Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2305

Chapter 2305

Leaving Bewildering Palace left Li Qiye in the desolate region of Moneyfall .

“Young Noble, where are we going now?” Ling Ximo asked timidly .

“If time permits, we’ll go somewhere that might let you find your sword tomb . But whether you can get it or not is up to you . You must be able to connect with it or it will only be a flower in the dew or the moon in the water . ”

Ximo hesitated for a moment before taking out an old box . She handed it to Li Qiye and said: “This is something our forefather left behind . He said it is the key to taking back the tomb, can you use it, Young Noble?”

Li Qiye opened it and was met with a massive sword energy . He took a good look and said: “This is indeed the meaning of the sword, but it won’t be that simple . You will need perseverance in order to succeed . ”

“I will try my best . ” She stared straight at him and said firmly .

Despite knowing the difficulties lying ahead, she was ready to pay any price and her eyes showed her determination .

“Good . ” He nodded: “Then mentally prepare, pain will be unavoidable . ”

Ximo left the box with him . It was more important than her life and pertained to their clan’s survival so she shouldn’t be handing it to anyone . Moreover, she didn’t know Li Qiye for that long but for some reason, she trusted him more than anyone right now . She felt no anxiety leaving it to him, not worrying that he would take it for his own . It was safer in his possession anyway .

Li Qiye didn’t say anything and put the box away .

“Swords for sale here, 5% off if you buy one, 20% off for two, 40% off for ten, or one hundred for a very good price…” They didn’t get far before hearing a familiar voice .

On a beach shore, someone was carrying a large bag and peddling his bamboo swords . Who else would do something like this but Conqueror Young Noble?

“My Fairy, my bamboo sword will make you even more transcending and graceful…” He latched on to a group of young female cultivators and went to work with his bright and sincere smile .

“You are the young noble from Conqueror?” The girls smiled back at him .

The guy was quite famous for many reasons - his status, talents, and looks . Moreover, his amiability made many girls want to befriend him .

“I am, pretty ladies such as yourselves should visit our humble sect . It’s a tiny location so our citizens will certainly be amazed by your beauty . It is a blessing of three lifetimes . ” His words were flowery indeed but didn’t sound off-putting .

Other passersby shook their head and smiled . They have grown used to his strange behavior .

“Let’s buy one each then . ” His smile won the girls over .

The truth was that these bamboo swords weren’t worth the listed price . They only bought them in order to make a friend .

“Stay safe, pretty ladies . Come to Conqueror when you can . ” The young noble remained enthusiastic after the successful sale .

“Ah, Big Bro, we meet again . How about buying some of my swords?” Conqueror went over to the duo as they were about to cross the lake .

Ximo wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to . She didn’t understand why someone of his status would act as a merchant .  

“No . ” Li Qiye refused again .

“Big Bro, friendship starts upon the first meeting; brotherhood blossoms on the second . This is our second, so we are brothers . ” Conqueror put on sword into Li Qiye’s hand and sincerely said: “Well, consider this a meeting present . ”

Li Qiye chuckled, finding the youth amusing . He then took a look at the sword .

It was made entirely of bamboo . Nevertheless, Conqueror meticulously carved and paid attention to the little details .

“I personally made each one; they have their own aura and are unique . ” Conqueror said .

“Not bad . ” Li Qiye traced the sword’s edge with his finger and nodded approvingly .

Conqueror’s face was beaming after earning the praise . His smile became wider and brighter: “One sword to own the world; two swords to be unique in history; three swords for an unstoppable formation…”

Despite the grandiose and funny rhetoric, Ximo still wasn’t buying it . She didn’t see what was so special about these swords .

“Big Bro, do you want to buy one? Buy one, get two free, how about it?” Conqueror offered: “They are made from our ancestral bamboo, the very foundation of our sect, a great treasure and the symbol of Coiling Dragon System . It once connected to the very veins of the system . . . ”

He continued bragging . If it wasn’t for him bringing Coiling Dragon up, people would have forgotten that he was part of this system, and his sect, Conqueror, was only an old city there .

“Hmph, such a big tone . ” A snort came about: “How can Conqueror represent Coiling Dragon?!”

This interjection drew the attention of the crowd .

An old man with a group of experts got off their boat . He didn’t give any face to Conqueror Young Noble at all .

He wore an imperial robe; a saber was his weapon of choice . His chilling aura belonged to the True God level . His unforgiven eyes deterred others from staring straight at him .

“The king of Five Saints . So many experts from that kingdom are here . ” Many recognized him and talked among themselves .

“Miao Lei of Five Saints, looks like we’ll have quite a show to watch . ” An elder was ready to have fun .

“Isn’t Five Saints a kingdom of Coiling Dragon System, Conqueror Young Noble is from there too . Why the animosity?” A youth asked his senior .

“It pertains to the origin of Coiling Dragon . ” The senior smiled .

“What, Royal Lord Miao, our Conqueror can’t speak for Coiling Dragon? Only your kingdom can?” Conqueror retorted, still smiling .

“Coiling Dragon is under the rule of Eight-armed Dynasty . They are the only one who can represent our system . ” Miao Lei uttered coldly .

“Talking about the Praymoon Sect? They are only parasites of the system . The only reason I’m not demanding sovereignty is that I don’t want to bring war to the people . ”

“You…” Miao Lei’s expression shifted .

Some understood what was going on while the young ones were confused .

“What’s happening?” One youth asked about this conflict between members of Coiling Dragon .

“Just a debate about the orthodox branch . ” His senior said: “The current sect in charge, Eight-armed Dynasty, is not the descendants of Coiling Dragon Progenitor . ”

“What about Conqueror Young Noble?” The junior inquired again .

“Who knows?” The senior shook his head: “Rumor has it that Conqueror was the founding location of Coiling Dragon, but it’s still just a rumor . ”