Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2287

Chapter 2287: 2287

Gurgling creeks populated this mysterious area with a tree next to a bigger river . It was quite old with many branches falling down and floating downstream .

Wutong Phoenix Tree - its branches were naturally the famous Alchemy Wood that would eventually go down the waterfalls and into the lake .

Li Qiye meditated beneath the tree while opening his fate palace . His primordial tree became dazzling while the dao fruit swayed with the wind . Its movement filled with the dao forced the myriad worlds to shake along .  

The wutong tree poured down a green light filled with life onto the primordial tree, making it even more beautiful .

But this wasn’t a one-sided affair . Li Qiye’s tree exuded a primordial energy to open a pristine world for the wutong tree, granting it all the necessary nutrients and fertilizers . The wutong tree seemingly grew younger by a significant amount .

The dao fruit continued to mature, almost ripe enough to fall to the ground . When it touched the ground, it wouldn’t be strange if a million more new dao come into being . If this were the case, it would be a magnificent scene with many new worlds coming into fruition . Of course, this dao fruit would never fall since it was eternal .

On a different verdant branch close to the tip, a tiny sprout was forming as if another dao flower would come out . This would be the second dao fruit . Alas, the time wasn’t right . This process would be quite smooth and herald an unprecedented transformation .

Who knows how long Li Qiye has been sitting there? He eventually opened his eyes after a long while .

He spread out his hand with an action like turning a knob, seemingly wanting to open space .

“Buzz . ” After he turned far enough, a door indeed appeared .

One person came in with her daoist robe fluttering - Longevity Sage . The door disappeared afterward .

She became emotional while standing before the wutong tree: “The legend is true, our progenitor did leave something amazing behind on Herb-plucking . All the ancestors wanted this tree but none were successful . ”

In the last few days, the sage was busy with stabilizing the system . She knew Li Qiye hasn’t left so she decided to climb up this mountain to wait for him . In the end, he opened this portal for her .

“It’s because all of you have desires . ” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Occasionally, it’s not about what you can gain from it, but what you can do for it . This is the foundation of a sect, built from the accumulation across many generations . If you all want to benefit from it, then even more resources would eventually be depleted . Your progenitor was quite smart, not leaving everything to the valley but spreading it out across the system so that it won’t run out . ”

“True…” The sage nodded . Their valley once had True Emperors planning about Herb-plucking . Some of these sages believed in the legends of the tree and wanted to bring the whole place back to the valley .

After all, Alchemy Hut belonged to everyone so there were things outside of their control . This wouldn’t happen if they were to move it back to the valley .

Unfortunately, in spite of their immense power, these ancestors couldn’t find the mysteries of what Alchemy Immortal left behind, let alone finding methods of bringing the tree back here .

“Is it withering?” She noticed signs of withering such as a lack of branches and leaves .

“Right . ” Li Qiye nodded: “It has lived for far too long so it’s about that time to die of old age . Of course, it’ll still last a long time compared to cultivators even in this state . ”

“Is it salvageable? We have a lot of medicines and materials, maybe they can save it . ” She asked .

She was a master alchemist and her sect specialized in longevity . Perhaps they could save the tree due to their great experience .

“Good question . ” Li Qiye said: “As I have said, think about what you can do for it . When the opportunity arrives, saving it is not impossible . ”

“What should we do?” She humbly asked .

“You all should come up with the answer, not me . ” He sat there and shook his head .

The sage only sighed and could only leave it up to fate, true to her favorite quote . If it wasn’t meant to be, trying was only a waste of time .

The sage coolly sat down next to him, hands on knees while resting her head on top and looking at Li Qiye .

“Not bad acting . ” Li Qiye stretched and chuckled: “Everlasting, those fools thought their plan had succeeded . ”

“It’s not acting . ” She chuckled: “I was truly wounded, it is thanks to you that things unraveled in this manner . We simply went along with the flow . ”

“It’s fine, it is my responsibility after accepting the role of First Disciple . But I wonder if you all are ready, it is time for the payment . ” Li Qiye looked at her and said .

She sighed and knew that there was no free lunch in this world . The guy didn’t care for this position .

“What do you want?” Since she was here, she was well-prepared for whatever absurd demand he wanted . After all, this was a twist of fate for their sect, and it was time to pay up .

“I want the Longevity Root . ” Li Qiye calmly said .

“Impossible! We can’t do that . ” She instantly jumped up in astonishment!

“Nothing is impossible . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied .

She couldn’t maintain her perpetual calmness . Her expression kept on changing as she stared at him . In the end, she shook her head: “You surely know how important this root is to us!”

“No, it is only a medicinal root to your sect, you all can’t comprehend and figure out its profundity, it won’t grant you immortality and indestructibility . ” Li Qiye elaborated: “You are only wasting it by plucking some leaves to refine nonsensical pills!”

“But it is also our symbol, our defining treasure personally planted by the progenitor . It carries great significance . ” She said seriously .

“I know, but so what? It is in essence just a medicinal plant for your sect, but that won’t be the case in my possession . ” He shook his head: “It won’t be a Longevity Root there, just a simple plant . ”

“If you change your demand, anything is negotiable . ” She didn’t know what to do .

Despite being prepared for an outrageous demand, she still didn’t expect for him to ask for their defining treasure . This particular plant was too precious for them .

As he said, it couldn’t grant immortality to their ancestors but something personally cultivated by their progenitor must have an amazing secret behind it . Moreover, the pills refined from its leaves were no joke .  

“It is the only thing I want . I don’t care for the rest . ” He calmly said .

She felt a bit breathless after hearing this . She thought for a bit before giving a serious answer: “I can’t decide this matter on my own, not the ancestors either . One can even say that no one can because in a certain sense, the root can only change master with the destruction of the valley . ”

“I’m aware, that’s why I’m talking to you right now . If I were an unreasonable person, I would have taken it already . You think your sect is capable of stopping me?” He flatly said .