Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2280

Chapter 2280

An Eternal like Everlasting Elder Lord was intimidating . His words were no joke, so many became stirred .

All eyes were on Li Qiye, wondering if he could stop the elder lord . If not, then it was over for the valley if they didn’t have an Eternal as well .

Li Qiye didn’t become angry: “Good, are you coming to die or must I make a trip there to take your head?”

“I’ll kill you first then the valley . Initiate the momentum . ” The elder lord coldly declared .

With that, the imperial palace of Everlasting lit up . The peaks there became bright with dao lines filled with the aura of emperors and eternals .

“Buzz . ” With the imperial palace at the center, these lights began to spread across Everlasting . It didn’t take long before ten million miles of territory lit up with lines, turning into a great formation .

“Everlasting is going all out now, throwing their foundation into the mix as well . Failure would be the end of them . ” Many cultivators in Longevity were startled .

Everlasting was built on the dao foundation of Longevity . The creator of this kingdom fortified its territories with his merit laws . The wise sages from later generations did the same . Thus, they began to have their own foundation and momentum .

Because of this, they didn’t need to rely on Longevity as much . Their action so far meant betting everything their forefathers have done today .

“Longevity shall fall!” This chant echoed across their kingdom . All disciples, regardless of strong or weak, began to recite this unique yet frightening chant .

Strands of light emanated from their body and joined with their kingdom’s foundation . The inhabitants of this kingdom became inseparable . If Everlasting were to fall, they would turn to ashes as well .

Twenty-five figures appeared in the group of temples where the elder lord resided . These were old men on the verge of death . Nevertheless, their chants were louder than anyone else; their light brighter, almost like the sun .

“The twenty-five high ancestors!” These were the final ace cards of Everlasting, their strongest ancestors .

Though they weren’t as strong as Everlasting Elder Lord, they were superior to the thirty-six Dragon Sovereigns .

These were warriors who have been bestowed titles by True Emperors . They had great status and authority on top of being quite mighty, also known as the final shields of Everlasting . They wouldn’t appear unless there was no other choice .

Now, Everlasting used both their foundation and these ancestors . Their entire kingdom was of one heart and mind .

“Everlasting is so ambitious, victory or defeat, there is no returning . ” One ancestor shuddered with fear .

These disciples were willing to die with their kingdom for this coup . The power of solidarity was a great one .

The momentum of their kingdom widened, resulting in loud noises .

Everlasting Elder Lord slowly picked up a strange round disk, resembling an observation wheel or a water wheel . It was made from imperial steel . The spokes of the wheel grew bigger from the center while the wheel hubs were engraved with multiple imperial gems . These gems have been refined by True Emperors before . The wheel itself was filled with the best true stones .  

“This type of imperial steel can only be found above!” A representative recognized the materials .

The Untethered’s eyes narrowed . A dao system couldn’t find this material that easily . Though her sect possessed some, Everlasting wasn’t strong enough to have so many . It meant that someone was helping them . Like the elder lord had said, this wasn’t a simple coup .

The wheel began to spin with an increasingly faster pace . The rays emanated from it made the heart beat faster because it had a dark glow . This seemed to be the power of darkness .

The momentum of Everlasting opened completely . The entire kingdom was filled with this vast power . Lightning bolts crossed through the sky, striking any foe that dares to take a step inside .  

Once the wheel reached the right speed, it assumed an ethereal form . The space around it trembled and all of the black rays gathered at the very center of the wheel .

With that, space collapsed and was replaced by a black hole . Runes now took shape on the wheel, connecting its flow with the darkness .

“Boom!” The power of the entire kingdom poured into the black hole . It devoured all of the incoming power without fail .

It grew in size and spun proportionally to the rotational speed of the wheel, becoming the most terrible absorption force . Eventually, it devoured all of the kingdom’s power .

An unbelievable thing happened - the black hole was turning its sight towards Longevity .

The system was affected and had earthquakes everywhere . People naturally turned pale .

Keep in mind that the system was refined by Alchemy Immortal and protected by his power . However, it was still shaking from this force right now . The dao foundation of the system was being dragged in .

“Buzz . ” it retaliated by activating its own rays . The areas around Everlasting were especially dazzling . This was the automatic defensive measure of Longevity .