Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2291

Chapter 2291

 Chapter 2291: Measuring This World

Entering the portal wasn’t a suffocating ordeal, only met with a dark expanse that could cloud even heavenly gazes .

The timid and weak would certainly be afraid, but fortunately for them, this process didn’t last long .

A light eventually came about with a pop . The black boats successfully traveled through the portal to reach Moneyfall .

“Poof!” The paper boats ignited and turned to ashes .

There were people as far as the eye can see . They have left their boats and stay in this place called the crossing .

This area had around ten thousand cultivators now from systems all over Myriad Lineage .

Even the famous sect leaders or the lords of systems were here too . Some have never met each other before until now . After all, Myriad Lineage was too vast, true to its name of having “ten thousand lineages” .

But many of these masters were here today just for Waterfall .  

“Brother Madsky, it has been five thousand years since our last meeting at War Shore . I didn’t think I could see you again . ” One ancestor was excited to see a friend .

“Yes, I thought I would only see you at my funeral, Brother Treasurevoid . ” His friend, an ancestor as well, heartily laughed .

Though many came for the treasures, seeing friends after several thousand years was also a great occasion .

“Schoolmaster Soaring Crane, your reputation precedes you, I heard that your Crane Dance is supreme . ” People tried to make friends as well .

“Your reputation also precedes you, Sectmaster Roaming Dragon . Your sword has slain numerous villains, I’m a big fan . ” 

These social exchanges and reminiscence went on for quite a bit . As long as there was no conflict in interest, the atmosphere remained friendly .  

“Alright, let’s go find a true ground . ” There were those who couldn’t wait any longer .

This was a vast land with majestic mountains and rivers . Even a pinnacle of a single mountain was as massive as a regular plain at any other place . The geography here wasn’t much different from Myriad Lineage .

“Let’s go!” People started trying to find their own places .

“We don’t need to travel on foot . ” Someone reminded and pointed over yonder: “Can we use the Ascension Platform to take us there? Maybe the first stop will be a treasure ground . ” 

Everyone followed this direction and saw a place resembling an altar with many engraved runes .

“Where can it take you?” Someone had to ask .

“Luck-based, but the more money you give it, the farther it will take you . Some ancestors believe the quality of the location is proportional to the offering amount too . I don’t know if this is true or not . ” An older cultivator said .

“I’m off then!” Someone got up there and threw true coins up there . They disappeared once they touched the ground .

“Boom!” This person was shot out like a cannon and disappeared into the horizon .

“Kids, get on there so we don’t have to walk . ” A senior and his juniors offered the coins and were blown flying as well .

In a short time, everyone wanted to save time and climbed up the platform to reach the other locations . Rumor has it that the farthest place in this land had the best treasure grounds .

“Well, we’ll walk . ” The cultivators from the smaller sects didn’t have as much money to use the altar and needed to spend them wisely . Thus, their seniors started leading the way .

“Come, I know a place . ” One ancestor had records from his ancestors and didn’t need to use the platform .  

Li Qiye was also too lazy to walk and got on the platform . He casually threw one coin down and was shot up like the rest, no different from a shooting star .

“Boom!” Li Qiye finally fell down on a towering peak . He looked around and it certainly didn’t look like a treasure ground .

His luck was rotten so he was taken to a bad location . Of course, he didn’t mind at all since he just wanted a quiet place .

He looked around and noticed that he was the first here . He smiled and took out Heaven Reckon . It dazzled like the gathering of a million stars .

This brightness only intensified with time as if more stars were gathering . The flowing runes became richer and more diverse as if they were relaying some information .

Heaven Reckon could measure everything in existence, including the future or the will of the heavens . This land was its target at this moment . This ability was the reason why the ruler was so magical and precious .

Li Qiye seemed to be one with the ruler, accepting the ocean of information transmitted to him .

“Extraordinary, this place can’t be measured in entirety . Those things . . . ” Li Qiye became slightly emotional .

Keep in mind that the ruler was a heaven-defying item, one of the greatest treasures in the Buddhist epoch . One epoch was so long and prosperous so it produced plenty of treasures .

A treasure from a Grand Emperor wasn’t that exceptional in the grand scheme of things, no match for Heaven Reckon . Even if it wasn’t on the same level as a Paragon Artifact, its abilities were actually on the same level .

But now, there were things here that the ruler can’t gauge completely . This was quite frightening .

“Now it’s interesting . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “The burial grounds seemed less colorful in comparison . ”

“Buzz . ” The ruler became even brighter . It was just a concentration of light, no longer possessing a physical form . This ray looked like an edge sharp enough to cut through everything .

“Time to see what thing is stopping my will . ” Li Qiye pinned the ray into the ground .

The thick ground seemed as thin as paper and was instantly penetrated . The ray penetrated the underground mantle completely .

Li Qiye sat down in the meditative pose and turned into a supreme grand dao . It quietly flowed like time and became one with everything else . This allowed for Li Qiye to become one with Moneyfall .

The world lost all sounds . The purposely-obscured locations in this area became brighter . Somethings were moving a bit too .

Though no other cultivators could detect this minuscule change, a monster seemed to be coming back to life in the depths of Moneyfall .