Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2332

Chapter 2332: 2332

Ximo wouldn’t be so frightened if Li Qiye was around because he could shoulder a falling sky . However, the situation was perilous due to his meditation .

She wasn’t only worrying for herself but also for him . Qi deviation could result in death . She looked over and prayed for him to return .

“Get ready . ” Bingning quietly said with a serious expression .

Ximo clenched her fists and made up her mind . She shifted to the front of Li Qiye, unable to watch him die without doing anything .

Sword Sovereign’s group initially rode beasts . They had knowledge of the city so they found this place . However, their beasts didn’t dare to come inside so they had to walk .

They were careful, not wanting to provoke any powerful beast in this dangerous mountain range, even going as far as ignoring eggs . They never expected to see these three here .

Sword Sovereign’s eyes narrowed after seeing Li Qiye as he snorted, showing his strong dislike .

“Is that the junior?” An old man from behind him walked out and asked .

His weapon was a gigantic sword of unknown material . He looked muscular enough to wield this type of heavy weapon . Though he didn’t emit a powerful aura, the rings circulating around him showed that he was an Ascender .

“Solitary Sword God!” Ximo blurted out after seeing his face . [1]

“Yun Tian . ” Bingning was also surprised, not expecting such a high-level ancestor from Sword Grave to come .

This was a ninth-level True God, far superior to Windchaser Matron . Moreover, he focused on the sword dao his whole life and had reached an extraordinary level, or so people have said . Because of this, rumor has it that he has never needed to use more than three slashes in his life .

Speculation started like wildfire, that with his sword dao, he could contend against a new Eternal .

His one regret was unable to study the core merit laws of Sword Saint, or he could inherit this supreme sword dao .

“I want to see his quick-draw . ” His eyes became dazzling with excitement .

The guy was fascinated with swords . He didn’t like challenging others to mere duels, only sword contests .

He stopped caring about the matters of Sword Grave, but the sovereign told him about Li Qiye’s invincible speed . This interested him enough to make him come out .

Of course, this played into the sovereign’s goal . Because the matron was utterly defeated, he believed that outside of Eternals, only someone like Solitary could take Li Qiye on .

He knew that he wasn’t qualified to ask the sword god for a favor, so he only focused on describing Li Qiye’s peerless sword dao .

Solitary didn’t come here to settle a junior’s personal feud . He only wanted to have a sword dao competition .

“Li Qiye, this is our unbeatable ancestor from Sword Grave . He wishes to see your invincible quick-draw . ” Sword Sovereign emphasized the latter part .

Alas, Li Qiye had no reaction .

“Our Young Noble is not interested right now . ” Bingning refused, hoping to buy more time . She didn’t want them to realize that he was currently meditating .

“Hmph, so arrogant, our sword god is a ninth-level Ascender . ” Sword Sovereign scowled .

“Nothing to be afraid of, our Young Noble easily took down an eighth-level earlier . ” Bingning acted cool .

She wanted to foster an atmosphere of contempt, so that they would mistake Li Qiye’s inaction as disrespect and scorn .

In reality, this was nearly how it went in previous encounters . Li Qiye always closed his eyes and ignored the crowd .

Thus, Sword Sovereign didn’t expect him to be in the process of meditation . Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with a response because the guy really defeated Windchaser Matron without any difficulty .

“Hmph . It sounds like you wish to betray Vermillion Martial Court completely and join this villain’s banner . ” Someone else coldly asserted .

Another group has arrived . The speaker was Coiling Dragon Young Noble and he came with more than one hundred old men . The majority were ancestors of his system, mainly True Gods and even Ascenders .

“Coiling Dragon Young Noble, that’s our business . If you wish to interfere, you should first clean up your own mess, especially the past matters of Praymoon . Wipe your butt first before critiquing others . ” She didn’t give him any face .

Her title of martial goddess wasn’t empty . When she decided to go all out, she was fierce and undeterred by anyone .

“You…” This wasn’t only a slap to him but also to his system - no, just Praymoon .  

Many ancestors glared angrily at her but there was nothing they could do . The history of Praymoon was unflattering indeed .

“Long time no see, Miss Wu . ” An old man noticed Coiling Dragon being tongue-tied so he came out .

A bright light began to spread like flowing water across the area .

He had numerous hands, each was far superior to Coiling Dragon’s own and contained word-destroying explosiveness .

“Long time no see, King . ” Bingning calmly nodded as a greeting .

“Myriad-armed King!” Ximo immediately thought of someone and had to cover her mouth, stopping herself from screaming .

Indeed, this was a participant of the alliance that attacked Insane Court back then . He came specifically for Li Qiye .

He didn’t accept his defeat back then, thinking that it was a matter of place and time . If Li Qiye didn’t have control over that dao source, they wouldn’t have lost so miserably .

He had just finished recovering and got news of Li Qiye being in Moneyfall . The guy didn’t mind traveling the long distance to come and settle the score . He believed that victory was possible as long as Li Qiye didn’t have a dao source to help him . After all, the power of an Ascender was not to be underestimated .

He glanced at Li Qiye before turning back at Bingning: “Miss Wu, don’t forget, justice and evil will never coexist . You are the successor of Vermillion and should maintain your stance . ”

“What is justice, and what is evil?” She replied: “King, don’t forget that the agreement back then was signed by all the participating system, recognizing the legitimacy of Insane Court, so your rhetoric is incorrect . Are you reneging on your words?”

“Of course not . ” Myriad-armed shook his head: “I do not deny the validity of the agreement, but we should be vigilant, do not be tricked by others . ”

“I accept your good intention, but there is no need for you to worry about my choices . If there is nothing else, you can go . ” She flatly said .

Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign couldn’t interject because Bingning was also part of the alliance . In other words, she was qualified to speak to the king on the same level, unlike them .

1 . This is a reference to Return of the Condor Heroes, in my opinion . The guy’s title is Gudu, and I actually thought it was Dugu instinctively . Many authors do homage like this . The strongest martial artist in that universe is Dugu Qiubai, a fictional character who is mentioned by name in three wuxia novels by Jin Yong (Louis Cha) . He does not appear in any of the novels because he lived in an era long before the events of the novels took place . Nicknamed "Sword Devil" (劍魔) to reflect his prowess in and devotion to the practice of swordplay, he attains the philosophical level of "swordsmanship without a sword", which means that he uses swordplay techniques in combat without the physical existence of a sword .