Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2340

Chapter 2340: 2340

Solitary became different - majestic and unreachable like the apex of the world . His weight was incalculable and immovable .

“Buzz . ” The raising of his sword affected the space nearby as if it was pulling on the entire area . Just one flick could flip the world over .

People found it hard that this ninth-level True God would start with such a simple variation, only raising his sword upward without any preparation or difficult movements . This freestyle wasn’t worth pondering about, as insipid as water .

“I’m starting . ” Solitary uttered each word clearly, carrying the same pull as his incoming slash .

“Whoosh!” A straightforward vertical slash came about .

In fact, calling it a slash might be inaccurate . He raised his sword then allowed it to fall down while maintaining a grip . There was no hacking movement .

The two of them were far apart despite being on the same altitude . This gigantic sword wasn’t going to touch Li Qiye .

It looked more like a child playing with a heavy sword, gesturing before the actual battle .

Due to his reputation, the crowd was ready for a flashy move containing profound dao and indecipherable techniques . However, even a three-year-old child could raise a sword and let it go down .

The disappointment didn’t last long, interrupted by a rumbling sound . Space below the sword began to shatter as if it was a massive piece of glass .  

This horrific power gathered the weight of the world on the sword . Furthermore, it was perfectly under his control since only the space beneath was affected . It indicated his mastery over his sword .

For example, a person might be able to lift a sword weighing 100 pounds, but that’s it . Solitary, on the other hand, was able to lift a 200-pound sword with enough precision as if it was his own hand without any encumbrance .

The speed was as slow as an ant, but there was no escaping this technique since he aimed it straight for Li Qiye . It had nothing to do with space . Even if Li Qiye was far away, it was essentially right above his head already .

The spectators also felt this crushing pressure, imagining as if they were Li Qiye . The ones who were disappointed earlier were scared out of their mind . Some even dropped to their knees .

People started sweating, understanding Solitary’s notoriety . He could definitely beat any True God before the Eternal level . He established himself as the king of swords after showing off this move .

“Well done . ” Li Qiye smiled before retaliating in a simple manner .

He raised his arm, lifted his hand and sword . A perfect flow without any wasted movement . Time seemed to be frozen at this point .

People couldn’t tell the exact weight of this bronze sword, only that it carried the gravity of ten thousand worlds . Just like Solitary before him, Li Qiye raised it without any difficulty .

Moreover, the frozen image meant that wherever the sword stopped, nothing could ever get through since it was the thickest and heaviest existence of all . Solitary’s slash was no exception .

The two moves finally collided . Of course, the physical swords weren’t actually touching due to the distance between them, but all spatial limitations were meaningless at this point .

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, a clank between two swords was missing . Only a loud boom like two heavy objects colliding .

Imagine two hard planets’ first impact . They didn’t collapse or suffer damage right away, only sending out shockwaves .

“Ah…” This injured people and made them vomit blood . The weaker ones were instantly turned to blood .

This was only the inevitable fallout of the impact, not directed at anyone in particular yet it could already harm the masters nearby .

The unharmed ones fell on their butt, paralyzed from the massive power of the attacks .

People couldn’t tell the victor just yet . Li Qiye’s sword froze everything into a still while Solitary’s sword stopped there, unable to advance . Intuition told the ancestors that Li Qiye had the upper hand .

Solitary instantly pulled back, wearing an expression appropriate for the most serious match of his life .

“My turn . ” Li Qiye smiled and thrust his bronze sword forward .

His quick-draw was well documented at being imperceivable at this point . However, the crowd was disappointed since it wasn’t a swift thrust . In fact, it had nothing to do with the word “fast” .

A new practitioner could thrust much faster than this particular strike from Li Qiye .

He simply went with the flow and aimed for Solitary’s throat . One would be justified in thinking that this technique was rather lazy .

All of this instantly changed in the next second . The unremarkable and leisure thrust encompassed the greatest weight in actuality .