Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2296

Chapter 2296: 2296

Li Qiye smiled back at Conqueror: “Not interested . ”

“Brother, no, Big Brother, my bamboo swords are number one right now, when you use it, you will be able to sweep through the entire world and anyone in it, I guarantee it . ” The young noble didn’t give up: “This sword is the symbol of a master . One is worth a million coins, ten can protect your region with ease, one hundred will make you the richest of all…”

He continued on and on boasting about his swords . The experts here didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . This was a great genius of Myriad so he shouldn’t be lacking money . Nevertheless, he loved the thrill of the sale .

“Young Noble, I’ll buy one . ” A beautiful cultivator was won over by his peddling .

“Such insight, my fairy . ” Conqueror laughed, showing off all of his charisma and charm: “This is definitely fate . Come to Conqueror City later on and I will be the best host, showing you all of its beautiful scenery . ”

“Thank you . ” The girl smiled . After all, Conqueror wasn’t a regular merchant . He was a famous genius so hearing these flowery words from him was enjoyable to her .

“No need to thank me . ” Conqueror smiled: “You’re unbelievably insightful and wise, someone like you is suited for dual-wielding because of your great hand-eye coordination, I presume . Who will be able to stop you then?”

He immediately tried to get her to buy a second one .

“I’ve already bought one, is that still not enough?” The girl coquettishly pouted .

“Oh, I suppose I assumed too much, please excuse me . Nevertheless, it is so nice to meet you today . If you need anything in the future, just come to Conqueror and find me . ” The young noble immediately conceded with sincerity . His smile easily won people over .

“Hmm, I guess I can buy another . ” The girl was touched .

“You’re definitely my best customer . No wonder why early this morning, I could hear the birds chirping, a good omen; they were telling me that I would meet a beautiful and kind fairy like you, it really is the blessing of three lifetimes . Thank you for your business, if you need more swords in the future, just come to me . ” The young noble joked with a serious tone .

“You’re such a smooth talker . ” She playfully protested after chuckling .

“Conqueror, are you selling swords or flirting?” An old cultivator who knew him shook his head and said .

“Elder Shi, please . ” The youth answered formally: “Of course I’m selling, but I’m also willing to befriend everyone in the world without any ulterior motive . ”

Everyone was amused by his serious expression . He has always been like this . Of course, he certainly wasn’t flirting . Given his reputation and handsome appearance, plenty of girls would come running .

Li Qiye also chuckled . He then threw out a bunch of coins into the river and out came an elephant . It was different from ordinary elephants since it absorbed and spewed out clouds and mists with a sweet fragrance . It also had a bright and holy aura - quite an impressive appearance .

It accepted Li Qiye’s coins and would take him across the lake .

“A fragrance elephant . ” The crowd was astonished at this extravagant showing .

“What a spender, calling a fragrance elephant for just one person . Even the successor of a system might not enjoy this privilege . ” Someone enviously said .

“You don’t know anything, he’s an idiot with a lot of money . ” Someone next to him quietly said: “Don’t tell me you don’t know about the ant-feeding kid? The guy is rich, he can throw money away to ants without a problem, let alone calling out this beast . ”

Many didn’t know about Li Qiye’s identity, but they were aware of his reputation .

Everyone agreed with the previous speaker . Li Qiye could throw away coins to ants without batting an eye . Calling out the most precious beast to cross the lake shouldn’t be surprising .

He got on the elephant already and told the girl from the Ling Clan: “You want to cross?”

“I…” The girl hesitated .

“If you wish to ride the golden fish, then wait longer . There will be a storm for the next several days . ” He said flatly .

The girl finally gritted her teeth and accepted: “Well, then I will have to, to trouble you then . ”

She got on and sat behind him .

“Big Bro, how about another person? Your elephant can handle ten people just fine . ” Conqueror shouted .

“No . You call one yourself . ” Li Qiye refused instantly .

“Big Bro, you can’t be so unfair just because she’s a girl . ” Conqueror protested with indignation: “Our meeting is fate, not to mention that calling a fragrance elephant is so wasteful . A poor child like me doesn’t have enough money to call one… how many bamboo swords do I have to sell…?”

While the guy was blabbering on and on, Li Qiye had already set off with his elephant .

In the end, Conqueror could only watch while lamenting: “Sigh, the wise sage says that desires are instinctive . I guess I can’t blame men nowadays for doing so…” [1]

One ancestor suggested with a smile: “Young Noble, you can cross the lake with us if you don’t mind . ”

He summoned a big boat afterward .

“Of course I don’t mind and I very much appreciate your kindness . ” Conqueror smiled and got on the boat .

He was different from the other young nobles . Both he and Coiling Dragon were from the same system, but Coiling Dragon had more influence and fame since the guy was the direct successor . He also didn’t have any alchemy abilities like Miracle, making others want to ask for favors .

Nevertheless, the fact that he could still be considered on the same level as them should speak volume of his talents .

Strangely enough, he didn’t act imperious or unreachable like the other two . This guy was not only friendly but also gave the impression of being very playful .

Plenty of people in Myriad wanted to befriend him despite his inferior background . Some thought that he had a chance of becoming a True Emperor as well .

Any cultivator would view befriending a future emperor as a good thing . Moreover, this young noble never had conflicts with anyone . At worst, he would only bother people to buy his swords .  

That’s why there were smiles everywhere he went . They usually reciprocated his bright smile .


The current of the lake ran strong with loud splashes . When on shore, the spectators could think that one step alone was enough to cross this lake . Alas, this wasn’t the case .

Once actually riding on top of it, they would find that an ocean was the more accurate classification, very easy to get lost in .

This was why people needed to ride beasts and boats in order to cross .

Li Qiye was on top of his elephant with the girl from the Ling Clan . He didn’t say anything, looking quite comfortable .

On the contrary, the girl felt awkward and didn’t know what to do . She didn’t really know him outside of rumors about him being too rich .

“My… name is Ling Ximo . ” She found it appropriate to introduce herself .

She wanted to cross the lake earlier but didn’t have that much money, only able to call a fish at best .

Moreover, her cultivation was weak . A storm would definitely end her with only a fish so she hesitated before . Luckily, Li Qiye invited her to cross the lake together .

1 . He actually says Confucius here, but it wouldn’t make sense so I replaced with sage