Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2325

Chapter 2325: 2325

“Rumble!” Even when the beasts were quite far from the city, a storm of dust formed due to their massive number .

“Oh lord…” The crowd realized how horrifying this was and quickly left the main path, afraid of being drawn in .

As the tide grew closer, people finally saw them clearly . In fact, they weren’t different from other beasts, relatively similar in appearance . Some had strange and unfamiliar forms, but they were fewer in number .

One impertinent bull was entirely red, around three meters long . It ran like crazy and left behind four large hoof marks . Another one resembled a snow leopard - not as impressive in size but it was as fast as lightning, leading at the front . Mist and frost formed on its path . One more looked like a monkey and rode a beast . Its mount followed all of the orders…

The diversity of beasts astonished the crowd . However, they all had one similar characteristic - a particular rune on their head . The mark was a golden coin - hence their name, coinbeast .

The colossal ones were unbelievably strong . An ape taller than the highest mountain traveled a thousand miles with each step, leaving gigantic footprints behind . Geographic barriers didn’t deter it at all .

The real victims were the other beasts, trampled and crushed into mincemeat . Nevertheless, the horde continued on its path .

Another lightning-fast serpent stretched for a thousand miles and easily decimated a hill with its tongue . It destroyed peaks and trees just like the large ape, leaving a long scar on the ground .

“Rumble!” The world was seemingly rocked by a major disaster .  

“We’re too close!” The cultivators who chose the nearest peak to the main path faced the most pressure . Some got overran instantly .

“Ah!” Their screamings stopped after their body became pieces .

Some were fast enough to jump to the sky but unfortunately, large birds flew by and dismembered them, resulting in an explosion of blood .

A few lucky ones have prepared their coins . The front-running beasts opened their mouth and took in these coins . After seeing this, the cultivators jumped on the beasts and made their way towards the city .

Misfortune tagged along with luck, so after getting on the beasts, the sky suddenly turned dark . They looked up and the bottom of a massive foot became the last thing they saw before death .

Their mounts were affected too, but some were resilient enough to get back up and moved on, despite the fleshy mess on their back .

“It’s a good thing we weren’t that close . ” The cultivators standing far away celebrated . Not being able to take the good spots earlier became a good thing .

A few beasts wandered away from the main path and ate coins a bit farther away . The owners of the coins naturally jumped and rode the beasts .

Another group wanted to ride without paying, so after seeing the ones they like, they immediately rushed forward and tried to get on top .

“Boom!” The beasts didn’t hold back at all and rocked back and forth until they got these people off . The majority of these non-payers died to the incoming waves .

This was a lesson to the spectators so no one else tried to be stingy .

“Rawr!” The howls of the beasts were truly shocking .

Strange enough, the gate of the city might be incredible in size, but it wasn’t as big as the horde . Some beasts were countless times larger by themselves . However, when they made it to the gate, they shrank right away - like a planet turning into a pebble .

This wasn’t a physical change, but rather, they were stepping into a different and limitless dimension .

“Boom!” The large ape mentioned earlier opened its mouth and sucked in Coiling Dragon’s imperial coins from the distance . It then shouted at the young noble .

No doubt that it was willing to be Coiling Dragon’s mount . The man became excited and leaped over, landing on the ape’s shoulder and looking just like a tiny dot in comparison to the creature .

The other colossal serpent coiled around a mountain and pulverized it without any problem . It swallowed Sword Sovereign’s coins, so he jumped on its back without any hesitation .

The other beasts were aware of these two’s might so they stay far away, not wanting to be crushed .

Right before the ape and serpent were about to start again, a detonation in the ocean created a tsunami of unprecedented size .

A beast jumped out of the expanse and braved the waves .

“Bam!” The very next second, all the beasts stopped like braking carriages .  

The explosion earlier nearly ruptured everyone’s eardrums and the world became strangely quiet . Before they could react, the horde of beasts got down on the ground . Even the large ape and serpent didn’t dare to get up .

This sudden change naturally shocked everyone . They quickly looked towards the ocean and noticed the incoming beast .

It had the body of an ox with just a single leg, one horn on its head . One could hear the thunder crackles accompanying it along with surging lightning currents flowing around .

Despite possessing only one leg, it wasn’t hopping . Each step was stable, fast, and even soundless .

It was much smaller in size compared to that ape and didn’t emit a frightening presence . However, one could sense a matchless aura, though the beast didn't try to be imperious and threatening . This aura was simply flowing within its very flesh and blood . This meant that the thing was born to be supreme, possessing the strongest of bloodlines!