Chapter 234: Myriad Star Water (2)
As Li Qiye was driving the chariot along the heaven’s path, his eyes maintained a careful focus for no one knew what would be at the end of this path. It could be the heavenly coffin or something else entirely.

Underworld appears, rebirth begins; heaven’s path revealed; divine stone initiated. Entered heavenly coffin, achieving myriad old. Awaken corpse earth, heaven bringing eternality. Li Qiye kept on thinking about these words. The reality was that the heavenly coffin might not necessarily be at the end of the heaven’s path!

Li Qiye rode his chariot for a very long distance and an unknown amount of time before finally reaching the end of the heaven’s path.

It was a mountain deprived of a notable stature, and it was not comparable to the monstrous mountain with the hanging wooden coffin found in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

However, this particular not-so-mighty mountain was befriended with the sun and the moon with hovering stars and galaxies encircling it; it was as if this mountain was the center of the sky, as if it was the beginning of the heaven and earth.

Li Qiye went up the mountain and found that there were no other things outside of a pool of water! In the middle of the mountain was a large pond with slow flowing water.

A spurting spring existed at the middle of the pond. It did not spray high, only around three feet up.

Li Qiye was shaken at moment he saw the water in the pond. Its water was not much different from common water, but with a more meticulous observation, one would find that this water was not ordinary. This tranquil water had a faint shimmer, but with a careful glance, this faint shimmer was not from light, but they were stars along with suns and moons. The grand dao accompanied each of these simmer; to simply put it, this was its own heaven and earth.

Inside the glossy lights, these heavenly bodies were hundred of times smaller than a speck of dust. This was the reason why they looked like faint shimmers at a glance.

“Myriad Star Water!” Even Li Qiye was astonished at the sight of this pond. After living for such a long time, what type of treasures had he not seen? Even the treasure considered number one in the world by mankind had been bestowed with his gaze.

Li Qiye had only seen the Myriad Star Water once, and it was a long time ago. It was only one drop of Myriad Star Water back then, but it brought about a war from the entire Nine Worlds. At that moment, Immortal Emperor and Immortal Physiques at grand completion tried to seize this one drop of Myriad Star War and brought about an Immortal Emperor level war!

Li Qiye took a deep breath as his gaze fell upon the spring in the pond. The spring was only there feet high as it was raising a piece of treasure metal!

This treasure metal was filled with the primordial chaos as if it was born during the inception of the heaven and earth. Its voice was very, very indistinct; yet it sounded as if an Immortal King was preaching the scriptures with the hymns of True Gods. They exuded a majestic brass sounds of majestic drums allowing listeners to be enlightened with perfect wisdom.

The more frightening thing was that there were nine runes upon this piece of treasure metal. They intertwined into one existence – a supreme true mantra! This one true mantra alone formed its own world and turned into an unparalleled heavenly testament! However, this was only the first form of the heavenly testament, not grand completion yet!

Li Qiye’s eyes shot out a blinding brilliance to analyze the golden runes within the metal resulting in his body shaking! In a blink, he clearly read the golden runes within this piece of metal!

“Pristine Worldly Metal!” With a shocked expression, Li Qiye took a cold breath and couldn’t help himself from murmuring.

Li Qiye had seen so many treasures throughout the ages. Regarding grand dao treasure metal with innate runewords to create Life Treasure, a nine grand dao golden runes was the most valuable!

However, a grand dao treasure metal with nine grand dao golden runes was not the most invaluable. There was a saying among cultivators: treasure metals with nine runes were not as great as treasure metal with three runes and one true mantra!

If one grand dao treasure metal contains nine grand dao golden runes, but if these golden runes were just fragmented pieces, it could only be considered a treasure metal reaching its own limit regarding golden runes! However, if this grand dao treasure metal contained three grand dao golden runes that were able to turn into one true mantra; in the eyes of many people, its value was much greater than a nine runic grand dao treasure metal.

The reason was very simple. When these grand dao golden runes could form into a true mantra, its power would double! Three runic true mantra’s power would be no lesser than a nine runic grand dao treasure metal!

Therefore, some people referred to these golden runes capable of forming true mantra as Mantra Treasure Metal or True Metal, and they even placed it above Immortal Metal! 1

Since time immemorial, Li Qiye had seen many True Mantra Treasure Metal, three runic true mantra metals, and even six runic true mantra metals.

However, this particular treasure metal was nine runes forming a true mantra. The more terrifying fact was that these nine runic mantra was considered the first supreme true mantra of the heaven and earth!

Yet the most monstrous aspect was that these nine runic true mantra had combined into one and turned into a supreme heavenly testament.

