a nightmare .

“Boom!” The last barrier finally went down and the beam continued flying forward, assaulting the main region of the palace . Numerous buildings exploded .

1 . Idiom