Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2281

Chapter 2281: 2281

Alas, the activated dao foundation of Longevity couldn’t do anything . After loud detonations, the wheel increased its rotational speed; same with the primal black hole .

“Boom!” A sound akin to a flood breaking the dam came about . Longevity’s power near Everlasting started being sucked in towards the darkness like raging streams .

The black hole absorbed this power and became stronger and stronger, like a beast filling its stomach with a feast .

“How can this be?!” The spectators were scared out of their mind .

Keep in mind that Everlasting was only a kingdom in the system . Its foundation was built upon the foundation of the system . More importantly, its merit laws were based there too, so it was a side-branch of sorts .

In theory, it couldn’t challenge the system because it wasn’t on the same level at all . Even if their True Emperors could create some heaven-defying merit laws, they wouldn’t be able to surpass the Longevity Scripture . After all, Alchemy Immortal was a progenitor . Everlasting would need to produce someone at the same level as well .

Of course, they didn’t have such abilities . Thus, this current development came as a surprise .

“This is not a merit law from Everlasting . ” The Untethered’s expression changed as she coldly uttered: “It has exceeded the level of a progenitor in Myriad Lineage, this is at least Imperial Lineage and up . ”

People felt a chill after hearing this . There were naturally levels to being a progenitor as well . One from Imperial was certainly stronger than one from Myriad .

Most systems here were created by a home-grown progenitor . Fallen systems like Insane Court were exceptions .

Now, Everlasting had come up with something greater to create this gigantic wheel . One could easily tell that something else was going on behind the curtains .

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, the adsorption process continued .

“Junior, get ready to die along with your valley . ” The elder lord spoke .

“Boom!” The rotating black hole shot out a beam of light consisting of black rays twisting together . These rays looked just like drills, capable of destroying everything in front of them .

“Rumble!” At the start of the offense, a monstrous chasm appeared . It was as if Longevity System was being torn apart . All the mountains and valleys in front of the beam turned to ashes, replaced with fissures .

Looking from above, it started from Everlasting and headed straight for Alchemy Hut, leaving an unhealable scar on the ground .

The unlucky sects in its path were destroyed as well without a chance to defend themselves . Not to mention a small sect, even great kingdoms wouldn’t be able to last for long with their barriers .

At this moment, no one doubted this power’s ability to destroy Longevity Valley .

“My god, Everlasting is trying to steal Longevity System’s power . ” An ancestor was horrified .

The initiation of the momentum and the attacking of the beam all happened within the blink of an eye .

“Boom!” The beam was aiming straight for Li Qiye .

Numerous mountains outside of Alchemy Hut instantly exploded . This world-destroying power made many ancestors flee in horror .

“It’s here!” The people on the altar naturally felt the most fear . Even the supporters of Everlasting dropped to the ground and turned pale . It looked like Everlasting not only wanted to kill Li Qiye but also to destroy the entire area .

“Now it’s a bit amusing . ” Li Qiye was completely nonchalant just like before .

“Boom!” The beam hasn’t arrived yet but its frontal shockwave blew all the stones and sand within a thousand miles flying .

“Come!” Li Qiye shouted and became resplendent . His dao fruit exuded a faint flame . Now it looked as if there was an eternal fire seed within him .

He turned into a fire god, shrouded in this scorching affinity . Before people could react, a shield dropped from the sky to block the incoming beam .

It looked like gold at the start, but it was actually made from fire with ancient runes . These runes encompassed a world of fire all into the shield, making it as tough and shiny as gold .

“Boom!” This fiery shield managed to stop the beam . Of course, it was still being pushed back inch by inch but it was a successful defense .

“What is that?” Mouths dropped to the ground in disbelief .

 “Fire God’s Primal Shield!” Even Everlasting Elder Lord stated at the shield in disbelief .

“What?!” Many were shocked to hear this, especially the big shots from the fire race . They immediately stepped forward for a better look .

One firekin ancestor from a powerful system blurted in astonishment: “How, how could he summon this? This is an obscured art of our race!”

The important firekins were in disbelief due to the shield’s significance .

“He’s definitely a human!” One thought he was simply seeing things .

This symbolic power of their race could only be summoned once a firekin reached the apex comprehension of fire .

Alchemy Immortal had done it so far but this wasn’t too surprising since he was a firekin . As a progenitor, it was natural that he could summon the true profundity of his race .

However, the problem here was that a human was doing it . This was simply insane, a disruption of order; common sense didn’t apply to him .

“I see, the progenitor also used the profundity dao of the fire race to refine the system, not only things from Longevity Scripture . Since you have the system’s power, no wonder why you can summon the shield . ” The elder lord thought that this was the only plausible possibility .

The big shots from the fire race felt much better . If a human could summon the ultimate meaning of their race, then there was nothing else to say . It would be a great embarrassment .  

“A foolish know-it-all . ” Li Qiye only smiled .

Though the shield was being pushed back, he didn’t mind at all .  

The truth was that the elder lord guessed wrong . Alchemy Immortal never imprinted his race’s mysteries into his dao land . The reason why Li Qiye could summon the shield was very simple - he had the Myriad Flame .