Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2336

Chapter 2336: 2336

Forcing the crown prince out in the open also exposed her location, so Coiling Dragon and Sword Sovereign immediately attacked .

The former unleashed all eight treasures from different directions to crush the area, not giving her a chance to run .

The latter’s swords hymned and gathered into a peerless slash, full of the sword dao . It fixated on her head .

The three of them didn’t give her a chance to retaliate, deciding to go all out from the start .

Unfortunately, Coiling Dragon’s treasures couldn’t seal Bingning’s movement . She still disappeared after the failed attack .

She showed off her own stealth techniques, perhaps superior to the crown prince, instead of just relying on the World-concealing Grass .

“Whoosh!” In the next blink of an eye, a white ray aimed straight for the sovereign’s heart .

“Clank!” The wall of swords activated, completely impenetrable . This allowed him to slash instead of parry .

“Clank!” Her halberd successfully penetrated the wall of swords and slammed into his sword, resulting in a deafening collision .

Blood finally made its appearance . Though she failed to pierce through him, her halberd still brushed by his back, leaving a deep wound .

“Kill her now!” The other two rushed over and used their top techniques again .

Unfortunately, they had no way of stopping her stealth technique .

The three became on guard . The next ambush came straight for Coiling Dragon’s throat . Alas, the combined effort of the three forced her back .

There was no doubt that her power alone couldn’t match up to the three, but the World-concealing Grass was incredible . The trio couldn’t catch her at all .

She was superior to Conqueror in this regard . He could only defend instead of having enough freedom of movement to retaliate .

“That grass is so amazing . ” One spectator said .

Everyone could see that without this treasure, she wouldn’t be able to fare much better than Conqueror . The trio wasn’t strong like Li Qiye to stop the grass, so how could they stop her from moving freely through space?

Nevertheless, the only thing she has accomplished so far was leaving trivial wounds on their body . The real damage was on their pride .

Coiling Dragon’s eyes fell upon Li Qiye . He immediately had an idea and signaled at the other two .

“Hold her back!” He ignored her ambush and darted for Li Qiye with lightning speed . He raised a treasure pagoda and smashed down .

“Boom!” A halberd naturally came to stop the incoming pagoda .

“Now!” The other two took advantage of this .

One devilish saber carried a crazy wave of sharp energy . The sword gathered the myriad laws that wove together into a mighty sword intent, aiming for her neck . Even the sun paled in comparison before this luminous thrust .

She spun her halberd and created a billowing wave, encompassing both offense and defense . At this moment, she had no choice but to face them directly . If she were to disappear, those slashes would kill Li Qiye behind her .

“Bam!” The halberd technique stopped the incoming sword and saber, but she staggered backward from the reverberation . Blood ran down her lips . Taking them on one at a time was possible, but the duo completely overwhelmed her .

The group finally surrounded Wu Bingning since she was forced to stay near Li Qiye and Ximo . They were using Li Qiye to stop Bingning from utilizing her grass . Protecting Li Qiye meant that 

she couldn’t leave the area .

“Martial goddess, it is not too late to surrender or this will be your grave . ” Coiling Dragon threatened .

Bingning snorted with derision: “Is that so? Try this move first then talk . ”

“Buzz . ” Her halberd became radiant and translucent . She threw it in the air with a speed surpassing lightning . Time seemed to be slowing down as a result .

“Ra!” An ocean of lightning arcs emerged . A leo emerged with claws sharp and agile enough to tear through the spatial fabrics . Nothing could stop its pounce .

“Boom!” At the same time, two more figures also emerged, seemingly eternal .

She didn’t stop there for this were three moves strung together as a series . The leo was first then the two figures, but because of her speed, they seemed to be coming out at the same time .

This mighty power ravaged the dao and the myriad ages . Everything seemed as fragile as paper .

“Lightning Leo down the mountain… wait, no, it’s three variations in a row!” One ancestor reacted with a shout .

Everyone gasped and shuddered after hearing this .

The twelve variations of Martial Ancestor were the top merit laws of Vermillion . They were his best techniques, completely unstoppable . Just one variation was virtually unbeatable, but she performed three of them in a row .

The crowd saw a magnificent scene - the spatial area near her halberd crumbled like glass . Temporal affinity was being surpassed; everything else was slowing down . No, they were actually reversing in time . Perhaps this was an illusory effect, but the feeling was incredibly strange .

The three variations starting with Lightning Leo was quite threatening .

The trio could sense the danger and become alarmed . The crown prince was the first to retaliate: “One slash splitting the heavens!”

He stole the brightness in the world and condensed everything on his saber before slashing forward without any hesitation . In his mind, offense is the best defense, because no defense from them could stop that incoming strike . Thus, he chose to use his best slash and aimed it at her halberd .

“Boom!” Chaos ensued; the stars lost their brilliance . The world fell into darkness after this explosion .

“Sword Forest!” The sovereign turned into a boundless domain of swords . Countless blades became a supreme fortress, invulnerable to attacks .

“Treasures equal to the heavens!” The frightened Coiling Dragon summoned all of his treasures before using his strongest attack . This one was both offense and defense . His treasures erupted like the suns .