Golden runes forming nine words, and nine worlds turning into a true mantra while this true mantra culminated into a heavenly testament! This was its most terrorizing characteristic.

Even though it was just in its early form and far from being a true heavenly testament, but it was plenty horrendous!

One had to remember that the world has a saying: Before there were heavens and earth, in its infancy stage, the universe’s primordial chaos arrived. From the primordial chaos, the grand beginning spawned. The grand beginning gave birth to the Nine Words, the Nine Words created the Nine Treasures, and from the Nine Treasures came the Nine Scriptures. These were the legends of this world!

The Pristine Worldly Metal ahead was in the shape of an early Nine Treasures and Nine Scriptures. Of course, if it wants to become a Heavenly Scripture or a Heavenly Treasures; this early form would still require endless time, perhaps one hundred million years or a trillion years. 2

However, this did not matter at the moment to Li QIye. He couldn’t wait for this Pristine Worldly Metal ahead to turn into a Heavenly Scripture or Heavenly Treasure. In the end, he couldn’t wait for such a long time.

As long as he could seize this Pristine Worldly Metal ahead and create a supreme Life Treasure from it in the future, and at the same time shouldering the Heaven’s Will to become an Immortal Emperor; this Life Treasure would be unbeatable in this world. Even Immortal Emperor True Treasure would not be able to compete against it!

This Pristine Worldly Metal was only a legend, existing only at the primordial chaos of the heaven and earth. However, Li Qiye didn’t actually think that he would actually see one today!

“Boom… boom… boom..” During his time of astonishment, there were thunderous noises causing Li Qiye to immediately turn around!

Looking at the scene ahead in the empty void, even Li Qiye became dumbfounded with his eyes wide opened. Ants one after another were carrying a coffin from the mountain forward into the void.

“Ancient ants moving the coffin!” Li Qiye murmured as if he was in a trance. Not long before this, he had seen these ants carrying a wooden coffin towards the deepest area of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. And that time was not the first time he had seen this phenomenon before either. He just didn’t expect to see these ants again at this time and place.

Li Qiye was certain that these ancient ants were the same one that he met not long ago. Such a situation even caused Li Qiye who had seen many strange things to be stuck in a daze!

Li Qiye felt an urge to chase after and open the wooden coffin, but he managed to calm himself, because he had of a different legend. A legend with a bad end!

The moment the ancient ants and the coffin disappeared into the void, Li Qiye finally regained his wit and looked at the pond ahead. After taking a deep breath, he took out an item and aimed it towards the water in the pond, and shouted: “Go…”

However, the water in the pond did not slightly move. One had to know that the jade bottle in Li Qiye’s hand was a Universe Pouch. Not to mention a water pond, it could even hold an entire river. But at this time, there was not the slightest of movement.

Regardless of how he tried to suck in the Myriad Star Water with his his jade bottle, it was all for naught. At this moment, Li Qiye realized that this water was not something carriable by his jade bottle. One had to know that each small drops of this water carried a star, sun, or moon! How could an ordinary Universe Pouch be able to hold such a thing?

At his time, he thought about an item so he took it out… the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. After taking it out, he didn’t do anything else. The Myriad Heavenly Cauldron flew out from his hand and with a boom, it fiercely swallowed a big mouthful of Myriad Star Water!

But the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron did not drank a huge amount of Myriad Star Water to store it for Li Qiye. It recklessly tried to digest the water. In a blink of an eye, it emitted a faint brilliance and many tiny stars appeared! It actually was undergoing a transformation.

However, when it digested almost half, the cauldron was like a drunkard as it shifted back and forth then finally fell flat to the ground with a pop.

“Damn, this is too messed up, devouring such a treasure for yourself only.” Li Qiye was speechless and had no choice but to recall the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. This guy was not trustworthy at all. It ate a large amount of the water and essentially left nothing for Li QIye.

After it was impossible to rely on the cauldron, Li Qiye thought about a different item. He took out one Immortal Writ and folded it into a small cup, then used it to scoop the Myriad Star Water.

“Truly worthy of being called Immortal Writ, matchless since the ancient age, ah.” Li Qiye was ecstatic that the Immortal Writ was able to accept the Myriad Star Water.

Li Qiye once again folded another Immortal Writ, wanting to store even more water. However, this time the folded paper cup was not able to load the water, not even the tiniest bit!”

“It seems like this water has its own consciousness!” Even the Immortal Writ could only load the water once, and only a small cup at that before it was no longer effective. This caused Li Qiye to understand that this water had its own sentience!