Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2314

Chapter 2314

“Yes . ” Bingning replied to the inquisitive matron .

“Taking a stroll can be good, but if you are finished, it is time to come back . Everyone is worried about you . ” The matron didn’t care about the validity of the excuse .

“I have no intention of returning right now . ” Bingning maintained her ground .

“The martial court needs you . ” The matron continued: “As the successor, you have tasks to do and disciples to lead . ”

“Master and the elders can handle everything, my absence is inessential to the prosperity of the martial court . ” She shook her head .

The matron’s eyes became serious after hearing this . Everyone was watching and could sense the change in mood .  

“I’m not asking, this is an order from the sect, you must return to the court right now . ” Her eyes turned cold as she emitted her aura .

“I’m sorry, Ancestor, I won’t be returning right now . ” Bingning remained steadfast .

“Such impudence!” The matron’s divinity was frightening: “Disobeying a direct order is a great crime, not even a successor is above the law!”

“I’m aware of the gravity of this crime . ” Bingning responded seriously .

“You should know that a light punishment consists of expulsion, a heavy one is crippling their cultivation! It’s not too late to go back with me now!” The matron uttered coldly .

The crowd was shaken . Disobedience was indeed a serious issue . Once expelled, the person would have nowhere to go in Myriad Lineage . As for the worst case scenario, they would become a mortal again .

The goddess was the successor with limitless potential and prestigious status . She was also considered by some to be more talented than the three young nobles . It’s just that she had a late debut versus them .

She was a promising imperial candidate, and anyone else in her shoes would be appreciative of their circumstances . Being kicked out of Vermillion was akin to falling down from the clouds to an abyss, no chance to climb back out .

Bingning took a deep breath and said: “Thank you for your reminder, Ancestor, and for everything the court has done for me, but I still won’t be coming back . ”

She couldn’t make her stance any clearer . The crowd gasped in response . This was a betrayal of sorts . How could she dare to do such an unfilial and rebellious act?

“Traitor! Do you think your wings are tough now?” The matron became furious: “The court has expended countless effort to groom you, yet you dare to be so stubborn? The court won’t stand for this!”

“As I have said, I’m appreciative of what the court has done for me . As a disciple of Vermillion, I will repay the court with my life when it needs me . But that is limited to upholding my responsibility to protect the court . However, each disciple of the system is family, not an item to be traded! That’s all I have to say . ”

“Fool . The ancestors only want what’s best for you so they chose the easiest path . You can’t understand their wise intent . ”

“I will pick my own path . ” She said firmly .

“Have you no shame?! I will not allow you to do as you please today and will take you back for re-education!” The matron declared .

“Return from whence you came . ” A leisure voice suddenly jumped in: “Don’t needlessly cause trouble and humiliate yourself . ”

Everyone looked over at the speaker - Li Qiye .

The matron’s sharp eyes fell on him as well; they flashed with murderous intent .

“You’re that Li Qiye!” She uttered .

“That’s me . ” He seemed nonchalant and dismissive of the matron .

“You’re the one egging our disciple to…” She scowled .

“Incorrect . Everyone makes their own choice . I simply appreciate her talents . ” He interrupted again .

“Junior, no need to be arrogant for this is not Insane Court, but so what even if it was? It’s only a fallen dao system, can’t reach the apex . Be smart and scram or it won’t end well for you!” 

The harshness of her words had a strong effect on the crowd . Her master was Dracoform Martial God, the number one expert of Myriad . Thus, her words carried immense weight . All systems and ancestors would feel trepidation right now .

“This is a big deal . ” One ancestor murmured .

Though the Mu Clan was frightening indeed, they were still not in Myriad Lineage . This was a threat looming in the mind, different from the threat posed by Stormchaser Matron and Dracoform Martial God . This threat was right here in Myriad Lineage . Dracoform himself could flatten any sect or even an entire system in just a short time . In fact, people would bet on Dracoform over most True Emperors .

“Is that so?” Li Qiye ignored the threat .

“Junior, you aren’t qualified to pair with our successor!” The matron continued: “Insane Court is in ruination, so stop dreaming about marrying the successor of Vermillion Martial Court like a frog wanting to eat the swan! Scram now or you won’t be able to keep your life, and your court will turn to ashes!”

The crowd took a deep breath . If Dracoform were to join, all of this could happen . After all, he was an invincible Eternal .

“You think too highly of yourself and your system . Just one system alone is no different from a dog to me, can’t reach the apex . ” Li Qiye retorted .

The blatant provocation to both Vermillion and Dracoform stunned the crowd . These words would never come out from anyone else in Myriad Lineage .

Some ancestors who have met him before smiled wryly for they have experienced “Fiercest” before . This madman didn’t care about anyone, whether it be the strongest in Myriad or the Mu Clan from Imperial . No one knew why he was so confident .

The matron was ready to kill . She said with a threatening inflection: “I will let you know now that only Young Lord Mu is worthy of our successor . We will never spare anyone who tries to break this marriage!”

This was the first time the martial court had confirmed this marriage alliance despite the previous rumors . It seemed to certain now since it came from the matron .

Moreover, this wasn’t only for Li Qiye to hear, but also for the rest of the crowd - telling all of her fans to drop this idea .

Thus, the youths who liked her were shocked and unwilling to see this development . Everyone also understood why she chose to disobey the sect . So it turned out that she didn’t want this particular marriage .

Alas, a single disciple like her couldn’t refuse . It seemed like Dracoform himself had decided so no one could change it .