Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2342

Chapter 2342: 2342

Solitary left in a lonely manner, true to his title . The crowd had nothing to say since this was the best result . His death would be quite regrettable .

“Your turn now . ” Li Qiye turned towards his enemies and coldly uttered .

All eyes were on Myriad-armed and his group now . Their three systems have gathered and must work together since they stood no chance alone versus Li Qiye .

With Solitary’s defeat, it meant that their strongest Ascenders were no match for him . Though they were eighth-level True Gods, the gap between them and Solitary was massive . Possessing a number advantage was useless .

At the Ascender level, the power disparity couldn’t be made up by adding one or two combatants .

Even if Myriad-armed and Blade-reaper worked together, they wouldn’t have been able to beat Solitary .

Thus, though the alliance had almost ten Ascenders, they wouldn’t be able to touch Li Qiye at all . This, in turn, meant that a massacre was incoming .

The ancestors were the pillars of any system, losing them would mean a great loss . The three systems would need several generations to make this up . The alliance was aggressive earlier, thinking that they had the advantage . But now, their expression became austere with a touch of pessimism .

Escaping was not an option for it would result in a complete loss of face . Plus, Li Qiye wouldn’t let them run either .

There was only one choice - fight to the death!

“Death is nothing in the pursuit of justice against evil!” Myriad-armed sounded quite heroic .

“Stop it . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “No need for such grand rhetoric before me . It’s not like I haven’t seen your pitiful state after losing . If it wasn’t for Pill King and the others, I would have decapitated all of you . ”

Myriad-armed became red . He only wanted to re-establish his stance and seize the moral high ground on top of building the courage to fight, but this verbal slap from Li Qiye ruined it all .

“Li, to a warrior, death is preferable to humiliation!” He shouted back .  

“Unfortunately, you’re no warrior . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “So much weaker compared to Solitary Sword God, let’s not flatter yourselves now . ”

The group glared at him but couldn’t do anything about it .

“Our three systems will work to destroy the evil that is…” Blade-reaper began .

Li Qiye didn’t care: “I know, I know, I didn’t say that you can’t go together . Don’t worry, I’ll give you time to use your best move . Just all come at once to make this faster . ”

“Fine, we won’t refuse then!” Blade-reaper waited for this .

If Li Qiye were to use his quick-draw to start, many ancestors on their side would instantly die .

“I’m waiting . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly said .

The ancestors naturally disliked being shown such contempt by Li Qiye . They were big shots in Myriad Lineage, and anyone would tread carefully against their alliance .

Nevertheless, they restrained themselves and must come up with a greater plan in order to annihilate Li Qiye .

After a while, Li Qiye floated up and asked: “Are you prepared?”

He looked at them as if they were already dead . The crowd took a deep breath after seeing his confidence .

They knew that he wasn’t all talk, completely capable of slaughtering everyone here .

“To the death!” Blade-reaper coldly uttered .

He stood at the center while the rest lined up around him . Though he wasn’t the strongest Ascender, he still became their core .

The guy raised a treasure bowl, full of blood, not just his alone but of all the ancestors and experts here .

So it turned out that during the fight between Li Qiye and Solitary, they have come up with a plan, gathering a little blood from everyone to fill this bowl .

This was the true blood of these ancestors, very precious in nature . Now, Blade-reaper had a stoic expression as he took out a tiny bottle covered in powerful seals . It was obvious that the sealer was an amazing character .

The spectators became curious - what was inside this bottle? Some stretched their neck to have a better look .

“Pop!” He removed the seals .

“Boom!” A wave of light surged to the sky and illuminated the entire area like the explosion of countless suns .

A divinity billowed, one that could cross from one era to another - completely untouchable .

“The aura of a progenitor!” Even ancestors shuddered from astonishment and fear .

The weak couldn’t handle this power, no different from a progenitor being here in person .

Just one single drop of blood came out of the bottle, resembling a ruby more than blood .

“A drop of true blood!” One ancestor blurted .

People were naturally shocked . One drop of true blood from a progenitor was priceless .

“Heavenstart Saber Progenitor’s true blood…” Another sensed the saber energy from the drop .

This explained why Blade-reaper became the nucleus of their plan . He was the only one who could take out this item .