Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2344

Chapter 2344: 2344

The crowd held their breath while staring at Li Qiye, eagerly anticipating his next move . They wanted to know his real strength . Perhaps Blade-reaper under this state would be able to show them some clues .

Ever since his appearance, Li Qiye’s power has remained a mystery . Even his merit laws were unknown .

Though he had participated in several battles, people still didn’t know of his cultivation method . They knew that he was the leader of Insane Court and the First Disciple of Longevity Valley, but he never used the merit laws from these two systems .

After all, a cultivator would have a main merit law, eventually derived into a grand dao . Despite his incredible sword dao so far, intuition told people that this still wasn’t his grand dao .

The gathering of power by Blade-reaper didn’t affect Li Qiye in the slightest, only earning him a brief glance of attention .

“Go first so that your effort won’t be wasted and you can show off your heaven-shattering move . I’m not a bully . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

Everyone took a deep breath . Blade-reaper was very powerful right now, definitely stronger than Solitary Sword God earlier . Perhaps he was at the Eternal level .

Nevertheless, Li Qiye didn’t care at all and implied that the guy wouldn’t be able to block a single move from him .

Blade-reaper became annoyed . It took a lot of effort to reach this domineering level and confidence yet Li Qiye acted so aloof .

“Little animal, I’m going to cut you to pieces!” His shout broke the stars .

“Boom!” He raised both hands and two massive stars before throwing them straight at Li Qiye .

“Oh god!” Many were scared out of their mind since the sky suddenly turned dark and began to flee .

The world seemed to be on the verge of exploding with pockets of dust and ashes everywhere . A terrible flame engulfed the sky, a scene of the apocalypse .

The two stars became ashes after slamming on each other right by Li Qiye . Shockwaves reached the sky, destroying numerous stars . This was enough power to kill a thousand High Gods .

“Is it over?” The crowd felt their hair standing on end . This force was enough to turn an Ascender into a meat paste . They wondered what had happened to Li Qiye .

The dust eventually settled and the bright sky returned .

“Over there!” A sharp spectator saw and pointed at Li Qiye .

He was still floating there, not relenting an inch with an indifferent expression .

“So weak . ” He wiped away the dust on his shoulder and shook his head: “You’re not a real Eternal, and your progenitor’s true blood has been sealed for too long, so the divinity is weak . Plus, it is only at the Myriad level . ”

“Insane…” An ancestor smiled wryly . The Ascenders nearby all felt weak right now .

That powerful attack didn’t harm Li Qiye at all . This person was too heaven-defying . The crowd realized that only a real Eternal would be able to challenge him .

“Is he still human?” Another genius became silly: “The young generation no longer needs to compete with someone like him around, this will be his world . ”

Just think about it, Saber Devil, Coiling Dragon, and Sword Sovereign - they had great individual achievements yet amounted to nothing before Li Qiye .

The youths here felt despair . Li Qiye could challenge Eternals right now . Even if one of them could become a True Emperor in the future, they might not necessarily be stronger than him .

“True blood of the Myriad level is more than enough to take your life!” The gigantic Blade-reaper furiously roared, unwilling to accept this reality .

Meanwhile, certain ancestors agreed with Li Qiye . The drop of true blood has been sealed for a long period so its divinity had weakened . Moreover, it was left behind when Heavenstart Ancestor was still only at the Myriad level, not when he reached the Imperial level .

“Stop daydreaming . My turn to harvest . ” Li Qiye chuckled before narrowing his eyes .

“Boom!” The area around him erupted and the world fell into endless darkness . The world was freed from sunlight .

“What’s going on?” The darkness confused the crowd because it wasn’t an illusion .

“Poof!” The stench of blood permeated the air as if death itself was descending .

A figure appeared, replacing Li Qiye . He was still Li Qiye but different - the embodiment of death .

The previous Li Qiye was still frightening but he was still a living being . This was no longer the case . This was a god of death, the origin of this affinity .  

“What the hell is going on?” Experts were no stranger to death yet they still shuddered, not daring to look at his eyes . Gazing at this pair of eyes would be akin to looking at one’s final moment .

“He’s, he’s a monster! We all must kill him!” One True God shouted .

Li Qiye looked over at him and the force of death enveloped this True God .

“Buzz…” The god dried up, drained of life .

“No…” He could sense his life force being taken away, unable to do anything about it .

The guy turned into a dried corpse that eventually crumbled into dust, scattering into the wind .

Everyone watched this whole thing in astonishment .