Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2348

Chapter 2348

The news of Young Lord Mu’s arrival and intent to take care of Li Qiye were worth pondering .

People didn’t find this surprising since there was a long-running feud between these two, especially after Li Qiye’s murder of his servant . All pretense and face were thrown out of the window; one of them must die .

“Who would win? Young Lord Mu or a monster like Li Qiye?” One expert brought up this question .

“I think Fiercest, as he likes to call himself, has a better chance . ” A high elder quietly said to his followers . Of course, he would never say this to strangers, not wanting to risk antagonizing the young lord .

“Young Lord Mu is fierce too, but he seems to be missing something . Despite his talents, people are normally afraid of his clan instead of him . He alone can’t threaten Myriad . ” The high elder continued: “This isn’t the case for Li Qiye . I don’t care whether people want to admit it or not, he has been walking on a path of blood from Insane Court to here . It doesn’t matter if he’s borrowing power in the past, he has more than proven himself in Moneyfall . In fact, his strength right now is still a mystery, but in my mind, no youth can compare to him . ”

Others disagreed: “Young Lord Mu wins for sure . ” 

They were already praising him even before his arrival, either for self-gains or because their sects have chosen to support him .

“Why are you so sure?” One expert smiled and said: “Did you forget about the frightening battle yesterday where Li Qiye killed all the ancestors from three systems? Even Solitary Sword God lost to him, that’s why he’s number one, the fiercest!”

“Hmph, you just don’t get it . ” One supporter sneered and uttered coldly: “So what if Li Qiye is strong? Young Lord Mu is from Imperial Lineage with an Eternal protecting him . That’s not something Li Qiye can reach . ”

“That’s hard to say . ” In the past, people didn’t have such a high evaluation of Li Qiye until the massacre just now . They began calling him Fiercest as well since this was the logical thing to do .

“If Young Lord Mu actually wants to kill Li Qiye, it would be too simple like lifting a finger . ” The supporter smiled deviously: “Li Qiye is nothing in the young lord’s eyes . ”

“Way to exaggerate . Li Qiye might be arrogant, but his power justifies his attitude . You think any other youth can take on Solitary Sword God?” Another member of the crowd disagreed .

The supporter revealed a mysterious grin: “I’ll let you in on something, don’t tell anyone else, okay? This is very trustworthy, the young lord is actually coming with a Paragon Artifact . ” [1]

“Paragon Artifact? From a progenitor? Really?” Even True Gods were startled .

“Of course . ” The supporter proudly said: “With that weapon, he’ll be able to sweep through everything . One Li Qiye is no big deal . ”

“No way, he actually is bringing a Paragon Artifact? . . . ” The True Gods were skeptical .

“Why not? Don’t forget that the Mu’s progenitor is at the immortal level, so obviously, he can create a Paragon Artifact . ” The supporter retorted .

People became both skeptical and nervous . Only a progenitor of the imperial level would be able to craft these Paragon Artifacts, the strongest weapons in their arsenal .

Crafting one required great effort and a heavy price . Though they might have crafted other weapons as well, these other ones were far inferior .

A few progenitors from Imperial or Myriad might follow the same guidelines for crafting, but these weapons could only be considered pseudo-Paragon Artifact .

Most progenitors wouldn’t leave these Paragon Artifacts for future generations because they were too important . Unless the progenitors could find better materials and opportunities to craft a new artifact on top of wanting to put in the effort, they wouldn’t leave their single one to anyone .

The news of the young lord’s artifact shocked everyone, instilling fear into them .

“Progenitor Mu Yun really left his artifact for his descendants?” An ancestor wondered .

Mu Yun was an immortal-level progenitor . It wouldn’t be strange for him to be able to create a Paragon Artifact . The question was whether he really left it or not .

Under the assumption that he did, it would become the defining treasure of the Mu, the one and only at this level . The clan wouldn’t let Mu Shaochen bring it to Myriad .

But if this was true, any lineage and system would be afraid of him . It showed how highly regarded he was in the clan, and that he wouldn’t be a simple successor .

Most remained skeptical before they could see the weapon with their own eyes, especially the ancestors .  

Another message was sent, “Young Lord Mu is willing to toil for the systems of Myria, taking the vanguard and leading everyone to destroy the evil that is Li Qiye . ” Another message arrived . Someone was acting as Mu Shaochen’s messenger .

Many systems received his invitation for another alliance to destroy Li Qiye . He stated his intention of being the first to lead the way .

Numerous systems answered the call, agreeing to help him take down Li Qiye .

“Young Lord Mu has a Paragon Artifact and can take down Li Qiye, no problem . ” His early supporters became even more confident .

“Right, that Li guy might be strong but definitely not at the Eternal level . No one can take on the young lord and his artifact . ” This camp increased in number .

Of course, many chose to watch on the sideline, still doubting the legitimacy of this news .

“Cloudcrossing System will fully support Young Lord Mu in his effort to uphold justice . We will not refuse our responsibility and shall take down the evil that is Li Qiye . ” A supreme beauty appeared in Moneyfall and voiced her support .

1 . Same words as a Paragon Artifact in the other worlds, but I’m not sure if they are connected since this is a general term