Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2346

Chapter 2346: 2346

Perhaps “Death” should be Li Qiye’s title since he was the embodiment of this affinity .  

“That’s the highest of profundity?” One ancestor wondered while trembling .

They have seen brilliant imperial and progenitorial laws, but not something like what Li Qiye had done just now . No need for technique and merit law to drain life from his foes .

“Maybe he’s right, this is on the same level as life creation . ” Another chimed in .

Perhaps the high heaven didn’t need anything to directly create life, opposite of Li Qiye’s death method .

“When will I see a worthy foe?” Li Qiye said with disappointment .

He returned to his initial form, no longer as terrifying as before . Alas, his ordinary appearance instilled fear into the crowd now .

He dusted off his collars before looking at Wu Bingning who was healed now: “Let’s go, can’t waste more time . ”

The two girls immediately followed him . Bingning fared much better since she had mentally prepared for whatever Li Qiye would do . Ling Ximo also did the same but this was on a scale beyond her reach . He was the strongest existence she had ever seen, and that massacre just now was the worst experience .

Everyone quietly watched his departure, hoping that he would leave sooner . No one dared to do anything, afraid of provoking him .

Once the three were gone from sight, the crowd heaved a sigh of relief . His presence was too terrorizing like a death god with his scythe . The fear made them immobile, not wanting to draw the attention of the scythe .

“That was so scary . ” Some people dropped to the ground .

No one would make fun of them because this sentiment pervaded the area . People didn’t follow deeper into the region despite knowing that the amazing items in there compared to other places, whether it be eggs, dao bones, or liquid .

“Those three systems are going to go crazy . ” One sect master shook his head .

The crowd agreed . These systems have lost too many ancestors, so peace wasn’t a possibility . Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to stay in Myriad .

“I think real Eternals will be coming . ” One ancestor speculated: “Nothing below this level can contest against Li Qiye, not even low-level True Emperors, only four-palace and up ones can do something, or they’ll just be suiciding . ”

The crowd breathed in - ninth-level True Gods were useless, so they agreed with his assessment of Li Qiye’s abilities .

“He’ll fight against Dracoform Martial God for sure, I can’t wait . ” Another True God salivated .

No True Emperors were around in Myriad since none among the young generation had reached this level . The ones from the last generation have already left .

The strongest right now of the gods was Dracoform, the number one expert available .

One excited expert said: “Yes, we’ll find out who is really the number one in Myriad . ”

The crowd couldn’t wait for the future . If Li Qiye were to challenge Dracoform, it would be a fight on the same level as emperors going at it .  

“Dracoform is quite strong, but don’t forget, Young Lord Mu has an Eternal with him too . This person is also a member of the Mu, acting as the young lord’s protector . ” One ancestor revealed .

“He has one with him?! An Eternal from Imperial . ” This was the first time some have heard this .

“Yes, very mysterious and cultivation unknown, could be on the same level as Dracoform . ” The ancestor spoke with a serious expression .

“Why would an Eternal from Imperial want to go down here? His lifespan will go down . ” Some experts couldn’t get it .

For example, someone like Dracoform could ascend to Imperial, perhaps even Immortal . However, he had attachments to this land and wanted to protect this system . Thus, he accepted the corrosion of time .

On the other hand, an Eternal from Imperial? It was one thing that he wouldn’t go up to Immortal; going down to Myriad was simply ridiculous .

Young Lord Mu wasn’t affected as much but this wasn’t the case for an old Eternal . People up in Imperial had a longer lifespan . Going down meant potentially dying earlier .

The actual time lost varied, but even one day was precious to an old Eternal . Thus, this person's choice of descending perplexed the crowd .

“If Young Lord Mu is only coming down to train, then that Eternal is sacrificing himself needlessly . ” One elder added .

“Well, that just goes to show the young lord’s high status . ” The ancestor said: “Just think about it, his reason for going down here is inconsequential . Another might have True Gods as companions, but an Eternal willingly accepting this loss? You think an ordinary person would have this treatment?”

The crowd contemplated further . A successor actually wasn’t that big of a deal to a system . An ancestor was far more valuable and influential .

Most importantly, if a successor were to die, there were plenty of other candidates . But for an ancestor who is an Eternal? There was no way of making up for this loss . It would take several eras to groom one again .

This made people wonder - what was so special about Young Lord Mu?

“No wonder why so many systems want to curry favors . ” Another connected the dots but realized he had misspoken . Plenty of people here actually sucked up to the young lord before .

“Maybe only someone as fierce as Li Qiye would be able to take care of Young Lord Mu . It’s not a good thing for an outsider to stay in our world . ” An ancestor spoke with a profound gaze .

The crowd was moved . No one would believe that the young lord came without a grand plan .