Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2298

Chapter 2298: 2298

“Splash . ” The elephant carrying the two pressed onward . It passed by many fish, turtles, and even boats that have set out earlier .

A bit later, there was one gigantic boat ahead with incredible speed, also passing by the rest .

“It’s Regional Princess Xia . ” Ling Ximo quietly said while staring at the boat .

She was still afraid of this group . Though Linxia had taken over completely and the Ling was done for, this dynasty still occasionally sent people to bother the Ling .

After all, the Ling Clan was the descendant of the Sword Saint . They were the orthodox branch, so as long as they were around, Linxia would never be able to rest easy .

All in all, Xia didn’t dare to kill the Ling completely . The reason was very simple, Sword Grave wasn’t the only system started by Sword Saint .

In the beginning, he was a progenitor from Myriad Lineage . Eventually, he rose to the pinnacle and also started a system up in Immortal Lineage .

Thus, just imagine, if Xia dared to kill these descendants and Immortal Lineage were to catch wind of this, they might send people down for revenge . One million Xia that point wouldn’t be enough as an appetizer . More importantly, legend has it that the Sword Saint is still alive .  

Though this was a blessing to the Ling, it also showed the pitiful effort they have put in . To have all of these advantages and still managed to decline? There was no excuse for this .

The elephant was fast enough to catch up to the boat right away . Princess Xia and the others spotted the duo .

The princess scowled at this sight . Even her noble self could only ride a boat . But now, that wretch and a nobody were riding an elephant? She naturally became annoyed .

“It’s Little Sister from the Ling again, did you manage to seduce a wealthy man?” She sneered: “I suppose being loose is good in this day and age . It’s fine to be ugly and poor, as long as your skirt is easily taken off, men will follow . ”

“Haha, true . ” The disciples on the boat rowdily laughed .

Ximo was furious and pointed at the group with her trembling finger: “You, you all are speaking nonsense, there is nothing between Young Noble Li and me!”

“Of course there isn’t anything . For a few women, sex is no big deal . ” The princess smiled charmingly with her peach-blossom eyes .

Ximo continued quivering, on the verge of tears . Her weak cultivation prevented her from doing anything .

Suddenly, the elephant raised its front hooves and stomped down to create a massive wave causing the boat to rock back and forth .

“Watch it!” The group on the boat was shocked and grabbed the railings .

“Brat, what are you doing?!” After stabilizing, the princess angrily shouted while glaring at Li Qiye .

He clearly commanded the elephant to do so, nearly causing their boat to capsize .

“Just a warning, any more nonsense and I’ll bury you all here . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly said .

“Fool!” Some disciples shouted, eager to take him down .

“Brat, do you not know who I am? I am a regional princess of Sword Grave . Sword Sovereign is my Senior Brother . Provoke me and not even your seniors will be able to protect you…” The princess cried out, borrowing the prestige of others .

“Splash!” The elephant stomped down again and waves assaulted the boat . The princess’ group was bellowing with a pale expression .

“The, the audacity…” The princess was frightened . Her entourage didn’t dare to say anything else .

“Boom!” The sound of thunder interrupted this squabble . Black clouds filled the sky and turned into a maelstrom .

“Watch out, the storm is coming, hold on tight!” A cultivator shouted at this ominous scene .

More thunderous detonations came about . The storm came right away with massive waves and howling winds .

“No!” One expert couldn’t hold on to their fish and was lifted up by a wave before falling into the lake . This wasn’t ordinary water . He wasn’t coming back .

“Sit tight . ” The more powerful sat straight on their turtle, seemingly becoming one with the beast . The ravaging waves couldn’t blow them away .

“Don’t let go!” The princess and her group also shouted . A large wave lifted their boat but it didn’t capsize .

“Brat, I’ll deal with you on shore!” The princess didn’t forget to shout at Li Qiye, unable to swallow this anger .

“Scram!” Li Qiye gave her the side-eye . The elephant stomped again, adding to the torrential onslaught .

The boat was blown flying far away and disappeared in the overflowing currents . Their fate was unknown . If the boat went down, they were certainly dead .

Ximo was shocked at this sudden ruthless move from Li Qiye .

“Oh man, that brat is merciless . ” The cultivators nearby became jolted as well .

They quickly ran far away from Li Qiye, not wanting to become victims to his elephant .

He ignored them and continued forward . The advantages of riding an elephant became clear during the storm . It was as tough as Mount Tai and continued to ride the waves towards the other shore, completely unaffected .

No wonder why it was much more expensive compared to the other animals and even a large boat .  

Ximo was afraid of the storm in the beginning and became nervous, holding tightly to Li Qiye . She finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the elephant’s capability .

It didn’t take long before the two of them make it to the shore . The elephant shook its body and the two of them were forced down . It went back to the lake and disappeared .

Ximo’s legs were still trembling despite standing on solid ground now .

“We’re here . ” Li Qiye wiped his wet clothes .

She became quite grateful, understanding that she would have died by using a golden fish: “Thank you . ”

Li Qiye nodded and began walking away .

Ximo stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do . Despite reading many ancient scrolls in her clan and have been taught the way, she only knew about crossing the river - not the exact location .

She looked back at the lake, wondering about the princess’ fate . She mustered courage out of nowhere and chased after Li Qiye . She felt that following him was the safest option .

He wasn’t especially fast so she managed to catch up . He stopped and looked back at her .

She lowered her head, not knowing what to do . After all, they weren’t acquaintances or friends . Anyone else wouldn’t let her tag along .

She eventually spoke with a timid tone: “I don’t know where to find that place, only that it is on this side… I wonder how far away it is…”

“Follow me, maybe we’ll take a look if time permits . ” He sighed before agreeing .

She became ecstatic and bowed: “Thank you again . ”

He continued to walk and ordered: “I will not wait, be ready . ”