Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2282

Chapter 2282

The elder lord simply snorted with a fierce glare: “Unfortunately, your cultivation is limited since you aren’t a progenitor . The primal shield can’t save you or the valley . ”

With that, he waved his hand, seemingly pulling up another world .

“Boom!” A world indeed started flying with another majestic momentum and power . Imperial rays emanated from it, illuminating the world .

Three figures appeared, each strong enough to rule the world .

“True Emperors!” A crowd could tell .

“Three intents left behind by Everlasting’s emperors . ” Another ancestor said .

This kingdom had produced three famous true Emperors before . With such achievements, it was no wonder why they would dare to challenge Longevity Valley for the reign of the system .

“Boom!” The three figures empowered the old man, especially the one in the center - Lifejewel . He looked more tangible with a stronger aura .

Lifejewel was Everlasting Elder Lord’s disciple so the two of them were more compatible .

“Buzz . ” The elder lord became blindingly bright while enjoying a massive boost of power . He took control of the wheel and increased the rotational pace . It reached such a massive speed that it looked immobile to the naked eye .

The same thing was happening to the black hole . Its absorption rate became much faster .

“Activate . ” The beam doubled in size after a shout from the elder lord .

“Boom!” The fire shield failed to handle this surge and crumbled to numerous pieces .

The assault carried an invincible force, blinding all spectators .

“It’s over . ” Everyone on the altar was ready for death . They didn’t expect for the beam to be powerful enough to go through the fire shield . They were certain that Li Qiye would turn to ashes along with the altar and themselves . It was too late to escape now so they closed their eyes, awaiting death .

However, none of this happened . The world seemed to have skipped a beat so they opened their eyes again .

“Nothing happened . ” They looked down and found themselves to be perfectly fine before celebrating .

Next, they turned and saw Li Qiye standing there . He didn’t turn to ashes, contrary to everyone’s expectations .

The beam did connect on him but his chest exuded a radiance like the flipping of a scripture . Numerous runes and symbols appeared on him .

“Longevity Scripture!” Someone recognized this force right away .

“No, that’s not right . ” Upon closer inspection, they found that it wasn’t the scripture .

A green light was flowing through him, filling the entire system with life .

“Look!” One fella pointed at the sky of Herb-plucking . They saw that this green light was actually coming from there .

A massive and old tree appeared . Its trunk was big enough, requiring dozens of men connecting their hands to surround it . Alas, it had less than ten branches and very few leaves .

Its age was too great so many branches have withered already . The tree itself could die at any moment . Nevertheless, its green glow still emitted so much life force . People were surprised that this near-death tree had enough life force to fill the system .

“The divine tree!” Someone shouted after spotting it . Others didn’t know about this tree and its immense power .

“The legend is true!” Everlasting Elder Lord’s expression soured . He had heard about this tree before, limited to the tales, of course . Now, its appearance confirmed the validity of these rumors .

“Know why I’ve been waiting?” Li Qiye smiled: “I just want to show you the true power of Longevity System, to let people know who are the real rulers here . Alchemy Immortal had left plenty of means behind . Don’t think you can rely on some foreign powers to take over, such naive thinking . Time to end this . ”

He raised both hands and with a deafening blast, all life force gathered to his hands .

“Screech!” A phoenix hymn echoed across the area . A phoenix actually flew out of the tree to the astonishment of the crowd . Its feathers varied in colors .  

The bird landed on Li Qiye and spread out its wings, seemingly opening a world .

“Boom!” A scene of green took over the blue sky . Everything seemed to have disappeared, engulfed in this green life force .

“Wutong Phoenix Tree!” The Untethered finally recognized the name of the tree .

So many progenitors wanted to get one for their own system . Possessing this tree would boost their system’s power to the next level . The progenitor of Yang Radiance also tried to do this but failed, unlike Alchemy Immortal .

“The power of the phoenix!” The elder lord knew the strength of this tree as well . He just didn’t expect for the tree to be here instead of Longevity Valley!

Many geniuses also understood the source of the suppression when coming to these mountains .

“Too late . ” Li Qiye pushed both hands forward and created his own maelstrom . It instantly shot out a green beam .

“Rumble!” The world quaked as this green beam confronted the black beam . It was gaining ground due to its majestic life force .

The green beam grew stronger, pushing the black beam out of Alchemy Hut and towards Everlasting .

“Not good!” Everlasting Elder Lord and the twenty-five high ancestors were astounded .

“That’s the power of a phoenix…” The representatives took a deep breath .

“We’ve underestimated Longevity System . ” One of them said .

In Myriad Lineage, Longevity wasn’t known for its military potential, definitely no match for Yang Radiance or Vermillion Martial Court . Some actually thought that it was only a second-rate system . Today, after seeing its resources, they realized that it only chose to keep a low profile .