Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2302

Chapter 2302: 2302

“Did you guys hear? That ant-feeding brat made it to the sixth hall . ” People still didn’t know Li Qiye’s name by now, only his nickname .

Some weren’t surprised to hear this: “So? The guy has enough money to feed ants so he could probably get into the tenth hall without any problem . He should last for a while . ”

Sure enough, another news came about - Li Qiye had entered the tenth hall .

“Just how rich is he?” The youths started to salivate with envy .

For many cultivators, just reaching the fifth or the sixth hall was amazing enough .

“How many re-do has he done already to reach the tenth hall?” This question came up .

In fact, everyone guessed wrong . They assumed that he had failed many times because it took him a while to get from the fifth to the tenth hall .

They didn’t know that he took his time appreciating the works of art on each level .  

Ximo shared the same confusion, wondering if he was here for the arts instead of treasure .

Anyone else would only care for the latter but Li Qiye showed no sign of this . She copied him and also carefully judged these paintings and statues . Alas, she didn’t understand the symbolism behind most of them .

“Young Noble, what’s so magical about these items?” She couldn’t help but ask .

“They are records . ” He calmly explained: “Existing in all eras and epochs, such as ceremonies, battle deeds, or just fantastic anecdotes . However, writings would disappear with time, so statues and paintings are the best preservation method . ”

“Do you mind elaborating?” She remained curious .

“They are pieces of history that can solve mysteries, far more precious than merit law or treasure . Of course, the prerequisite is being able to understand them . ” He chuckled .

She didn’t quite agree with this statement since merit laws and treasures held a great position in her mind . History wasn’t worth a single coin in the eyes of many; no one cared enough to waste time and effort recalling the past .

He didn’t bother explaining why since the gap between the two was too high . They didn’t have the same starting perspective .

After seeing more of them, he sighed and quietly murmured: “Ancient beyond traceability . Eternal life, desired by all, has certain origins . They are just unaware of the terror within . ” 


“The ant-feeding brat got to the fifteenth hall . ” Someone else brought up Li Qiye .

“That guy is a badass, just how much did he spend so far? Wait, is this even true?” Someone remained skeptical .

“Of course it’s true, Regaldusk True God met him there . ” A knowledgeable person revealed .

“Fifteenth hall, the guy is going to be rich . ” Another youth became envious .  

“He must not be here for wealth cause he doesn’t look like he gives a damn about true coins, feeding those ants without batting an eye . ” One more speculated .

News about Li Qiye stopped after this . Those who met him at this time were Ascenders and ancestors, not people who interact with the public . They also chose their conversation carefully .

In fact, after reaching the twentieth hall, the crowd thinned out completely . More often than not, only the duo was around .

Ximo was rightfully astounded by Li Qiye’s abilities so far . She knew that treading through Bewildering Palace was challenging, especially later on . This applied to True Emperors and Eternals as well since only progenitors could derive the mysteries later .

However, Li Qiye didn’t need to do any calculation . Only one glance was required before he picked the correct key for the next hall .

No one would believe something like this but she had a first-hand experience of this surreal event .

“Young Noble, are, are these shortcuts?” After moving through dozens of halls, she asked with trepidation .

“There is no shortcut in this world . ” He smiled .

“But it looks like you don’t need to guess, Young Noble, you only need a glance to pick the right key, that’s so magical . ” She quietly said .

Li Qiye smiled: “Use your heart and mind to gauge the boundless grand dao and endless laws . It is impossible to see the end, and even if you were capable, time is the limiting factor . Only the dao heart can break through all illusions and maintain one’s original goal . Everything starts here . ”

“Dao heart?” She couldn’t understand due to the simplicity of it all, as if just having a strong dao heart makes everything easy .

She hasn’t reached the right level just yet . It required pain, time, prosperity and decline… All were required to build an immovable dao heart .

Meanwhile, Moneyfall was lively all over . As time passed, the big shots who came were more influential than the last . All the famous dao systems had members present .

“I heard Sword Sovereign has arrived . ” 

“If that’s the case, maybe Saber Devil Crown Prince will be here too . After all, the rivalry of the sword and saber continues . The crown prince will not let the sovereign steal all the spotlight . ”

“Not just him, Coiling Dragon Young Noble and the martial goddess are here too . I heard Yang Radiance will send someone as well . ” An older cultivator had a good information network .

Another youth came bringing news that would shock many systems .

“Isn’t that Young Noble Chu?” The moment this fella came to Moneyfall, cultivators crowded around him like the stars circling around the moon . He looked quite smug from this treatment .

However, the younger ones didn’t know who he was . Plus, his cultivation was mediocre at best so they became confused, wondering why the older cultivators were treating him so well .

“Who is that guy, look at how smug he looks?” One youth snorted while watching from the distance .

“Zhou Zhikun, very famous recently . ” An old expert replied .

“Is he strong?” A youth didn’t think the guy looks like a genius or master at all .

“No, he’s just a regular disciple from a tiny sect in Longevity System . The guy managed to suck up to a big shot and became a messenger, that’s why he can act like this . ” The old expert revealed .

“Young Noble Chu, how is the young lord doing?” An old cultivator greeted Zhikun and also asked about his backer .

“The young lord is doing very well, and he’s coming here soon too . ” Zhikun arrogantly said .

“Young Lord Mu is coming?” A few ancestors shuddered upon hearing this .

“That’s right, Young Lord Mu is coming and he wants to see the ancestors of the big systems . I hope everyone will show up then . ” Zhikun declared .

Just imagine, this was someone who would need to kneel before the elders, let alone the ancestors . But now, after becoming a messenger of Young Lord Mu, everything changed for him . Even the ancestors became polite when dealing with him .

All this felt impossible to him in the past, so now, his confidence and arrogance soared . He could speak to anyone with his chest arched forward .