Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2307

Chapter 2307

“How amusing . ” Conqueror clapped and smiled at Li Qiye: “Big Bro, looks like it’ll be quite a fight tonight . Do you want to work together with me and go big?”

“First of all, I’m not your Big Bro . Secondly, no need to go big over some ants . Just one or two moves will be plenty . ” Li Qiye glanced at him and casually responded .

Everyone gasped after hearing this . The princess and Miao Lei had more than one thousand experts with them, not a single one was weak . Li Qiye’s claim was too unreasonable .

“Li, you’re quite arrogant but you’re not surviving today!” Another fierce cry came about .

The crowd looked over and saw a youth leading another group of experts - sect masters and elders from the last generation .

“Zhou Zhikun!” Some recognized him .

“Didn’t he got taught a lesson earlier?” Someone who was at Bewildering Palace whispered .

Not too long ago, many saw Li Qiye crushing the guy completely . It didn’t take long before he was up and jumping again with such aggression . They didn’t understand what made him so fierce .

“You don’t get it, his backing is here now . ” An older cultivator replied .

“Young Lord Mu!” Some experts blurted out .

“No . ” The old cultivator shook his head: “A servant of Young Lord Mu, Elder Fan . He was the one Zhikun sucked up to in the beginning before becoming a messenger . ”

“I see, no wonder why so many experts are helping him now . ” One guy glanced at the group behind Zhikun .

No one tried to help him earlier outside of the palace but this wasn’t the case now . These experts behind him were holding treasure, ready to get involved .

His number advantage made Zhikun quite confident . With the presence of Elder Fan, many great clans were willing to work for him .

“Looks like you’re really tired of living . ” Li Qiye grinned .

The youth felt safe so he shouted: “Li Qiye, you might be the First Brother of Longevity, but you still deserve death for insulting Young Lord Mu!”

“He, he’s the First Brother of Longevity, the guy that quelled the rebellion . I heard he used the power there to destroy Everlasting Kingdom . ” A master was surprised to hear this .

Many ancestors have heard about the situation at Longevity by this point .

“Looks like you didn’t send my message . ” Li Qiye laughed: “But no problem, I’ll kill you and your master will surely come . I’ll take care of him too then . ”

One listener whispered: “Isn’t this too much, who dares to offend Young Lord Mu right now?”

“It’s because you don’t know him . ” An ancestor shook his head: “This Li Qiye is a monster . He’s not only the First Disciple of Longevity but is also the current leader of Insane Court . This guy challenged all of Myriad Lineage at one point too - even Young Lord Mu wouldn’t dare to make this declaration . ”

“Hahaha . ” Someone sneered at Li Qiye: “Such audacity, my Young Lord Mu is beyond your level, I shall make mincemeat out of you because of your outrageous statement . ”

An old man wearing a gray robe appeared on the horizon . The aura of a True God instilled fear into the crowd .

“Elder Fan, the young lord’s trusted servant . ” One ancestor’s expression changed .

The crowd quieted down . This was also someone from above; his cultivation might not be that strong but his status was something else .

“Young Lord Mu is a god from above, I will not accept such blasphemy towards him . Time for punishment . ” Another chilling voice came about . It carried a sword intent piercing at everyone’s mind, causing them to shudder .

People looked up and saw a tall man, looking around thirty years of age . He held a long sword and wore a violet robe . The sword intents emanating from him were quite impressive .

“Sword Sovereign!” 

“Sword Sovereign…” An ancestor narrowed his eyes and became serious: “Is he a pseudo-True Emperor right now?”

He was the current leader of Sword Grave, as famous as any of the three Young Nobles .

He wasn’t listed among them because he made his debut much earlier . Thus, he was considered alongside Saber Devil as the sword and saber duo . Due to their age, he and Saber Devil could be stronger than the nobles .

“Brat, how are you going to get out of this?” Princess Xia clearly had a crush on her Senior Brother .

Ling Ximo turned pale and took several steps back . She was from Sword Grave and knew how strong this guy was .

“Li, it’s not too late to surrender . ” Zhikun grew bolder as more allies came .

“Good, this will save some time since all of you are here . ” Li Qiye chuckled while playing with his bamboo sword .

“Let’s go cut him to pieces!” Zhikun ordered his experts .

“Right, take them down!” The princess also shouted at her experts from Sword Grave .

“Haha, Conqueror, you’re done!” Miao Lei led his own group .

More than one thousand experts surrounded the three . The atmosphere became tense since a fight could break out at any moment .

“So fun, Big Bro, do you want to have a contest to see who can kill more?” Conqueror smiled brightly at Li Qiye, completely undaunted: “If I kill more, you will have to buy all my swords . ”

“Not interested . ” Li Qiye refused once more .

“Kill them!” Zhikun commanded without attacking himself .

“Now!” The princess and Miao Lei gave the final command .

The experts roared and unleashed their attacks . So many weapons aimed at the three - pagoda, spear, saber…

The area trembled since they didn’t show any mercy, wishing to turn the group into mincemeat .

“Not good!” The spectators nearby were shocked .

“Good, we’ll do it like that, the person with the higher kill count will be the winner . ” Conqueror ignored Li Qiye’s refusal and shamelessly attacked before Li Qiye .

He threw his bag and all the swords soared to the sky . Sword energy began to ravage the area with sharp arcs everywhere . They didn’t look like bamboo swords but more like divine swords now with strong enough intents to pierce through all .

“Clank!” These swords poured down their energy at the enemies .

“Ah!” Blood gushed along with tormented wails . Conqueror didn’t hold back . These swords pierced through the chest and crucified the enemies .

“Royal Lord Miao, your life is mine!” Conqueror also attacked while wielding a sword . The luminous attack crossed through the void and reached Miao Lei with haste .

Li Qiye didn’t mind that Conqueror had taken the initiative . He casually swung his sword .

This slash was simply too fast; no one could see it clearly . In fact, he was the only one who knew .