Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2333

Chapter 2333: 2333

More people have arrived at this moment . Many ancestors knew Moneyfall well enough to reach this place after getting off their beasts . They wanted to test their luck and find some eggs because rumor has it that Elucidation found his Bi’an here .

They quickly noticed this stalemate and became interested, watching from afar .

“A fight, maybe?” The experts saw the numerous ancestors from Coiling Dragon System so they quietly talked .

Everyone knew that Coiling Dragon Young Noble and Sword Sovereign wouldn’t let this go . Finding reinforcement was only a matter of time, so the presence of these ancestors confirmed the start of an inevitable battle .

Myriad-armed was naturally unhappy with Bingning’s aggressive tone . He scowled: “Miss Wu, you are way out of line here . ” 

The king had the same status as Windchaser and their power level was most likely similar . Thus, Bingning was showing disrespect towards a senior .

“King, I have been plenty reasonable . Otherwise, I would be pushing for you to repay your debt to me!” She pushed on .

Though she wasn’t being overly explicit, the intimidation tone was obvious .

Myriad-armed’s expression changed . He indeed owed her a debt after the alliance became prisoners to Insane Court . Li Qiye wanted to kill them but with the help of Bright Ancestor and Pill Kill, Li Qiye decided to take Wu Bingning as a hostage instead .

It wouldn’t be outrageous to say that all of these ancestors owed her a debt . Plus, it wasn’t flattering for people to know that grown men like them left behind a girl to be a hostage .

Because of this, he didn’t wish to dwell on this topic or they would become the laughingstock of the system .

“Very well . ” Myriad-armed replied: “Then I won’t bother you any longer, but you will not be able to stop this matter . ”

“Thank you, King . ” She plainly responded .

The king retreated to the back, still glaring at Li Qiye . Though he gave up on pursuing Bingning’s matter, he would still maneuver against Li Qiye when an opportunity arises .

As the conversation came to a halt, a flashing edge aimed straight for Li Qiye’s throat .

Ximo couldn’t react in time, unlike Bingning who used her sword to stop the thrust, resulting in sparks splattering everywhere .

The ambusher showed himself - Saber Devil Crown Prince .

The spectators grew startled . Ximo, on the other hand, became intimidated . She tried to block before Li Qiye even more .

She knew that she was unable to stop someone at this level, so she was preparing to use her body as a shield .

“Martial goddess, no one can stop me from reaching my target . ” He declared .

“Is that so?” Bingning replied before disappearing from sight .

The crown prince was an ambushing expert so his stealth techniques were flawless . However, he failed to spot her .

“Whoosh!” A matchless ray aimed straight for his chest .

“Buzz . ” The crown prince disappeared as well but was forced back into the open by another thrust hitting the space where he hid .

He shuddered and used the same technique . Alas, the formula repeated .

“Die!” Unable to stealth, he decided to let his saber roam free - sealing the entire area .

Bingning was nowhere to be found inside the vicinity of his attack . In this split second, the cold glint of a sword emerged right in front of his throat . He guessed her position and focused on offense instead of defense . Alas, the sword disappeared once more .

This repeated several times before the prince was carelessly struck . The wound was shallow in a non-fatal position, but this was still a great blow to his morale .

She appeared again next to Li Qiye after the successful exchange .

“So fast!” An expert commented .

“Not just fast, her stealth is impeccable too . ” One ancestor said .

“World-concealing Grass!” The prince’s expression became unsightly; his stare fixated on her .

He has always taken pride in his ambushing techniques . This allowed him to kill stronger foes . He had heard of stories about her grass of invisibility but didn’t pay it any mind, even holding it in contempt . In his mind, using an external item for stealth was no big deal, until today .

In terms of cultivation, she was not necessarily stronger than him . But with the grass, she definitely had the advantage when it came to subterfuge combat .

“Crown Prince, you’re not the only one well-versed in ambushing techniques in Myriad . The rest of us just don’t care enough . ” She verbally attacked, staying true to her title .

“That grass is incredible . ” One ancestor murmured .

Everyone knew that Vermillion was famous for its peerless martial arts, needless to say about its successor .  However, this made people forget about her particular treasure and her assassination abilities . It was just that she preferred not to use them when possible .

“Not bad . ” The prince uttered: “Martial goddess, I’m not here alone, that Li guy won’t be able to escape today!” 

With that, another group showed up with murderous intent . The leader was an ancestor holding a saber flashing with a bloody glow . One could faintly hear the stench of blood from a distance as if this saber had reaped numerous victims in the past .

“Blade-reaper True God and so many ancestors from Heavenstart System . ” The spectators noted with fear .

The name of this eighth-level True God was Chen Baojiang; his title, Blade-reaper .

This ferocious man massacred numerous enemies during youth, not sparing their clans and families either . The blood of his fallen foes stained the blade of his saber and their indignant spirits lingered there, hence his title .

Plenty of people wanted to kill him for revenge but he came from Heavenstart, a powerful system . Others couldn’t do anything about it .

His arrival today meant that his system was going all out .

“Is it just a coincidence?” Someone murmured .

Coiling Dragon, Sword Grave, and Heaven Start went all in with their ancestors . Everyone felt that it was a premeditated assault on Li Qiye .

“I heard Young Lord Mu had given out an order - bring Li Qiye’s head for a great reward . ” A knowledgeable expert quietly revealed .

“I see . ” People understood right away .

No wonder why so many ancestors came . So Young Lord Mu had given a prize for Li Qiye’s head . It was no longer about personal grievances .