Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2320

Chapter 2320

“Boom!” Conqueror, Coiling Dragon, and Sword Sovereign punished the sky . Their attacks destroyed the stars and made the earth tremble .

Conqueror was being repeatedly pushed back by the combined effort of Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign . There was no doubt that he was at a disadvantage despite holding on .

“Brother Conqueror, you won’t be able to survive today without an ancestral treasure . ” Coiling Dragon paced forward while using all eight treasures .

“It’s fine . ” Conqueror was still all-smiles and casually responded in the face of danger, truly an admirable showing from him .

“I’m taking you down!” Sword Sovereign let his sword intent and dao roam free, showing zero mercy with one fatal slash after another .

On the other hand, Coiling Dragon didn’t wish to kill Conqueror just yet because he wanted to see the guy potentially taking out an ancestral treasure .  

He had allies here and if such a thing were to happen, they would pay any price to seize it out of necessity . Possessing such a weapon would bolster their foundation and claim to the system .

“Rumble!” The fight maintained the same course with Conqueror on the back foot, injured . Nevertheless, he didn’t take out a stronger weapon .

Everyone could tell that in a one-on-one fight, Conqueror would definitely win against either of these two .

“Even if he isn’t a descendant, he should be closely related to Coiling Dragon Progenitor in some other ways . He had inherited some skills, this is enough to affect the Eight-armed Dynasty . ” An ancestor murmured after seeing Conqueror using multiple arts from that system’s progenitor .

In fact, Coiling Dragon was both furious and jealous since his dynasty didn’t have any of them . Once Conqueror’s wings grew strong enough, it would be a great blow to the dynasty .

“Boom!” A combination attack finally blew Conqueror flying while vomiting blood .

Right when Conqueror lost his guard, a saber’s cold glint flashed . This saber intent appeared with the shade and flow of mercury .

This culminated in a blade appearing next to Conqueror’s neck . This ambush came too quickly, wanting to put an end to Conqueror .

Inches before death, Conqueror’s body became ethereal and extended almost like a shadow just like a dragon breaking the shackles of space .

“World-leaping Dragon!” Coiling dragon shouted after seeing this movement technique .

“Splush!” Despite the ability to leap through time, Conqueror didn’t fully evade the slash . It cut his chest and left behind a wound deep enough to see the bones . Blood stained the front of his robe .

Everyone gasped after seeing the deadly ambush . They looked over and saw a youth materializing in the air . He wore a long rube, quite tall in stature yet curved like a peeling knife . He looked cold and tough while emitting a dark saber energy - the appearance of a messenger from the underworld .

“Saber Devil Crown Prince!” Someone bellowed .

Upon hearing this title, another commented: “He’s here too? All three young nobles and the sword-saber duo are present today then . ”

Of course, this was not counting the late Miracle .

“Sun Yichen!” Those who have fought against him before staggered backward with fear .

The crown prince of Heavenstart System, Sun Yichen, was famous alongside Sword Sovereign . He was different from his peers . Despite being from an official system, his conducts were more questionable in nature .

Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign always put up a good act regardless of what they have done in secrecy . This wasn’t the case for Saber Devil . He was morally ambiguous on top of being an assassin .  

The other two have done so as well, but they would never let their identity be exposed during the act . Meanwhile, Saber Devil had just publicly tried to ambush Conqueror .

Thus, one couldn’t really treat him as a system successor . His style and ambushes instilled fear, hence his title .

“And here I thought it was someone else . ” Conqueror laughed at Saber Devil instead of looking at his wound .

“Don’t blame me for this, someone else paid for your dog life . ” The crown prince’s voice was both chilling and nefarious .

“The price must have been something . I guess I should be happy that my life is worth so much . ” Conqueror nonchalantly said .

The truth was that many didn’t understand this crown prince at all . Heavenstart was already very powerful with a progenitor who eventually ascended to the imperial level .  In Myriad, they were a first-rate system, albeit not on the same level as Vermillion . Someone with such a prestigious upbringing shouldn’t lack money . Alas, he became a saber for hire, confusing everyone else in the process .

Coiling Dragon’s group had an implicit understanding . He and Sword Sovereign attacked from the left and right, creating a massive flame wave .

“Earth-rending Dragon!” Conqueror crazily shouted and turned into a massive dragon . It tore apart the flame wave, suffering damages in the process .

Right at this second, another undetectable slash came from Saber Devil .

Though Conqueror was using his elusive movement technique, his back still got cut with blood gushing out . There was no doubt that Saber Devil's techniques were more vicious and terrifying compared to the other two .

“Again!” Conqueror fearlessly rushed forward once more .

“Boom!” He collided with Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign but Saber Devil continued to loom in the background . Each ambush was a vicious and fatal slash .

“That crown prince is too cruel . ” A big shot from the last generation shook his head and said .

In terms of cultivation, he wasn’t as strong as his current allies . However, these other two didn’t have the real legacies from their system and had few merit laws from the progenitors .

This wasn’t the case for him . He possessed the legacy of Heavenstart Saber Ancestor . Each slash contained this progenitor’s dao, boosting their effectiveness . His merit laws were superior to the other two . Conqueror could handle the other two for a while but once the crown prince joined the mix, more and more injuries added up .

“I don’t think Conqueror can last for much longer . ” Everyone felt that his defeat was inevitable .