Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2311

Chapter 2311

“Alright, I’m ready for your slash . ” Guixing shouted, feeling confident that his armor and shield would be able to block the incoming attack .

“The result is obvious . ” Someone murmured .

“Just one bamboo sword can’t break an imperial armor . ” Another ancestor felt the same way .

“Big mistake, Li Qiye probably didn’t expect for Elder Fan to have an imperial regalia . ” A high elder shook his head in agreement .

The crowd thought that he couldn’t kill Elder Fan with a single slash or even break through the armor at all .

“Good, let’s get started . ” Li Qiye slowly raised his sword without gathering any sword energy .

In fact, this had nothing to do with the sword dao . He was performing the Physique Scripture, the new version . He had opened this scripture once more so it probably needed a new name from now on .

“Boom!” The shield poured out light as Elder Fan cried out: “Shield Against The Devils!”

This shield instantly became massive, capable of separating heaven and earth . It covered him fully .

“Screech!” The firebird above closed its wings and let out a scorching flame to seal the myriad worlds, protecting the old man inside .

“Rumble!” The imperial aura erupted with blinding light .

“You are under my protection . ” A grand figure lowered its palm, wishing to destroy everything .

The ground started to crack; this move possessed both offensive and defensive capabilities .

“Pluff!” Li Qiye finally unleashed his slash . It exceeded the temporal limit and reversed its flow .

No one could see the slash but they were affected and felt an illusion of becoming younger .  

“Bam!” The moves collided .

When the spectators calmed down, they saw the gigantic shield still standing, the regalia was still radiant, and the majestic figure remained strong .

Guixing also stood there, seemingly unharmed .

“That’s it?” Someone wondered .

“Crack . ” Li Qiye’s bamboo sword had lines all over before collapsing into pieces .

“He lost . ” Everyone believed that the slash failed to break the imperial defense .

“It’s still an imperial armor from a True Emperor . Such power can’t be touched even by an ordinary Ascender . ” An ancestor commented, aware of the difference in power levels .

“Li Qiye was too careless, using just a bamboo sword against an imperial armor, that’s impossible . He’s slapping himself in the face now . ” One cultivator gloated .

“Boom!” Suddenly, the massive shield collapsed; the majestic figure shattered; the firebird uttered a miserable cry before disintegrating .

Guixing’s armor turned into powder and scattered away with the wind . His eyes were wide open, same with his twitching mouth . He tried to say something but nothing would come out .

They finally saw blood oozing out of his throat . A tiny gash gradually became a bloody hole . The guy finally fell on the ground, causing specks of dust to go flying .

He couldn’t believe that his defensive measures have failed to a bamboo sword . In fact, everyone else shared the same astonishment .

The ones who thought Li Qiye have lost earlier felt their face becoming red and hot as if he had just slapped them .

No one would believe such an outrageous story .

“Just one slash, all about speed exceeding everything to return to the origin . ” Li Qiye casually said .

This slash had jumped out of the boundary of the sword dao . This imperial armor couldn’t block it . The only way was to slow down the slash .

A while later, time finally began to flow normally in the area again .

“Rumble!” Explosions in the sky attracted the crowd’s attention . They looked up and saw the battle waging between Conqueror and Sword Sovereign .

Sword Sovereign looked unbeatable with his sword but Conqueror had countless bamboo blades . Though one by one, they were destroyed by the sovereign, more and more came out .

Who knows how many bamboo swords he actually had?

Li Qiye looked up and said: “So slow, do you need my help?”

“Crap, he wants to steal my opponent . ” Conqueror was shocked .

He was distracted for just a second but this was enough for Sword Sovereign to fly away like a meteor towards the horizon . Such decisiveness and agility .

The guy was certainly afraid of being double-teamed by Li Qiye and Conqueror . Defeat would be imminent in that case so he decided to run away . Survival was the first priority .

“Sigh, he ran away so fast . Sword Sovereign, let’s play again later!” Conqueror shouted .

But the guy was already long gone . Who knows if he could hear Conqueror at all?

“You scared my opponent away . It’s not easy for me to find someone at the same level, who am I going to play with now? Big Bro, you need to buy five hundred swords to make up for this pain . ” Conqueror said, feeling quite wronged .

“Not interested . ” Li Qiye ignored him and told Bingning and Ximo: “Let’s go . ”

“Big Bro, don’t leave! Just buy one more, I’ll take twenty off, no? Thirty then, fine, even fifty! That’s the best I can do!” Conqueror didn’t give up .

Alas, the trio also left him behind just like Sword Sovereign .

He turned his focus towards an elder from a great power: “Senior, how about it? Look at this beautiful sword, didn’t you see earlier? Young Noble Li used it to destroy an imperial regalia . With this sword, you can go wherever you want in the world . ”

“Alright, just one . ” This old man smiled and bought one .

“Don’t miss it, bamboo swords that can take down an imperial armor . Don’t miss it, you can’t buy them anywhere else, especially not for this cheap price . ” Conqueror took advantage of Li Qiye’s display of prowess earlier .

He even guaranteed to others that his swords were this amazing . People couldn’t do anything but shake their head .  

Some bought swords from him in order to build a friendship . Everyone could see that Conqueror wasn’t weaker than Sword Sovereign after the battle .

Keep in mind that the sword-and-saber duo made their debut much earlier than the three young nobles . They thought that the former would be stronger, but after today, they were certainly proven wrong .