Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2278

Chapter 2278

“Boom!” One more divine palace floating in the sky was rendered to ashes by the beam . Their strong defense was proven useless today .

After piercing through this palace, it pierced through another peak and heading for a group of floating temples in the sky .

These temples were shrouded in fog, seemingly the home of the gods with an unquestionable prestige . All spectators would feel a sense of reverence .

It had its own defensive barriers that appeared to stop the beam . Futile it was, the beam continued on without fail .

“Hmph!” A scowl echoed across the entire system . Just this one sound was enough to scare a billion existences . Even the stars above trembled as if this scowl could make them fall down .

“Boom!” A divine wall descended right before the beam .

“Buzz!” The beam continued shooting at this wall . Sparks went flying but it was finally stopped this time around .

Eventually, Li Qiye used up the absorbed power but the wall remained standing .

People heaved a sigh of relief, especially the inhabitants of Everlasting . This disaster out of nowhere scared the crap out of them .  

Meanwhile, Alchemy Hut was still quiet . What Li Qiye had done just now was domineering beyond words .

“Come out now, show me some real abilities or it would just be a waste of my time . ” Li Qiye commented while posturing coolly with both hands behind his back .

His sleeves fluttered to the wind; he lacked an imperious aura found in many others with this leisure pose . Nevertheless, those staring at his back felt their heart freezing . They didn’t even have the courage to lift their head, let alone looking straight at him .

Domineering, invincible, unique; these words weren’t enough to describe he who seemed to be the ruler of Longevity System, a being above all .

“Just like back in Insane Court . ” The Pill King commented with emotions .

Li Qiye had controlled Insane Court back then and now it was Longevity’s turn . The Pill King didn’t know how Li Qiye was doing it, but he thought that Longevity Sage made the right move by handing the position of First Disciple to him .

The divine wall slowly ascended, revealing the group of temples again .

“Buzz . ” Rays of light soared forward carrying the affinity of an Eternal . This divinity could handle the test of time .

These rays were followed by continuously rotating halos, seemingly creating a grand world with its own galaxy and countless living beings .

There was a center - the start of this world and the end of all .

“Boom!” Time suddenly gathered together, one era after another, a billion years elapsed within a single second . One meditating figure appeared in this dazzling moment .

He was the center of this world and the galaxy revolved around him . It was an old man; the opening of his eyes made all existences tremble .

“Forefather!” The experts in the capital of Everlasting all kneeled, same with the big shots and ancestors .

Even the emperor back at Alchemy hut got on his knees, feeling very emotional .

“Everlasting Elder Lord!” The Untethered recognized the man .

The representatives took a deep breath and found his appearance unbelievable .

“He Qianyu . ” One of them quietly said: “Not only is he alive, he’s still in Myriad Lineage instead of Imperial Lineage . Just how much resources did Everlasting used to fuel him?”

The ancestors here were scared out of their mind: “I can’t believe he’s still here!”

It didn’t take long before some loyalists felt despair and murmured: “Can we stop him?”

The usurpers had the opposite reaction: “Nothing can be better than this, Everlasting’s old ancestor is still around . ”

Not to mention ordinary people, even the big shots in Myriad Lineage would shudder upon hearing the name, He Qianyu .

This was one of the strongest ancestors of Everlasting, the master of Lifejewel True Emperor . As an Eternal, he stood on the same level as many True Emperors .

Ascenders at the ninth-level wouldn’t dare to fight against True Emperors, perhaps only the low-level ones . This wasn’t the case for an Eternal . They could go against the stronger emperors .

Everlasting Elder Lord was strong enough . Plus, he was prestigious for being the master of a true Emperor . This made him reign for quite a bit during his era .

Most believed that an existence like him would enter Imperial Lineage like all of the True Emperors . Their destination would be Imperial Lineage or even Immortal Lineage .

Most Eternals would figure out ways to enter Imperial Lineage instead of lingering down here . The reason was very simple, they could live much longer in Imperial, and even more so in Immortal Lineage .  

This particular aspect was another thing where emperors were superior to True Gods . It was much easier for an emperor to go up to the higher worlds . Given the same start period, they could make it to Immortal Lineage while an Eternal had only made it to Imperial Lineage .

Everlasting Elder Lord was certainly a powerful Eternal . If he were in Imperial Lineage, he could live for much longer even in a state of hibernation . His vitality would wither at a slower rate .

That’s why everyone became surprised that he was still in Imperial Lineage . It showed the crazy amount of resources Everlasting Kingdom must have spent to keep him around . Of course, this might be worth it just to keep an Eternal around .

People finally understood why this kingdom was so confident in taking over . This Eternal was their biggest ace card, their killing move against Longevity Valley .

“If Longevity Valley doesn’t have an Eternal around, it won’t be able to stop the elder lord . Everlasting will be able to do it with certainty . ” One clan ancestor commented .

No one has heard about an Eternal being around in the valley . Of course, this sect had produced many but they have gone to Imperial Lineage already .