Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2316

Chapter 2316

“Splash!” A tsunami appeared out of nowhere above the sky . It instantly engulfed everything . Just one bubble alone could destroy a star .

This seemed to be the river in the world, impossible for anyone to cross . All would feel insignificant before its immensity . Just a tiny wave would drown people instantly, no, even their world would succumb .

Resistance was futile; True Gods were no exception for they would drown instantly .

“What is that?” The crowd rightfully became afraid of the currents .

“Raa!” A beast roar echoed across the realms . The stars trembled from the soundwaves and could fall down at any moment .

A gigantic figure appeared above the river causing splashes to go everywhere . It was an elephant, as white as ivory and shrouded with a sacred light . Scintillating runes blessed the beast, making it look like it was made from a heavenly star .

Though the river could drown the world and wash away the sun, this elephant was unaffected during the crossing . Each step was firm and loud, seemingly carrying massive weight - more than enough to crush everything in the world .

“River-crossing Elephant, one of the twelve variations of the Martial Ancestor!” An elder shouted .

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this, albeit, with difficulty due to the immense pressure of the absolute weight . They felt numerous mountains pressing down on them, wishing to break their spine in half .  

Those who were familiar with Vermillion have heard of the twelve variations . This was the strongest merit law of this system, created by the Martial Ancestor . Rumor has it that this was the top technique of his life .

In the distant past, this technique swept through the world . People couldn’t handle half of a variation, let alone the whole thing .

Later on, Vermillion only had five left, losing seven . Few in the system were eligible to learn these five techniques; the matron was one of them .

This was the first time some ancestors here have seen this technique . It was indeed worthy of its fame, especially when it came from such a powerful being .

“Boom!” The stomp of the elephant resembled the stomp of a peerless master .

The ground cracked, seemingly so fragile . Even a True God would instantly turn into meat paste . People looked over at Li Qiye and thought that he wouldn’t be able to handle it .

“Unfortunately, you only learned the bare minimum . ” Li Qiye smiled; his eyes became resplendent - more than enough to illuminate the endless space .

“Supreme . ” He uttered a mantra .

Everyone suddenly heard a thump; a dao heart seemed to have fluttered .

This tiny movement was more than enough . Just one thump rendered everything into non-existence .

An entirely new world appeared, or just an emulation of one . A heaven and earth appeared, then living creatures .

A supreme figure walked out from the depth of this world . Peerlessly mighty, each of his gestures carried a martial intent . Just one simple step encompassed the essences of martial arts . Every fiber of his being breathed fighting .

“Martial Ancestor!” The matron cried out .

The crowd was astounded . How could this amazing existence appear in this place?

“What, it’s really him…” Another ancestor lost his cool and bellowed .

Though he has never seen the real person, this being looked exactly the same as the pictures and portraits back in Vermillion . The matron had seen these artworks before so she became horrified .

“Boom!” This figure took action, sweeping away the world with one palm and creating a tsunami in the process . This force could destroy three thousand worlds .

Windchaser Matron’s river was massive enough, but it looked like a tiny stream versus this one .

“Boom!” An even bigger elephant showed up and stomped down, annihilating the celestials .

One was a mature elephant while the former was a mere baby, too weak to handle a single blow .

“The same move…” The crowd didn’t know what was going on .

Martial Ancestor showed up and unleashed the same technique - just superior in every way and a thousand times stronger and more complex .

The matron herself had no clue whether this was real or not .

“Is it just an illusion?” One ancestor murmured because Martial Ancestor has been gone for a long time .

Wu Bingning thought she was seeing things as well . How could this be happening?

The elephant of Martial Ancestor crushed the matron’s river into nothingness . Her elephant cried out pitifully and became meat paste .

“It’s real!” The result showed everyone that this was real indeed .

The elephant then turned its focus at the matron and stomped down . The matron couldn’t handle such a massive force .

“Please show mercy!” Bingning cried out in horror .

Though she didn’t like Windchaser Matron, the old woman was still a member of Vermillion .

“Bam!” The matron was stomped on and started vomiting blood . She couldn’t move at all .

“Buzz . ” Martial Ancestor and the technique disappeared, replaced by Li Qiye . The aura around him was also gone .  

Not one in the crowd could comprehend this development . If it wasn’t for the matron being suppressed on the ground, people who would have thought that this was all an illusory trick from Li Qiye .

That wasn’t the case, so what the hell happened? It didn’t look like a merit law or a technique . It was mysterious and bizarre .