Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2309

Chapter 2309

Everyone wondered what Fan Guixing would do since they have seen Li Qiye’s domineering attitude and power .

Guixing spoke with a serious tone: “Friend, it is time to stop here, no need to push it so far . ”

“Who the hell do you think you are, telling me what to do?” Li Qiye lazily said while still walking towards Zhikun .

Guixing’s expression shifted . Ever since he came to Myriad with his master, everyone has been giving him face, including ancestors and Ascenders . They still addressed him as “Dao Brother Fan” even though he had a lower cultivation level .

This was also the case in Imperial; the big shots there showed enough courtesy to him since the Mu was one of the three behemoths .

But now, a junior dared to speak to him like this - something akin to slapping him in the face .

“I am a contributing member of the Mu Clan for several thousand years now . ” Fan Guixing uttered: “I once served the great ancestor of the Mu and was a study companion to the clan master . ” [1]

Guixing made his prestigious status clear . Despite only being a servant, he has been serving for several generations now . His absolute loyalty earned him respect at the clan, allowing him to speak his opinion before the clan master .

“Who the hell are the Mu?” Li Qiye was still as nonchalant as ever, holding his bamboo sword in a menacing manner .

Zhikun was running while looking back at Li Qiye, wanting nothing more than to get as far away from this monster as possible .

Guixing grimaced with eyes spewing out flashes of anger . The rest of the crowd took a deep breath . Some naturally found displeasure with Young Lord Mu, but no one would dare to say a line like this . Provoking the Mu Clan could bring about a disaster to their sect .

“Junior, this comment alone is enough for us to exterminate your entire clan . ” Guixing threatened .

“Oh? Is that so? If your clan isn’t smart, I’ll be the one to exterminate them all . ” Li Qiye retorted without care .

“Is there no end to his madness?!” Someone blurted out, completely speechless . Not even a True Emperor would say this in public since the Mu was unfathomable .

“Ignorant brat, destroying our clan? You’re done for, we’ll surely end you . ” Fan Guixing snorted .

“I’ve heard this line so many times . Those who say this about me are all dead now . ” Li Qiye picked his ear and said .

Eventually, wanton arrogance became respectable due to the required audacity . Some of the crowd certainly admired Li Qiye .

“Elder Fan . ” As Zhikun came closer to Fan Guixing, he became ecstatic: “Save me!”

Fan Guixing decided to throw an item, pinning it in front of Li Qiye . He needed to save this errand-boy in order to maintain his clan’s reputation .

It was a banner with the word Mu carved on it, written in an ancient and bold style . It clearly came from someone special .

“The banner of the Mu!” The ancestors shuddered, aware of its significance .

It represented the authority of that clan . Once seeing it, everyone would need to back down or they would risk antagonizing the clan - a truly serious matter . Not just anyone could have one . Guixing’s loyalty earned him this precious banner .

“Stop or you will truly become an enemy of our clan . ” Guixing sternly reiterated .

Meanwhile, Zhikun saw the banner and was even closer to the elder . He happily said: "Thank you, Elder Fan, for saving-”

But before he could finish, words suddenly became stuck in his mouth . Blood started oozing out of a hole in his neck .

It was a fatal sword thrust . No one could save him due to the immense speed, not even Guixing .

Li Qiye blew away the blood on his sword again: “Forget it, flaying is too bothersome . I’ll just send you off right away . ”

The shocked crowd didn’t expect Zhikun to be killed right in front of Guixing .

Next, something even more unbelievable happened . Li Qiye stomped on the banner and said: “This piece of crap banner has no uses here . ”

“So domineering!” The experienced ancestors were stunned all the same .

Stomping on this banner was the same as stomping on the Mu’s authority - truly courting death .

This was a first time for Guixing . In the past, even in Imperial Lineage, throwing out this banner would solve all of his problems . This didn’t work for this guy . Now, Li Qiye was walking straight for him .

“What do you want?!” Guixing felt fear now, realizing that he had kicked an iron panel . This kid was not to be provoked .

So there was still someone in this world who wasn’t afraid of the Mu .

Li Qiye smiled: “Well, I naturally got to kill you first since you want to exterminate my clan . ”

“Don’t be insane!” Guixing took a deep breath and said: “Be responsible for your actions or your sect and dao system will suffer too!”

“I just need to destroy your clan first then . ” Li Qiye leisurely said .

“You?!” Guixing thought that this guy was insane, not caring about the consequences .

Intimidation and threats were useless before a madman .

“Well, let’s see how far you can run . ” Li Qiye playfully swung his sword around .

The spectators looked at each other after seeing this . Killing Guixing was far different from killing Zhikun .

“Isn’t his sect going to stop him? Opposing the Mu will end with a major disaster . ” One spectator noted, completely astounded .

“He’s not messing around, he’s really going to kill a servant from the Mu . ” Another ancestor replied .

“Buzz . ” Guixing started to flee . Ripples appeared in the air as he disappeared for the horizon . He gave up caring about appearances - this madman was too scary .

1 . Rich children have study companions/servants that learn with them since they have a private tutor . This was a tradition back in ancient China