Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2293

Chapter 2293

News came every second at Moneyfall about successful treasure hunts and death .

Opportunities came with risks . It didn’t matter the fierce monsters appearing at a particular treasure ground . They couldn’t deter greed so people continued trying .

“Southern Border Mountain got one disciple using three hundred stones at the True Disciple’s sixth level to trade for a magical fur with a consciousness over at the wildland . It’s going to be worth so much since this is something that belongs to a legendary beast, even its fur and skin are sentient to an extent . The sky’s the limit with such an item . ” An old cultivator spread this message .

“That little coins for a magical fur?!” Eyes turned red instantly after hearing this .

“Let’s go to the wildland, that’s the real gamble, maybe we can exchange one coin for something earth-shattering . ” People rushed to find the wildlands .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” This crisp sound of coin dropping resounded everywhere, almost a tune of Waterfall .

A disciple from a great sect threw a considerable amount of coins inside a valley . They dissolved and disappeared right away .

“Brother Wu, let’s stop now . You have thrown away three million coins and got nothing out of it . ” A few friends asked this youth to stop .

“No, it’s not easy finding a piece of wildland, how can I give up? Two more millions . ” The youth continued .

“Clank!” This large amount only took one second to disappear .

“Crack!” At this moment, the valley had multiple fissures .

“It’s coming! My treasure! I’m about to ascend!” This youth became ecstatic and rubbed his hands in eager anticipation .

“Boom!” The cracks emanated across the entire place before something made it out .

The guy excitedly dashed over and grabbed the thing . Alas, his smile quickly froze after seeing what it was .

“What the hell? Is this a joke?! I spent five million coins for a silver ore worth ten coins?! A shitty one at that! Fuck!” The disciple cursed and threw the ore on the ground .

“Motherfucker, give me back my five million!” He stomped on the ore to vent .

“Brother Wu, forget about it, this is a wildland with no price, unlike an official ground . One coin can give you everything here or a million can get you death . It’s already lucky that you’re coming out unharmed . ” His friends laughed and consoled .

The more experienced ancestors didn’t waste money like this . One ancestor brought his disciples across multiple thickets before seeing an old tree . He bowed then prostrated before taking out a pouch of coins . He gently poured it into a hole on the tree .

“Clank!” The coins disappeared inside .

“Matron Tree, oh Matron Tree, please tell me where the best wildland is, I only wish for an ancient diagram, nothing more . ” The ancestor begged .

His disciples were astounded since their master was a famous True God . They would never believe this if they weren’t here to witness this in person .

“Rustle . ” The old tree actually stretched out its brand to show the direction .

This guiding act shocked a few disciples, not expecting for this to work .

“Thank you, Matron Tree . ” The ancestor bowed again before leaving with his disciples .

“What tree was that?” His disciple inquired .

“A Matron Tree, a very unique and rare type in this land . It will serve as a guide after you give it enough coins . ” The ancestor answered .

“What a place, everything here wants money . ” The disciple smiled wryly: “Is it accurate? Will we be able to find a good wildland going that way?”

“Not necessarily . ” To which the ancestor responded: “This tree will not be that exact when picking the wildland, but it’s better than going in blind . Moreover, the danger level is far less . ”

“I see . ” A different disciple thought about something else: “Moneyfall is a strange place . Money to get on the boat, money to ask for the prize and direction, what do they need money for?” 

“That’s why it’s called Moneyfall . You can go everywhere here if you have enough coins . ” The ancestor said: “Many don’t get this logic . Give coins to a frog and it might give you a fortune . It’s all dependent on luck . ”

His disciples could only smile about the bizarre nature of this place .


The wildlands weren’t the only dangerous place here . Official grounds were just as perilous . Some ruins were insane as well .

There was a massive temple built on a flat plateau . Its golden glow was apparent even from far away .

Thus, it naturally attracted the attention of numerous experts . They started palpitating with excitement .

“That temple must have treasures . ” One expert wanted to run over .

“Don’t go . ” His senior dragged him back and said with a serious expression: “That’s going to your doom . ”

"Why?” The young expert stared at the temple and asked .

“It’s a ruin . ” The senior elaborated: “Rumor has it that 80,000 years ago, an expert used a calling the land method to summon a treasure ground . However, he didn’t get the items inside . Later on, many people came and died in there . ”

“Calling the land?” This was the first time the youth heard this term .

“It’s calling out a prime ground . ” The senior explained: “Throw a coin to the sky and let it circle around to determine the size . For example, if you want to call out a place with a one-thousand-mile radius, then let it circle for that much . Everything inside will be yours, provided that you can pay the sky-high price shown after the coin lands . Moreover, the items in this place will be the finest, but you must be capable enough to grasp them . ”

After hearing this, these disciples realized that paying for official grounds was only child’s play . Calling the land was truly going all out, buying an entire area .

“Back then, an ancestor of Pure Yang System called the land here and paid the high price . What he got was this plateau . Unfortunately, he couldn’t obtain the treasures and even died here . ” The senior pointed at the temple: “Look over there, there’s a devil inside . No one really knows what it is, but many True Gods fell victim to it . ”

Sure enough, the disciples looked over and saw a large shadow presiding over the entire temple . Any intruder would be torn to pieces .

“These prime grounds are different from the treasure grounds that we buy . The latter would eventually regain its original appearance after a purchase as if nothing had happened . This isn’t the case for the prime grounds . They would stay like this so people also call them ruins or historical remains . Only True Emperors and Eternals would dare to call the land . Anyone else would be courting death even if they can afford the price . ” The senior continued .

Meanwhile, the rest of his disciples was still shuddering because of the shadow in the temple .


At the edge of a great desert was, strangely enough, a shattered ocean . The central area had been penetrated and turned into a maelstrom . This resulted in unwelcoming and raging currents .

The experts near this place naturally felt apprehension about approaching closer .

“Insane Ocean . ” An ancestor said with reverence .

“Why the strange name?” An expert next to him asked .

“Because Insane Ancestor called it out . ” The ancestor replied: “According to the legends, Insane Ancestor called out the land here and paid a monstrous sum, resulting in this ocean . A maelstrom of blood was the opponent here, but the furious ancestor directly killed his way in and annihilated this maelstrom, crushing this ocean completely . He took out an amazing treasure here and from then on, people called this place Insane Ocean . ”

“Insane Ancestor is incredible . No wonder why he was able to create a lineage of the immortal level . ” This expert showed admiration .