Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2330

Chapter 2330

The Kui also stopped after reaching a stream inside the mountain range . In the center was a pool filled with rocks, dried up, perhaps from over-consumption by the coinbeasts since the start of time .

The Kui stood in front of the pool, seemingly waiting for something . Upon closer inspection, if the mountain range was a massive beast, then its mouth would be here, drinking to its content in the past .

“What is it doing?” Bingning asked about the Kui .

“Waiting . ” Li Qiye closed his eyes, not in a hurry at all .

The two girls had to do the same, ignorant of his goal in Coinbeast City .

Some time had passed and came a splashing sound . A spring gushed from the bottom of the pool with a milky color and smell .

More liquid oozed out in other parts . If one were to compare the liquid here to the other locations, they would find that it was thicker and milkier, and that the smell was purer and more refreshing .

This seemed to be the origin of the beast springs . The other places were diluted and inferior .

The Kui began to drink without holding back since there was no other competition here .

“Beast springs…” Bingning didn’t think she would be able to see this legendary liquid .

“What are the benefits?” Ximo curiously asked .

“Life prolongment, but for the beast, it can grant them youth again . ” Li Qiye plainly said .

Ximo became tempted after hearing this . Of course, she was too young for this but the old men in her clan did . Given their power, they weren’t qualified to reach this place .

Nevertheless, she didn’t dare to do anything when the Kui was around . Someone as weak as her competing with it for the liquid? Just one exhale could turn her to dust .

“You can go, it’s good to bring some back . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “It won’t be a waste of this trip . Moreover, the spring here is far more precious compared to any other places . You wouldn’t have the chance to get it without riding a beast of this level . ”

Ximo became happy and got down from the beast to get some liquid .

“I’ll do it too . ” Bingning also jumped down and took out a treasure vase . This would be a great gift for her seniors .

Who knows if the beast heard Li Qiye or if there was no other competition . It continued to drink after briefly glancing at the two girls .

Li Qiye also got a bottle before looking at the sky: “It’s about time to move on . ”

Sure enough, the pool that was filled with spring suddenly became empty once more . Not even a single drop was left, same with the other puddles and streams in this area .

At the same time, this happened to the other places in Coinbeast City as well . It seemed that when the time was right, the liquid would return to the land .

“Fuck, I didn’t get any!” One cultivator cursed .

“It’s too late…” The latecomers shouted with regrets .

Some beasts were furiously shouting at the sky too . They didn’t have the chance to drink just yet . Roars of anger and lament echoed, instilling fear into the listeners .

On the other side, the Kui seemed very calm as if this wasn’t anything new .

“Let’s go . ” Li Qiye ordered .

The girls jumped back on the beast, prepping for the next part of the journey .

The Kui moved deeper into the mountain range . Its familiarity perhaps indicated that this wasn’t its first visit .

The mountains spanned endlessly, decorated with lush trees and snowy peaks, almost as if jade dragons were coiling around them . The sceneries were beautiful beyond words . Heavenly waterfalls, lakes with jewel-like water…

Anyone would be lost in admiration . Of course, treasures were unbelievable here too .

As the Kui passed by, there was a nest along the cliff of a mountain .

This nest was built with divine feathers shimmering with a golden glow, soft, perhaps the softest of them all .

Only a single egg was present, around the size of a bowl . It looked much more humble compared to eggs in the other areas since they were as big as water basins .

It emitted a gentle green light, looking just like a jade work of art . One wouldn’t expect it to be an egg .  

True fire would occasionally flicker . This was a monstrous type; even a True God would be turned to ashes upon touching it .

“Wow…” Bingning’s expression changed .

“It’s a good one . ” Li Qiye glanced at it and a smile curled his lips: “It won’t be a Vermillion Bird, but its blood is very close to being one . Perhaps it will become something similar to this one right here . ” Having said that, he gently patted the Kui’s head .

“The egg is that strong?” Both the girls were moved .

Though she hasn’t seen the Kui in action just yet, the prostration from all the other beasts indicated its might .

“Yes . ” Li Qiye agreed with a nod but was not tempted .

“Why aren’t you taking it?” Bingning became curious since this egg was a coveted jewel .

“Only close to being a Vermillion Bird, not one yet . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “The latter case is a bit interesting, but this one is still not enough . This isn’t an issue of whether it is strong or not . A divine beast has intrinsic value far above its battle potential . ”

“Instead of grooming that egg, I rather train a progenitor . For example, this fella right here wouldn’t have any advantage against one, and against an immortal lineage one? No chance . ” He continued rubbing its head .

The Kiu seemed unhappy with that statement and let out a quiet roar . Nevertheless, it didn’t become angry . It possessed true intelligence, far above ordinary coinbeasts .

Bingning was naturally astonished . Grooming a powerful coinbeast was quite desirable . For example, Elucidation True Emperor got a Bi’an back then for his system .

Ximo took one last look at that egg . She didn’t think about it because first of all, she didn’t have the power to obtain it . Even if she did, she wouldn’t be able to help it hatch or feed it in the first place .

A beast at this level couldn’t be kept by just anyone . Only the truly strong had this privilege .