Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2294

Chapter 2294: 2294

Surprises were to be expected at Moneyfall, plenty of winners and losers being made every second, not to mention the casualties .

However, something caught everyone’s attention in the last two days .

“There’s an idiot below a cliff to the west . ” This story spread around .

“What do you mean?” People naturally became curious .

“Well, the insane guy is feeding true coins to ants for several days now . There’s no curing him . ” The storyteller laughed .

This particular story traveled across Moneyfall and many people came for a look .

Sure enough, a youth was squatting down . He wore a full robe, a nondescript fella that no one would give a second glance to .

This so-called idiot had a spatial pouch in his hand, who knows how rich he was?

There was a line of ants coming from a gap in the rocks all the way to the youth . He would take out one coin for each ant .  

They would bite it then returned to the gap . A while later, these ones would come back out with something resembling a speck of sand .

They placed these specks down in front of the youth and were rewarded with another true coin . The cycle would repeat from then on .

People took a good look at these specks of sand . They were the size of a rice grain with a craggy texture . They weren’t special at all outside of a slight glow .

However, this youth was so interested in it . He was trading true coins for them, quite an unbelievable spectacle .

“What the hell is he doing?” The crowd was lost .

One curious soul even copied him and got a speck of sand . An ancestor tried as well but they couldn’t notice anything special .

“It’s just sand . ” One ancestor used his heavenly gaze for a full sweep and found nothing: “It’s infused with a little mineral, that’s all . ”

Even the ancestors failed to know what was going on, let alone everyone else .

“How long has he been here?” Another question came up .

“A few days now . ” One passerby shook his head: “He used several pouches of true coins already and probably got a small pile of sand in return . ”

“Hey, what are you up to?” Someone finally asked the youth .

“Just having fun . ” He chuckled and didn’t stop feeding the ants .

Strange enough, the ants worked hard and didn’t stop at all, continuing to move the coins back to their nest .

“Huh…” The cultivators were speechless at this answer .

Spending several pouches of coins just to have fun?

“Young people are so confusing nowadays . ” One old man shook his head and left .

“Damn, if you buy wildlands with this money, that’s more acceptable . At least you might get lucky from this . But feeding them to the ants, there’s something wrong with you . ”

“Are you stupid?” Another looked at him with doubts in their eyes: “Wasting your chance here in Waterfall . ”

“I have plenty of money to do whatever I want . ” The youth answered flatly .

“Okay, okay, you have plenty of money, but also stupid . ” People began to leave .

This famous person, albeit not for a good reason, was naturally Li Qiye . He didn’t mind the insults thrown around about him and continued exchanging coins for sand .

Due to his fame, waves of people came and went to see him . They didn’t know that he was the First Disciple of Longevity, only aware that he was the stupid ant-feeder .

One felt such indignation at this act: “This world is so unfair, how can an idiot have so much money? If I have that much, I would probably get really lucky at a wildland . ”

Eventually, Li Qiye finally stopped and whistled . He put away the sand and smiled: “Okay, little friends, I have to go now . ”

The ants actually turned to look at him as if they didn’t want him to leave . Of course, he had spent so much coins in the last few days . In fact, people even thought about robbing him out of greed .

Ultimately, he was quite pleased with himself after gathering enough crystal sand regardless of the public sentiment .

He left the cliff and continued northward until he reached a large river .

“Oh, that rich ant-feeding idiot is here . ” People recognized him right away .

This comment incited a wave of laughters . Those who haven’t seen him before still have heard of his nickname .

“Hey, rich guy, why don’t you try land calling since you have so much money?” Someone tried to persuade him .

Li Qiye only smiled and headed for the shore of the lake, looking over yonder .

“Going north requires crossing this lake . ” Many people were looking across the lake as well, not just Li Qiye .

“Can we fly?” A cultivator asked a friend .

“No, flying is impossible, we have to pay up . Fish, turtles, or boats can take us over . ” The friend shook his head .

“We have a big group so let’s get a big boat . ” This cultivator looked at his dozen companions and said .

“You’re joking . A big boat is expensive, around 80,000 true coins of the True Hero level . ” The friend shook his head again .

“Damn, really? A boat costing that much is insane . ” The cultivator became startled .

“Everything is expensive at Waterfall . ” The friend smiled wryly .

“What’s the cheapest way then? Let’s do that . ” The cultivator was helpless since they weren’t that rich and needed to save as much as possible .

“The golden fish are the cheapest, just three thousand True Warrior coins . ” The friend said .

“Then let’s do that, we need to go offer some incense at the shrine too . Need to keep costs down . ”

“No, we need to ride the turtles . ” The friend disagreed: “The fish are very dangerous, we’ll die for sure if anything unexpected were to happen in the lake . ”

The group debated and settled on using turtles .

“Clank!” They threw down coins and a turtle rose from the water . The coins touched its shell and disappeared .

“Let’s go . ” The group jumped on the turtle and barely had enough room . The turtle began taking them to the other side .

One cultivator chose to spend 3,000 True Warrior coins . A golden fish jumped out of the water and ate the coins . He jumped on it without any hesitation and started his journey .