Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2301

Chapter 2301

Ling Ximo looked at the keys and held her breath . She knew that it wouldn’t be easy picking the right one from the bunch .

“Brat, be careful . ” An old cultivator kindly reminded Li Qiye: “This isn’t about luck, look carefully since each key is different . Look at the runes and symbols on them, these are text . If you can understand these texts, you will be able to read the keys . Doing so would let you find the right one to the next hall . ”

This experienced old man didn’t want Li Qiye to waste money for nothing .

“Elder He, that’s easier said than done . Not to mention little characters like us, even progenitors might not be able to understand these keys’ mysteries . They are too profound and bottomless . ” His friend shook his head and smiled .

Li Qiye chuckled at the goodwill and answered: “Thank you for reminding me, unfortunately, I have no knowledge about these ancient texts and will only be testing my luck . ” Having said that, he picked a key without even looking .

After taking it, the key actually imprinted itself onto his palm .

“Shit, what kind of luck is this?!” The old cultivator was in disbelief .

“Whoa, looks like luck can work too . ” His friend’s eyes widened: “Old men like us have been thinking about what makes each key unique and deriving the meanings of the text . Of course, we only saw the bare surface, but now, you picked it right away . This thing is still luck dependent to an extent . ”

“Well yeah, otherwise, Xuan Xiao wouldn’t have been able to do it . Everyone knows about his heaven-defying luck and legendary tales . ” A different expert laughed .

“Let’s go . ” Li Qiye grabbed Ximo’s hand .

A buzz came with a golden glow from the seal . The two of them immediately entered the second hall .

“I’ll do it too!” Many cultivators here saw his success and tried to replicate it .

They didn’t bother looking at the set of keys at all and just picked one at random . Unfortunately, these keys turned to gold powders .

“Why can’t I be that lucky?” Others felt that the heaven was being too unfair .

“Luck is not something everyone possesses, otherwise, Xuan Xiao wouldn’t be the only one truly recorded in history . If everyone was lucky, they would be wealthy already, no need to come here . ” An ancestor said disapprovingly .


The sceneries changed before Li Qiye and Ximo . Once everything became clear, they were in the second hall .

She immediately looked around and saw the similarities between the first and second hall . The main difference was that these works of art were changed .

Moreover, the first hall was filled with people . Some locations were densely packed . This number decreased in the second hall, only a few hundred people .

This crowd wasn’t in a hurry to live . Some were thinking about how to get to the next one; others thought about picking their treasure here .  

It wasn’t easy for them to come here so some took their time to enjoy the arts - something they have been looking forward to .

“Master, do we want to go to the third?” Li Qiye saw the group of cultivators that went here before them .

“No, don’t be too greedy, I can only handle this much with my cultivation so the second hall is the limit . Only True Gods can see more at the third hall and above . At the higher levels, such as the fortieth hall and up, even True Emperors would have problems . ” This senior knew his own capabilities .

“Then what treasures should we pick?” The disciples became excited since they were going to stop here .

“Here . ” This senior clearly had experiences with this place . After a moment of contemplation, he picked a portrait and placed his palm with the key seal on it .

“Creak . ” The painting opened, revealing a stone chest inside . It was sealed so no one knew of its content .

“I wonder what it is?” The disciples became rowdy, stretching out their neck for a better look .

However, their master was much more cautious . He took the chest and stored it in his fate palace before telling the kids: “Let’s go, we’ll look after returning home . ”

A portal existed in the center of the second hall . This was absent in the first, allowing people to teleport back to the entrance of the palace .

Of course, many didn’t want to leave like this . Though the treasures were before them, they still wanted to gamble to make it to the next .

“Are we taking it?” Someone asked his friend .

“No, let’s keep going, maybe we’ll get lucky and get to the 30th hall . I heard someone got a painting there comparable to an Ancestral Weapon . The moment this painting is unwrapped, it could take in the heaven and earth and anyone else in the way . This eventually became the defining treasure of a system, so damn magical . If we can get there, we’ll be so rich . Becoming an emperor after coming back is a sure thing . ” His friend spoke with such conviction .

He then chose a statue and placed his marked palm on it . His golden key mark moved on to the statue .

“Creak . ” The statue opened, revealing the 128 keys inside .

The youth hesitated for a while before picking one: “This one will make us rich . ”

Unfortunately, it turned into powder and disappeared without a trace .

“Shit!” The youth blurted out, full of regrets: “I wasted this goddamn treasure . ”

He didn’t need to gamble again and could have left with an item . Now, he lost coins for no reason .

“Haha, I got it!” Someone else in the corner heartily laughed . He picked the right key to get to the next hall . His hand started glowing and he was taken to the third hall .

It didn’t take long before the place was filled with waves of laughter and curse . The former naturally found the right key while the latter lost completely .

Some also knew their limit and decided to cash out on their treasures instead by exchanging the key, not wanting to reach the third hall .

Meanwhile, Li Qiye repeated his observation from the first hall, enjoying all the statues and paintings . After getting his fill of arts, he raised his hand .

“Are we exchanging the key or moving on to the third hall?” Ximo quietly asked .

“We’re moving on . ” Li Qiye smiled and moved his key mark to a painting . It opened to show off its keys and he instantly took one without thinking .

This key naturally imprinted itself onto his palm .

“Alright, to the third . ” He held her hand and the duo disappeared inside a golden glow .

There were even fewer people in this place but Li Qiye didn’t care . He continued to do his own thing - meticulously going through each item .