Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2308

Chapter 2308: 2308

The sword robbed the world of sounds and seized the power of time . Everything became frozen .

In this split second, so many enemies were stopped in action - some were leaping forward; others jumped up for a better advantage point; some raised their sword to parry…

True Gods felt a chill and instinctively realized the incoming danger . Alas, it was all too late . Instinct could yell at them all it wants, but the slash has already been unleashed to determine everything .

Fastest in the world - rendering time to be moving at a snail’s pace .

“Clank!” Heads started rolling on the ground .  

The slash had decapitated more than a thousand enemies . Though they have lost their head, the victims still couldn’t feel anything . The bodies were still continuing on the previous trajectory . They got a third-person view of their body as their head was falling to the ground .  

Next was blood gushing out like a spring from the severed necks, a thousand of them - quite a shocking scene .

“No…” They wanted to scream but no sound would come out of their agape mouth .

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” The heads finally made contact with the ground . Their blood stained the ground and gathered into a massive, shallow pool of water .

Everything happened so quickly . No one saw the slash at all . This bamboo sword was able to take down experts from Sword Grave, Five-saints, and even the masters from the various sect supporting Zhou Zhikun .

True Kings, True Saints, and even True Gods all faltered before this single slash .

The most terrifying fact was that he didn’t use a supreme artifact such as an ancestral treasure . The sword was made of bamboo .

When people regained their wits, they naturally trembled with fear . Some couldn’t help but vomit after smelling the stench of blood .

“Boom!” On the other side, Conqueror managed to take down numerous experts from Five-saints then nearly subduing its royal lord .

“Clank!” His bamboo sword became luminous and turned into a divine sword with a stately aura .

The royal lord roared and created a sacred barrier in order to stop the attack . Alas, this proved to be futile .

“Boom!” The sword thrust through the barrier and pierced the lord’s throat .

Blood didn’t come out until Conqueror pulled back his sword . The royal lord finally fell to the floor with his eyes wide open .

“Not good, I’m still under . ” Conqueror looked back and saw Li Qiye’s slash just now . He was completely amazed because his sword formation failed to do the same damage .

He roared and unleashed another sword arc towards Regional Princess Xia .  

Though she ordered her experts to fight, she was the farthest away from the battlefield .

“Retreat!” Her guards wanted to stop him .

Conqueror simply laughed and swept his bamboo sword again, causing the formation to strike once more .

“Ah!” These experts couldn’t stop him and only threw their lives away as his swords pierced their throat .

The princess quickly fled while calling for help: “Senior Brother, save me!”

“Clank!” Sword Sovereign finally took action with a billowing aura of sword energy even before his sword left its sheath . It turned into a heavenly sword and crossed through the plain, aiming straight for Conqueror .

“Sword Sovereign, let’s see what you can do . ” Conqueror still had a smile on and tapped on his bag .

More than several hundred bamboo swords flew out .

“Grandheaven Sword Purification . ” The bamboo swords made a circular formation . They spun and engulfed the entire area, stopping the sword energy of Sword Sovereign just now .

The resulting shockwaves devastated the area . At the same time, he successfully pierced the princess’ chest . She couldn’t believe that even her Senior Brother failed to save her .

Don’t be fooled by Conqueror’s bright and friendly smile . This was someone who would never hold back in battle .

“Conqueror, what have you done?!” Sword Sovereign furiously shouted . A sword-like flame erupted above the sky and removed the clouds .  

This torrential sword intent terrorized the whole place . All the spectators retreated in horror .

“So what? Fight and show me that you are worthy of your fame!” Conqueror pointed with his bamboo sword .

His strong response left everyone wanting for a fight . This was a contest between a young noble and one of the two weapon masters . They wanted to see which group was stronger .

“So be it!” Sword Sovereign shouted and unsheathed his sword . The snow-white rays stopped others from keeping their eyes open .

“Time to fight then!” Conqueror’s bamboo sword suddenly dispersed back into dao runes . He was now holding a dao sword .

“Boom!” The two leaped for the sky and had a direct confrontation - sword against sword . Sparks exploded at a planetary level .

Li Qiye didn’t care too much about this fight . He gently blew away the drops of blood on his bamboo sword and started walking towards Zhikun with a smile on his face .

Zhikun was naturally scared out of his mind, having never seen such a monstrous slash before and almost pissed his pants .

The pale fella walked backward while screaming: “What, what do you want?!”

For many experts here, Zhikun was completely insignificant . Only his backing was dreadful, and one of them was here - the servant of Young Lord Mu - Fan Guixing .

“Not much . ” Li Qiye walked at a normal pace and smiled: “I’m just thinking about flaying you to let you know how cruel I can be . ”

“Don’t, don’t get crazy now, Elder Fan is here!” Zhikun continued to scream while retreating .

“It’s useless . No one will be able to save you . ” Li Qiye smirked .

Zhikun ran straight for the elder with all of his might: “Elder Fan, please, please save me, kill this devil!”

In fact, Elder Fan has been watching the entire time; his cold eyes fixated on Li Qiye .

He became the center of attention . Compared to a measly messenger, he was actually closely related to Young Lord Mu . He descended along with the guy . As a servant of the Mu, he was still a True God .

Thus, his status far exceeded Zhikun . He could even represent the young lord, to a certain extent .

Others might look down on a Zhikun, a little fox exploiting the tiger’s might, but not Fan Guixing . He was truly someone from above, part of the Mu Clan .