Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2295

Chapter 2295

Li Qiye gazed at the other side of the river . His eyes narrowed with enough acuity to see through everything .

“Storm, no storm, storm, no storm…” A soft whisper came about after he finished looking .

He turned and saw a girl standing in an inconspicuous part of the lake . She wore a simple, gray dress with an old iron sword tied to her back .

She wore no make-up and couldn’t be considered extremely beautiful . Nevertheless, there existed a graceful bearing and a pretty pair of eyes full of determination . This culminated in an unyielding aura .

Her hair was loosely tied to the back . As the wind fluttered by, some loose strands flitted on her face .

She was holding a flower and began taking off the petal while counting quietly: “Storm, no storm, storm, no storm…”

This was a sort of divination and it amused Li Qiye . He said: “There will be a storm today, and a big one at that, no need to test your luck . ”

The girl isolated herself from the group so she was surprised to hear someone speaking to her . She became embarrassed since her silly act was exposed . She took one step back and quietly said with her head hanging low: “I’ll, I’ll come back tomorrow then . ”

“I’m afraid it will last for a while . ” He shook his head .

The girl looked over at the lake, overwhelmed with emotions - hesitation, helplessness, and unwillingness .

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else .

The silence was interrupted by loud footsteps . Another group came to the shore with an oppressive aura, forcing everyone to make way for them .

They had the same uniform; weapon of choice was a longsword, clearly from the same sect . The leading member was a young woman, pretty and flirtatious with incredible curves . Moreover, her gown was an imperial one, showing off her noble status .

“People from Sword Grave System . ” People were startled with whispers: “That’s Regional Princess Xia, a younger cousin of the Sword Sovereign . ”

“Looks like the Sword Sovereign will come too then . ” Even the older cultivators were surprised to see the woman .

This regional princess immediately looked around and noticed the girl who played with the flower petals earlier .

“Oh? Isn’t that the daughter of the Ling? You also came to Moneyfall, how unexpected . ” She smiled and said .

The other girl wanted to leave after seeing this group but the princess had already spotted her .

“I’m only here to take a look . ” She started with her head slightly drooping but eventually mustered enough courage to look straight at the princess . The girl was clearly afraid .

“The Ling Clan?” Some older cultivators looked at this girl right away .

“Moneyfall requires money every step of the way, looks like you have spent quite a lot . ” The princess said with a mocking tone despite keeping up a friendly facade .

“I can handle it . ” The girl spoke with little confidence .

“It’s not that simple . ” The princess shook her head: “Where are you going? Perhaps we are going the same way . ”

“I’m, I’m just looking around . ” The girl avoided the princess’ eyes . It clear that she didn’t want to reveal her true intention .

The princess showed a bright smile: “Why not come with us then? Senior Brother Sword Sovereign will be coming too . Since we’re from the same system, we should work together . ”

The girl’s expression changed after hearing about this Sword Sovereign and staggered backward . She tried her best to stay calm but her emotions betrayed her .

The princess naturally caught all of this . She told her men nearby: “Let’s go then, ask Miss Ling to come with us so it’ll be good when Senior Brother Sword Sovereign arrives . ”

The men started walking over; the girl tried to run but it was too late .

The spectators could see the complexity of this situation . One older cultivator knew the story clearly and sighed: “What a shame about the Ling . ”

Nevertheless, no one dared to say anything . Sword Grave was a very powerful system in Myriad Lineage .

“No need . ” Suddenly, Li Qiye reached out with his hand and stopped the incoming group .

The group paused and took a good look at him before uttering coldly: “Brat, scram to be the side, this is Sword Grave’s business . ”

“Run before I change my mind . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly said .

The princess immediately stated: “Looks like our Miss Ling has been seducing men outside, no wonder why she dares to come here . With a man around, she doesn’t need to spend a single coin, and if that’s not enough, then two men…”

The girl turned red but couldn’t come up with a response .

“Keep on talking and I’ll cut your tongue . ” Li Qiye threatened with a glare .

“How audacious!” The princess’ eyes showed murderous intent: “Brat, do you know who I am? Daring to talk like this…”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re just a fool . ” Li Qiye interrupted her with haste .

“Ignorant fool!” Her group became furious . Some even unsheathed their weapons .

“Oh, a fight?” A straightforward laugh came about .

It was a youth dressed in green with a large burlap bag behind him, completely filled . He grew up to be quite dashing and always had a bright smile on .

“Conqueror Young Noble!” Many recognized him right away .

The experts near the princess recognized this youth as well and signaled for the group to come back .

“Conqueror, one of the three young nobles . ” People naturally heard of his title before .

He was famous alongside Miracle and Coiling Dragon . However, Miracle was dead so there were actually only two young nobles now .

His appearance naturally surprised the crowd because he rarely left his sect .  

“Conqueror Young Noble, your reputation precedes you . ” The princess cupped her fist, remaining graceful and noble with a hint of amicability .

“Princess Xia, long time no see . ” The young noble smiled: “I saw Sword Sovereign a while ago and even sold him a sword . Are you about to fight? Would you like to buy one as well?”

“No, we’re just about to leave . ” The princess hurriedly said: “Come visit Sword Grave sometimes . ”

“Very well . ” The young noble became disappointed after hearing this .

The princess threw out many coins and a large wooden boat appeared on the river, taking in the money .

“Let’s go . ” The princess jumped on the boat along with her group . She didn’t wish to trouble that girl any longer in order to keep certain things under wrap .

“How about you, would you like to buy a sword?” Conqueror asked with a bright smile right when Li Qiye wanted to cross .

Li Qiye glanced at the guy . This young noble was very enthusiastic and took down his bag . He opened it and revealed densely packed bamboo swords - very well made .

“These are good swords, personally carved by me . Would you like one, Brother? It’s good for self-protection . ” The young noble marketed .

The spectators here weren’t surprised at all because Conqueror has always done this . He would try to sell his swords to all the big shots, many of whom would buy it just to make him happy .

The truth was that these bamboo swords were useless at their level .