Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2338

Chapter 2338: 2338

The blood from several hundred decapitated experts of the three systems began to flow and overwhelmed the senses .

Experts here were experienced, but even the True Gods right now were trembling after witnessing the ultimate slash .

The three youths were actually pseudo-True Emperors, yet their combined effort couldn’t stop one single move .

This feeling of terror affected Myriad-armed and Blade-reaper as well .

His words earlier still echoed in everyone’s ears, not as a threat but as a premonition .

Ascenders felt the same pressure . They were ready to face the toughest enemy so they took out their weapons and maintained defensive measures .

Of course, fury overwhelmed them as well . Li Qiye had just killed their sect master, successors, and several hundred experts before their very eyes . It was showing utter contempt for their systems, challenging their authority, a declaration of war .

“Li Qiye, you have crossed the line!” Myriad-armed held numerous treasures . Their laws poured down to protect him like a divine wall .

Li Qiye turned towards him and replied: “So what? No one will be leaving today . ”

The neutral spectators gasped . This was a prelude to a massacre? Wanting to kill all the ancestors here? The loss would be unreal, resulting in an irreconcilable feud - until the destruction of one side . They felt that only someone as fierce as Li Qiye would be able to do this . It was appropriate for his style .

“Our three systems have countless masters!” Myriad-armed shouted . Whether it be flowery words or raising their morale, Myriad-armed needed to stay strong or his system would lose all respect .

Just imagine, one system being suppressed by a single person? How could they maintain the authority and instill fear afterward? How could the other sects in Coiling Dragon System stay subservient to their dynasty?

“Just a bunch of losers . I spared your life back at Insane Court yet you dare to wag your tail before me again? Looks like you won’t take me seriously until your head is on the ground . ” Li Qiye interrupted Myriad-armed .

This revelation left Myriad-armed’s expression awkward and ugly .

The crowd took a deep breath after hearing this as well . Prior to this, the alliance didn’t announce their victory but from various leaks, everyone assumed that it was a success . This meant that the alliance has been lying to everyone by not refuting the facts in order to maintain their reputation and face .

Now, people became aware that the alliance had lost to Li Qiye in the past so they were justifiably shocked . No wonder why this guy was so domineering . He had defeated these old men already .

“Li Qiye, don’t be arrogant . This isn’t your court and you don’t have the dao source . We’ll see how long you can act this way . ” Blade-reaper joined the fray since Myriad-armed was speechless .

“More than enough to destroy your three systems . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly claimed .

The crowd looked at each other . Even a True Emperor wouldn’t make this statement but Li Qiye had no qualms in doing so .

“Everyone, did you hear that? This villain won’t change his way . We must work together for the sake of justice today!” Myriad-armed finally regained his composure and shouted at the ancestors: “If we can’t kill him, Myriad will never see the daylight again!”

“Go for it so I don’t have to chase you one by one . Just three to five moves will be enough . ” Li Qiye flatly said .

All of the ancestors angrily glared at him . This group of the three systems and other experts had more than a thousand members, and nearly ten Ascenders . Furthermore, Solitary Sword God was someone who could actually fight a True Emperor .

“Very well, no need to reason with this villain, let’s kill him!” Blade-reaper roared .

He and Myriad-armed had an implicit understanding, aware that they alone couldn’t handle Li Qiye at all . Working together and using their best moves? There might be a sliver of hope in that case .

“I’ll fight you first . ” Solitary suddenly challenged while looking at Li Qiye without batting an eye .

He spoke the fewest words from start to finish . He has been watching the entire time since Li Qiye’s slash, brimming with excitement .

“Sword God, we need to go together . ” Myriad-armed hastily said .

Among them, Solitary was the strongest . They considered him to be their main fighting force, believing that he could stop Li Qiye’s quick-draw . But now, a one-on-one fight between these two wouldn’t be favorable for them .

“I don’t care about your business . Do as you please, even Sword Grave has nothing to do with me . ” Solitary didn’t even mind the death of Sword Sovereign or the alliance’s request .

The only thing in his mind was the sword dao . He became ecstatic after watching Li Qiye in action and simply wanted to test his skill . Victory or defeat didn’t matter .

“Sword God…” Blade-reaper tried as well .

“Don’t bother me . ” Solitary coldly uttered: “Don’t blame my sword for being merciless if you choose to interfere with my duel . ”

He couldn’t be clearer with his intent, uncaring of his own system . Only the sword could win his attention .

Blade-reaper and Myriad-armed couldn’t do anything . They retreated together and tried to come up with another plan .

“I didn’t expect this . ” A spectator became surprised .

Solitary was the strongest ancestor of Sword Grave . Now, their sect master had just been killed yet he harbored no intention of revenge . The existence of an ancestor like this was a bit ridiculous .

“That’s why his title is Solitary . ” A different ancestor actually expected this: “Of course, he is qualified to be arrogant . His sword dao is mighty, Myriad-armed and Blade-reaper are no match for him . It’s a shame that he didn’t have access to Sword Saint’s sword dao, or he would have been an Eternal long ago . He was born for the dao of a sword, a true genius . The only thing that held him back was learning a shallow law from the start . If he started with a real legacy, he might be on the same level as Dracoform Martial God . ”