Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2297

Chapter 2297

“Li Qiye . ” He answered flatly while sitting upright on the fragrance elephant .

Ling Ximo didn’t know what to say before eventually thanking him .

If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have known how to cross this river due to the great danger of using a golden fish .

“You shouldn’t have come here . ” Li Qiye shook his head and casually commented .

The truth wasn’t easy to hear . This girl was weak on top of lacking money .

“I know…” She wore a sad expression with her head hanging low . Nevertheless, the pessimism turned into determination: “But, I still want to try . There are only a few of us left . ”

The girl also came from Sword Grave . Her clan once ruled this particular system, but not anymore . There were only a few of them left after a swift decline . She was responsible for its prosperity .

The fact that she made it here already was impressive due to her current status . Alas, she had no other choice . If she didn’t do something now, they would lose the system forever .

“Finding the sword tomb still won’t save your clan . ” Li Qiye stated .

This shocked the girl . She took one step back and blurted out: “How, how do you know?!”

Li Qiye said: “That one princess also saw through your intention . It’s no secret . ”

She became frightened because only one person in her home knew about it . But after thinking it through, even the princess figured it out . This princess’ dynasty, Linxia, was in charge of Sword Grave right now . They wouldn’t want the Ling to successfully find the sword tomb .

She felt a chill, realizing that the princess probably wanted to take her life at that moment .

“You are holding some key things for the sword tomb . ” Li Qiye continued in a casual manner: “When people find this out, more from your system will want your life . ”

“What do you want…” Her soul nearly fled from her body in fear . She darted backward because Li Qiye was right about her being in possession of certain items .

“Don’t worry, I don’t care for them . ” He said while she debated about jumping off the elephant: “I’m just letting you know . That sword tomb is not enough to get into my sight . ”

She was stuck in a daze for a while . Perhaps the princess knew that she had these items too . Crossing to the other side meant impending doom . There were no allies here, no escaping from the gaze of Linxia .  

“Thank you . ” She expressed her gratitude after taking it all in .

Li Qiye didn’t only take her over but also stopped the princess to save her life .

“Let’s pretend that you can find the tomb and take the treasures left behind by your ancestors without facing ambushers, but with your cultivation and talents, will you be able to gain its acceptance to bring it back to your clan?” He said .

“Well…” Ximo opened her mouth but no words came out . Her heart grew heavier .

It was hard to hear the truth . How was she going to take the tomb away without help?

This was the seed of their dao source containing the most profound grand dao . Back then, their progenitor, Sword Saint, left this tomb behind along with a sword intent . How could she be able to comprehend his sword intent? She grew more depressed after thinking it through .  

The Ling Clan was the Sword Saint’s descendants . They have been in charge of Sword Grave all this time, but one day, the tomb inside the dao source suddenly flew away .

This tomb was their biggest backing, the very core of the dao source . Without this sword intent, they fell into an immediate decline . The system was taken over by Xia Dynasty .

Later on, their ancestors painstakingly found out that this tomb might have flown to Moneyfall .

It wasn’t until this generation did this area appear in Myriad Lineage . Thus, as one of the few remaining members of the Ling, Ximo had no choice but to embark on this journey .

She was optimistic in the beginning, hoping to bring back the tomb to revitalize her clan and retake their system .

The difficulty in this task exceeded her imagination . Ultimately, she wasn’t talented enough to comprehend the sword intent in a short time .

“I’ll… have to try my best . ” The answer was without confidence, and so was her tone .

Futility it might be but she needed to try, unable to sit and watch the destruction of her clan . Trying despite knowing the inevitable failure would still grant her peace of mind .

“You’re throwing your life away . ” Li Qiye went on: “Moneyfall is a place where the strong eats the weak . Only the very lucky few would find the fortunes here . ”

She took a deep breath and said firmly: “I know that I might die, but it is my responsibility or I can’t face my ancestors and descendants . I’m the successor of the Ling, this is my mission!”

She knew this was throwing her life away but still chose to do it .

“Climbing up the mountain despite knowing the tiger’s lair . Commendable courage . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “Nevertheless, the world is unpredictable . Nothing is hard as long as there is a will . Opportunities will open up but if one doesn’t even try, there is no chance . ”

She sighed, thinking that he was consoling her . The atmosphere became quiet since the conversation came to a halt . Only the splashing sounds of the current could be heard .

They were passing through many cultivators who left before them . Those riding the fish and turtle couldn’t keep up with the speed of the elephant .  

“My god, so rich, that’s a fragrance elephant . ” A cultivator riding a golden fish said with envy while watching Li Qiye’s elephant passed by .

“Don’t you know him? That’s the ant-feeder, this isn’t surprising at all . ” A turtle rider next to him laughed .

They tried to put him down to feel better about themselves, but this didn’t change the fact that Li Qiye was moving ahead with lightning speed .

“You really fed true coins to ants?” Ximo grew braver and softly asked .

After arriving, she had also heard about these rumors . A poor girl like her couldn’t understand why he would do so . She tried so hard to save money, but Li Qiye was throwing them all away . The world of the rich was beyond the imagination of the poor .

“Indeed . ” He casually replied .

“How extravagant…” She sighed .

“In life, there are mysteries hidden beneath the surface . Use your eyes to see and your mind to grasp . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

She was surprised and carefully mused about this comment .