Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2328

Chapter 2328

“Rawr!” One could hear the cries of beasts everywhere in this area, not just from the newcomers but also the skeletons crawling out of the ground .

They came with all shapes and sizes . Some were massive while other delicate . But this didn’t imply weakness for the latter . A few tiny ones were powerful enough to topple the large coinbeasts down and slay them .

“Rumble!” The miserable sounds of battle became inevitable along with screamings .

These skeletons began hunting the coinbeasts and intruders .  

“Are these the remains of the coinbeasts?” Experts noticed something after seeing enough skeletons . A few pursuers looked just like the ones they’re riding .

“Looks that way . ” Another added: “They’re not weaker than when they were alive at all . So strange . ”

People didn’t know how these beasts have died . Was it from the last event or from a distant era?

“Why are they coming back to life?” Some were afraid because the eye sockets of these skeletons had a fiery glow, just like the fire of a soul .

“Hmm, is this a rebirth or are they mere puppets?” One old expert wondered .

The lack of answers frightened the crowd, especially the fact that these skeletons kept their power . A particularly terrible one killed more than twenty beasts and cultivators with a single slap .

Of course, some living coinbeasts were strong enough to slam the skeletons into pieces . They didn’t consider themselves to be the same species at al and conflicts waged on .

“The problem might be the land itself . ” One ancestor elaborated: “Rumor has it that this place has something to do with eternal life, so the coinbeasts have a chance to live again . Of course, no one knows the validity of this statement but as we can see, these dead creatures are rising again . ”

“Really…” Many ancestors felt their heart thumping faster .

After reaching a certain level and old age, these cultivators stopped caring about power . Eternal life became a fatal attraction instead . Thus, how could they not be interested in this land right now?

“Why are we here?” The ancestor smiled: “Obviously for the beast springs, same as all the beasts here . Maybe this has something to do with eternal life . ”

However, this particular statement wasn’t wholly accurate . Not all beasts came for eternal life .

“Raa!” One creature let out a moving and tragic howl after finding the desired spot - a cliff . It then lowered its head and lay down .

After a long time, people became brave enough to come closer and tested its pulse .

“It’s dead . ” They found that it died peacefully, resting its head on its paws just like a nap .

In fact, this wasn’t uncommon . Numerous beasts came to find a suitable place before passing away in this manner .

The cultivators naturally became surprised and perplexed .

“They came so far just to die?” One sect master murmured .

“So this is how the remains come to be? Maybe they die here for a chance of rebirth in this incredible land?” One expert recalled what an ancestor said earlier .

Perhaps reanimation as a skeleton was a different method to live again . Albeit, it would cease to be its former self .

This only excited the crowd even more after seeing a glimpse of immortality . A few took a risk and got down from their mounts in order to do more research .

One more objective of these beasts became clear to the crowd . They all heard a loud roar .

Another beast climbed up a precipice and made its way into a cave . A while later, the cave emitted a blinding light .

The brave came closer and saw a nest made out of straws with eggs in the center . They were as precious as gems, coveted by all .

“Beast eggs!” Someone shouted .

The beast earlier got inside and got on its stomach, ready to lay some eggs .

“It has to come here to give birth . ” The beast’s goal became obvious to the crowd .

Some spectators lost patience and rushed in before the cave could close in order to seize the eggs .

“Boom!” The moment they got there, a massive claw came from above . A massive beast materialized in the sky and made mincemeat out of them, not giving them a chance to scream .

So it turned out that some beasts came to lay eggs while others were here to protect them .

Before the crowd could calm down, a creaking noise came as the cave began to close .

Some came specifically for these eggs, so to specifically see the process only made them more excited .

“The legend about Elucidation True Emperor is real, he really got a divine beast egg from this place . ” People started believing this legend about the emperor and his Bi’an, the beast protector of Resting Bull .

“There’s a nest up on that mountain shrouded by clouds, three eggs in there too . ” A short time later, someone found something new .

It didn’t take long before experts started gunning for the mountain .

“Boom!” Unfortunately, the guardian here was a skeletal beast . It slapped all of them into fleshy bits .

Nevertheless, the remaining cultivators didn’t give up and began a massive assault on this skeleton .

“Poof!” The beast spewed out waves of lava, queuing the wails of torment .

Events like this happened all over the land . People found eggs and others tried to seize it . However, the eggs were protected by both the living and dead beasts . Fewer than few managed to sneak off with their prize .