Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2289

Chapter 2289

As the old branches of the wutong tree rustled to the wind, the world became eternal, seemingly the same for millions of years . The peacefulness was accompanied by the vibrant force of life .

Longevity System enjoyed this quiet moment as well . After Everlasting was destroyed and Longevity Valley took care of the rest, order returned .

No one dared to say anything at this moment . In the past, a few sects were scheming in the background, wanting to challenge the valley’s authority .

But now, the valley destroyed Everlasting with lightning speed, letting everyone see their true power . That’s why all of the sects killed their ideas .

On this day, paper boats suddenly appeared and broke the serenity .

The sky came together along with spatial fluctuations . A portal with the shape of a black hole appeared . It wasn’t spinning and lacked a sucking force found in black holes; it had a greater resemblance to a black mirror .

Amidst the confusion, ripples appeared on the surface . Tiny boats from the black hole flew out, not made of wood but rather layers of black papers .

These boats started scattering towards different directions with incredible speed . They crossed through one system after another in the blink of an eye .

In just a short time, they filled the entire sky . Many were stunned, especially the young ones .

“Moneyfall!” Someone from the previous generation shouted .

“It’s coming to Myriad Lineage again, this is great news!” The older ones knew the significance behind this .

“Moneyfall is here, go, tell everyone and let’s get ready to go in!” One of them told the rest .

“Moneyfall is here?” An ancestor saw the black paper boat flying in the sky and became excited: “This fortune is finally coming to our world, I didn’t think I could see it during my lifetime!”

“Prepare now, I’ll take you all there . ” One sect master told his disciples: “Open the treasury, we want as many true coins as possible . ”

This development spread across all of Myriad Lineage and everyone became excited .

“What’s Moneyfall?” A newly debuted cultivator didn’t know what was going on with the boats flying everywhere .

“That’s one of the six great redeeming grounds . ” An older expert explained: “With money comes chances . It might make you rich with an abundance of resources . ”

“Really?” Skepticism reared its head .

“Of course . ” The senior responded instantly: “If you are lucky, just throwing one coin down can get you a supreme treasure, allowing you to sweep through the world . ”

“It’s that amazing?” Another junior swallowed his saliva: “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s pack up and go!”

“Stop daydreaming . ” The senior smacked his head: “Someone unlucky as you wants to get rich off one coin? The chance is very low . Exchanging one coin might get a devil to come out and devour you . ”

“A devil!?” This frightened junior felt his dream being shattered .

“Not necessarily a devil, but other dangerous creatures . Exchanging coins can result in luck and treasure or danger, such as a powerful monster . These monsters will only look for the one who threw the money down . There’s no escaping them . ” The senior elaborated .

“Then why the hell are we going?” The juniors lost their excitement right away .

“Idiot . Nothing ventured, nothing gained . If you just want an easy life, then stay home and forget about it . A cultivator lives his life next to the blade . ” The senior glared at them: “Plus, the chance for fortune is greater . Moreover, I guess you can try to run as fast as possible from these monsters . A True Emperor once spent a lot of true coins there and then swept through everything to find treasure on top of helping his juniors . This is a chance to leap to the dragon gate, things like this have happened in the past before . ”

“Then let’s go, I’ll just follow your master . ” Another disciple found hope and blurted out .

“Calm your ass . ” The senior playfully smacked this junior too: “First, we need to ask the sect master for true coins . Moneyfall is a place where the more coins you have, the better; it can even save you . ”

“Really?” The junior didn’t buy it completely .

“Duh! Of course, I’m serious . This is a world where money talks . Everything is easy with money, but if not, it’s hard to do anything there . ” The senior said: “We just need to ask for as many true coins as possible, or we can’t even board the boats . ”

“It’s finally our turn, we can’t let Imperial and Immortal Lineage get all the good stuff . ” Another added .

Moneyfall was a special place, one of the six redeeming grounds . It would appear randomly without any set of rules .

It could appear once every generation or several, in Myriad, Imperial, or Immortal .

When one dropped coins down in this magical place, it could summon a treasure, immortal weapon, or even a divine beast . Of course, being unlucky would probably mean death . Not only would they lose their coins for nothing, but the summoned danger could also end their lives .

Nevertheless, the appearance of this area brought about excitement each time and people came in droves . Opportunities and danger were together here; so many became rich overnight while many lost their lives .

“How do we go in?” A youth was eager to try .

“Board those black boats, that’s the only way . ” One experienced senior cultivator said .

Coincidentally enough, one black boat was actually above them . The youth jumped up and sat down .

“Let’s go to Moneyfall!” The youth shouted .

However, the boat didn’t react and continued flying on its initial trajectory .

“Go, to that portal!” The youth tried to change the direction of the boat to no avail .

“Pay the fee or you won’t go anywhere!” His senior immediately shouted after seeing the youth trying to use brute force .

But it was too late, the bottom of the black boat split apart and the junior immediately fell down .

“Boom!” He slammed heavily on the ground, face first to the mud .

Another older expert was well-prepared . He jumped on the boat and immediately dropped some true coins .

“Clank!” With that, this boat immediately turned around and headed for the black portal .

Some youths copied this and successfully changed the course . However, after some distance, these boats suddenly stopped .

“Keep on dropping, the longer the journey, the more coins . One coin alone can’t take you there . ” His senior reminded .

“What a scam! We still have to pay after the initial one?” The youth had no choice but to continue dropping his coins . The boat naturally continued towards the portal after receiving the payment .