Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2300

Chapter 2300: 2300

“We’re going in . ” Li Qiye said before climbing up .

Ling Ximo regained her wits and gave chase . She didn’t have high expectations for Bewildering Palace . First, before even thinking about her own abilities or luck, she didn’t have the most crucial requirement - true coins .

At the top of the steps was the first hall . All were met with an archaic breath as if they have entered a place battered by time .

In fact, Bewildering Palace was old indeed, existing alongside Moneyfall during the latter's inception .

It could accommodate several thousand people . The walls were unadorned with needless decoration outside of stone pillars and a few unknown statues . There were carved portraits and paintings around - some of beasts and birds, people from the past, and the celestials…

This wasn’t a treasure hall at all, more like a museum of sorts . These statues and paintings were work of art, seemingly left behind by the great masters .

In fact, a few travelers came specifically to look at the arts in this place . Li Qiye seemed to be one of them . He wasn’t in a rush to test his luck, only scanning through the statues and paintings .

Ximo also did the same but didn’t gain anything from it outside of astonishment . There were many creatures that she had never seen before . She even wondered if they came from someone’s imagination . Li Qiye, on the other hand, took his time appreciating certain ones .

They actually contained hidden history due to their age, old beyond imagination . Alas, only a pitiful number of viewers could understand them . Li Qiye was one of them, so he had a better appreciation for these arts compared to the rest .

Bewildering Palace wasn’t only a place to test one’s luck like a gambling hall . It served a different purpose in the past .

Other people and Ximo simply didn’t understand them so they only gave it a quick glance . Of course, some ancestors spent more time trying to understand them .

Meanwhile, the majority had begun to test their luck after entry . The process was very simple - they just needed to pick a statue or a painting .

One ancestor stood before a statue and began scattering true coins on the ground . They quickly disappeared .

“Creak . ” The chest of the statue actually came apart from the middle like a treasure chest . It exuded strands of light, revealing a line of golden keys . Each key had plenty of ancient runes stacked on top of each other like an old language .

This ancestor hesitated for a moment before spreading his palm . Dao laws gathered and gently poured down onto the 128 keys . The glow on the keys also resonated with varying intensity .

He was trying to understand the golden keys’ profundity in order to figure out the real one .

“This one!” He eventually picked one and took it out .

“Buzz . ” Contact with his hand made the key turn into powders, scattering into the ground then dispersing into nothingness .

“Damn, wrong one . ” The ancestor cursed .

“Forget it, Brother Lin, you have tried three times already today and got something from the fourth hall, that’s good enough, what more do you want?” His peer suggested: “The price will increase ten-fold each so if you keep playing, you might lose everything . ”

“Fine, fine . ” The ancestor smiled wryly and left while shaking his head .

In this palace, losing wasn’t the end as long as there was still money left . For example, after coming out of the 3rd hall, one could still start again at the first hall . However, the price would be ten times greater than the previous, than another ten times if they were to try again .

Thus, some ancestors brought a monstrous sum here only to lose everything in the end .

“Pick the immortal sage painting, I heard the probability is better . ” A senior brought his fellow disciples here to widen their horizon .

They came before a portrait of a gray-haired old man, looking just like an immortal .

The senior threw plenty of true coins at the painting and the painting also opened up, revealing 128 keys inside .

The seniors didn’t pick a key right away . He first bowed towards the painting and murmured: “Immortal sage, please give me your blessing . ” 

Having said that, he offered more coins to the painting . After a buzzing noise, half of the 128 keys turned into powders, leaving 64 behind .

“You can do that?” The first-timers here were astounded .

“If you pay double, it will help you eliminate half of the keys . ” An older cultivator smiled .

“Damn, you can really do anything with money in this place, even something like that . ” The first-timers replied .

After careful musing, the senior picked out a key . It didn’t turn into dust and imprinted into his palm instead, leaving a key mark behind .

“He picked the right one . ” The crowd nearby came closer right away .

“Alright, hold my hand, we’ll go to the second hall . ” The senior said .

Once his disciples grab his hand, the key mark exuded a golden light encompassing the entire group . They disappeared from sight and have gone to the second hall .

Though there was only one chance to grab a treasure, one could still bring along their companions after picking the right key .

“That guy is quite lucky, picking correctly the first time . ” An envious spectator said .

“So strange, I’ve done it three times and still got it wrong . I’m done, spending all of this money for nothing!” Another youth furiously shouted before leaving .

This was a common occurrence in this place . People would come and waste money, never even getting the chance to see the second hall and needing to leave empty-handed .

Luck actually played a very small role in this place . One just needed to be powerful enough to comprehend the secrets behind each key then pick the right one to go to the next hall . This would become increasingly powerful, so it was amazing for someone to reach just the tenth hall .

Despite being aware of the difficulty, the treasures here were too tempting so people couldn’t help spending their gold .

“Right here . ” Li Qiye picked the painting of a sun rising from the ocean and spent his coins .

“Buzz . ” The picture opened to reveal 128 golden keys .