Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2306

Chapter 2306: 2306

It didn’t take long before gossiping began in the courtyard .

Miao Lei naturally wouldn’t like Conqueror Young Noble due to the political scene of Coiling Dragon .

Coiling Dragon was naturally created by the progenitor with the same title . In the past, it was under the rule of his lineage .

Later on, this branch weakened and gradually lost control over the system . Then came a sect named Praymoon .

The progenitor was from the eight-armed tribe, same with many other descendants . This was also the case for the members of Praymoon .

The main problem was that this sect didn’t belong to the system at the beginning since they were nomadic travelers . No one really knew of their true background .

They had their own merit laws but for some reason, they decided to abandon everything to restart using the merit laws of Coiling Dragon .

They worked hard and let go of the past to become real disciples of Coiling Dragon . With the decline of the orthodox branch, Praymoon defeated the direct descendants of the progenitor and took over .  

They called themselves the Eight-armed Dynasty and used this bloodline to connect them with the progenitor . The system had a different master from then on . Praymoon successfully carried out what the world would proverbially refer to as a dove stealing the magpie’s nest .

The main branch disappeared in this land . Some even believed that they have died out completely .

Later on, Conqueror and his city broke this belief . Rumor has it that this was the birthplace of the progenitor .

Conqueror was a nobody in the beginning . Later on, his talents manifested along with his surging cultivation .

The Eight-armed Dynasty didn’t pay any attention to him . After all, there were billions of disciples in the system, who had the time to care about an insignificant youth?

As his fame rose, more mouths began to run in the system - topics such as Conqueror being a descendant of Coiling Dragon Progenitor .  

Moreover, he had never talked about his background, only that he had learned many merit laws from the system .

More and more began to believe that he was a true descendant of their progenitor . He didn’t bother confirming or denying these rumors .

Nevertheless, the dynasty couldn’t sit still because they weren’t the real descendants, only usurpers . If Conqueror was the real thing, it would be too dangerous to their rule .

They tried several times to kill him to no avail . This only served to increase his reputation and fame in Coiling Dragon . Many sects and countries actually had close ties with him .

On the other hand, Five-saints was the biggest supporter of Eight-armed Dynasty . That’s why this king had such animosity towards Conqueror during this meeting today .

All eyes were on the two of them, especially the older ones . They were especially curious about whether Conqueror was a direct descendant or not .

Miao Lei scowled: “Stop spouting such heresy to trick the crowd . Insulting Coiling Dragon System is unforgivable . The death penalty is warranted in order to uphold the system’s prestige . ”

“You think you alone can do it?” Conqueror smirked: “I’ve seen what your kingdom can do already, just a bunch of ambushing tricks . Your sect’s existence is the real disgrace to the kingdom . ”

These two had skirmishes before . Five-saints had sent numerous assassins to kill Conqueror under the order of Eight-armed Dynasty . Unfortunately, it ended with failure and death .

The Royal Lord had plenty of experts with him right now, so he felt the urge to attack Conqueror . Despite being a big shot in Coiling Dragon, the contempt shown today was too much for him to take .

“Hmph, Junior, you’re too arrogant! This is not Coiling Dragon, so I’m afraid your means are limited! We will rid the system of your evil today!” Miao Lei shouted and gave the signal .

The experts from his kingdom circled around and surrounded Conqueror .

The spectators held their breath, wanting to see just how strong this genius was .

The Three Young Nobles were famous, but Conqueror was especially enigmatic . Some stated that he could use the various powers of Coiling Dragon’s system . This was the reason why the dynasty failed to kill him time and time again .

Miao Lei also heard and believed this rumor . However, this was Moneyfall, far away from Coiling Dragon System . Even if he had the ability to do so, he couldn’t use them right now .

“Big Bro, you might want to leave for a bit . Wait until I’m done with them then we can talk about the deal?” Conqueror smiled at Li Qiye .

“No need to leave, it’s no big deal . ” Li Qiye lazily said with no intention of leaving .

“Sir, who are you? Please leave since this is a matter of our Coiling Dragon System, or face the consequences . ” Miao Lei shouted .

Li Qiye looked at them and said: “A bunch of frogs under the well, unaware of the immensity of the heaven and earth . ”

He knew that despite the number advantage, this group was no match for Conqueror . This young noble was countless times stronger than Miracle .

“Fool, we’ll take care of you too then!” Miao Lei furiously shouted .

“Royal Lord Miao, no need for you to bother, we’ll take care of him since we have some unfinished business . His dog life is mine . ” A cold voice interjected .

A girl brought over a powerful group of experts . She was Regional Princess Xia, named Zixuan . Her entourage was several times bigger than before . Moreover, several old men were present this time . It was obvious that they were masters .

“People from Sword Grave are here too . ” Some listeners whispered: “I heard Sword Sovereign is here too . This princess had met him recently . ”

No wonder why the princess’ group was stronger this time . She walked with tenacity because she had backup .

“Princess Xia . ” Miao Lei was ecstatic after seeing the reinforcement .

“Little Ling, you need to stop mingling with outsiders, come back to us . ” The princess stared at Ximo and said .

Ximo’s expression changed, aware that the princess came specifically for her . She inched towards Li Qiye and felt much safer .

“Hmph, don’t think you can leave alive just because you found a backer . ” The princess snorted .

Li Qiye glared back and said flatly: “I’ve already spared your lives back at the lake yet you don’t know when to back off . ”

“Li, I don’t care who you are, you’re not leaving this place alive!” The princess declared .

She hated him to the bones after nearly being killed by the storm on the lake .

“You and what army?” Li Qiye lazily spoke .

The princess’ expression turned ugly after being shown such contempt: “You might be strong but you won’t be able to escape from Sword Grave . My First Brother will never allow anyone to challenge our authority!”

People glanced around, thinking that maybe Sword Sovereign was already here; he’s just hasn’t shown himself .