Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2327

Chapter 2327: 2327

The scene changed after Li Qiye and the two girls infiltrated the cliff . They could finally walk on the ground again .

This place was vast with a pristine and rich life force . This place has never been touched before by men, filled with a green color .

“Such a strange aura . ” Wu Bingning said .

“How so?” Ximo’s cultivation was far inferior so she couldn’t feel anything strange .

“A rotten smell . ” Bingning frowned: “It’s hard to say . This is akin to a lotus flower in full bloom, but the earth beneath it buried a corpse . Yes, this aura is full of life, but it also masks the degeneration . ”

“Really?” Ximo started sniffing around and eventually blushed: “My, my cultivation is too weak, I can’t sense anything . ”

Li Qiye chuckled: “She’s right, two contrasting forces exist here . Beneath this majestic life force is an inconcealable air of decay . ”

“People have died here?” Ximo inquired .

“Certainly, and not just people . A lot have died, more than one can count . ” Li Qiye smiled .

Ximo was naturally frightened by this revelation .

“Coinbeasts too, so many lives were buried here . ”

“What the hell is this place?” Bingning continued sensing the peculiarities of the area unlike Ximo but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it .

“With death comes life . ” Li Qiye said: “For you, this is death, but for other existences, it is a new life . Your corpse can serve as fertilizer for something else . ”

Bingning shuddered with a terrible premonition .

“Looks like coming here isn’t a good thing then . ” She smiled wryly .

“There’s nothing nice about redeeming grounds . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “So magical with plenty of rules, are they created by nature? Are all of these rules formed by heaven? Did Bewildering and Coinbeast come out of nowhere?”

The two girls began to contemplate . When it came to Moneyfall, people wanted treasures or fortunes . Not many actually cared or researched about this issue . They took its existence for granted .

These locations must have been built by someone - the girls thought . The next question became - who and why?

“Have you never thought about where all the coins go after falling on the ground? The amount is unfathomable . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

The two girls couldn’t answer at all . Bingning couldn’t help but ask: “Do you know?”

He stared at the horizon before plainly answer: “To where they should . After all, a few living things are different from your imagination, they’re quite unique . ”

The answer was too vague and only further confused the girls . Nevertheless, they stopped prying .

“Where are we heading to now?” Bingning asked .

“It will take us to our desired location . The stronger, the farther it can go, and the greater the opportunity . ” Li Qiye tapped on the beast .

It didn’t make any sound and continued forward, one step at a time . This scary speed could cross through ten thousand miles in the blink of an eye . It seemed to know the destination so there was no hesitation .

In the beginning, there were other beasts around this area but this swift creature overtook all of them .

This land was vast to an incalculable level . All the beasts also diverged after entering, seemingly have their own goal . They traveled in a straight line without pausing, no time to think or select .

“Where are we going?” The cultivators could only ride along, unaware of what lies ahead .

“Only heaven knows . ” The ancestors didn’t know either and had no particular objective .  

“So all of this is Coinbeast City?” People thought that they would be entering a massive citadel instead .

“Forget it, let’s get off here . ” An expert with several friends jumped down from their mount .

This beast didn’t care about them and only rushed forward on the same path .

“Let’s look around, maybe we can find some eggs or dao bones here . ” One of them said .

“Boom!” Suddenly, mud and soil flinged everywhere; the ground beneath them started to crack .

A massive skeleton came out of the ground, perhaps one of a giant tiger . Its form back when it was alive remained unknown, only the general shape is clear .

“What the hell is that?” The reanimated skeleton frightened the group .

“Raa!” It actually issued a tiger-like roar and bared its white teeth at the group .

“Ah!” They were eaten by the skeleton before they could react . “Crakk . ” Their bones were pulverized .

Blood flowed down the entire skeletal frame, painting each bone red . The thing seemed to have regained some life force . No, the opposite - its death energy grew denser as if it had just consumed something nutritious .

“Raa!” It roared again and started chasing after the closest beasts with cultivators on top .

It didn’t take long before it successfully caught and ate some preys - both beasts and men .

“Oh god!” The cultivators nearby were scared out of their mind .

“Boom!” It wasn’t until a powerful coinbeast appeared and stomped the skeleton into smithereens did the horrifying hunt stops .

“What the hell was that?” People were still frightened .

This was their first time seeing a reanimated skeleton, and a flesh-eating one at that . Could there be spirits still buried down there?