Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2339

Chapter 2339

Words couldn’t be heard in this area for the crowd had nothing to say . A few experts prayed for Solitary’s victory against Li Qiye .  

The youth didn’t know much about this particular sword user, but the older masters and ancestors truly admired his sword dao . Solitary wouldn’t care about ninth-level True Gods, even those so close to being an Eternal .

His love for the sword made him only train in the sword dao, establishing an incredible foundation - something the other True Gods couldn’t compare to despite training in progenitorial laws .

“So fast . ” Solitary said solemnly: “I’ve never seen something like this before, you will be a worthy foe . ”

There was no antagonism in his tone, only a simple challenge .

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Hmm, your sword dao is alright at the complexity to simplicity state, reaching Samadhi with this dao . ”

Some were stunned after this comment . It could be said that when strictly speaking about the sword dao, no one in Myriad knew more than him . But now, Li Qiye said that it was only “alright”? Quite an unreasonable and haughty statement .

Nevertheless, Solitary slowly untied the heavy sword behind his back and held it with one hand . He didn’t emit an imposing sword energy, but he himself looked like a sheathed sword, as immovable as Mount Tai .

“Speed is not my forte but after witnessing your slash earlier, I am jubilant . Please, make your move to determine the better between the two of us . ” Solitary said . Li Qiye was not an enemy to him, only a worthy foe .

“Quick-draw isn’t my forte either . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

The crowd became slack-jawed; some even audibly gasped . Everyone has seen it - when the sword came out, heads will fall . Nothing else in the world could match it .

This was something worthy of pride, yet Li Qiye just said it wasn’t even his forte? If this was the truth, it would be too terrifying . His real skill would be completely dreadful .

Solitary’s eyes narrowed, wishing to see some clues but unable to spot anything .

“May I ask what you are best at?” Solitary asked .

“Killing, that’s all . ” Li Qiye freely said .

For some reason, people could smell the stench of blood and become horrified .

“Clank . ” Solitary finally unsheathed his sword, very slowly and solemnly . However, not a single exquisite movement was unnecessary .

With a serious expression, he requested: “Please show me your quick-draw . ”

“Simplicity and power, the might of a heavy sword user . ” Li Qiye said while looking at the heavy sword .

This sword was unadorned, devoid of decorations, just a tool for murder .

“It’s a bit boring if I use quick-draw versus your heavy sword . Let’s settle it with a heavy style as well . ” Li Qiye smiled while shaking his head .

“A heavy sword style?” Solitary’s eyes lit up, overwhelmed with excitement .  

Just the quick-draw style already stirred him beyond belief . After years of training, his dao became simple, resulting in this heavy style . Each technique no longer needed variation, only weight and power .

He never cared for powerful foes, only opponents skilled in the sword . Unfortunately, they were a rare breed .

So now, when Li Qiye wished to do this contest with his own heavy style, Solitary became thrilled as a master of this dao .

Li Qiye said: “I shall show you the truest form of the sword . ”

Having said that, his body started glowing ever so lightly and began to float .

“Clank . ” The hymn of a sword could be heard, but none was in sight . His body itself was the blade at this moment .

“Incredible!” Solitary couldn’t help but praise even before the enemy made his move: “That’s a sword indeed!”

“Clank!” The heavy sword in his hand resonated without showing great fanfare and radiance . In this split second, it seemed to be alive .

More importantly, he also became an unsheathed sword . It didn’t have sharpness, only an incalculable weight that could crush the firmaments . People couldn’t distinguish between him and his sword for the two have fused into one .  

He started floating up and stood directly in front of Li Qiye .

“I’m ready . ” Solitary calmly said while being one with the sword .

Suddenly, a colossal sword materialized above . It was large enough for a galaxy to float around it . Just one slash could split the world into two halves . Merit laws and techniques were insignificant in comparison, as brittle as dried branches .

“What is that sword…” People looked up at the sky . One couldn’t see it fully without relying on their heavenly gaze .  

“This might be too much . ” Li Qiye chuckled and raised his hand . The sword shrank in size, becoming big enough to fall into his grip .

It emitted a bronze luster, simple and ancient . It also carried immense weight . This sword compared to Solitary’s own seemed to be about even .

“Sword existing in the heart . ” Solitary sighed and said: “What’s its name?”

“Bronze . ” Li Qiye answered before test swinging it once .

“Bronze . ” Solitary repeated this ordinary yet memorable name .

Everyone assumed that this name would have an awesome name so they were caught off guard .

“Let us begin . ” Solitary initiated .

“You first, so people won’t say that I didn’t give you a chance . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“Very well . ” Solitary didn’t waste time . His eyes became resplendent as two suns, pouring out a light that could burn everything .